August 11, 2014

Boku Superfoods Review

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This is my Boku Superfoods Review.

Boku Superfoods Review

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
About Boku:
“Lynn Rolle is a 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The year Nominee, mother
of two beautiful children, and a veteran executive for over 20 years. Now, as
the Co-founder and CEO of BōKU®, she’s finally found a career she loves dearly and believes in wholeheartedly.
Lynn became a managed healthcare specialist with her 12 years of service for US Healthcare/Aetna Inc. She then began her tradition of innovation with her husband Reno by creating Rolle LTD, which spawned a luxury beach blanket line that took the industry by storm. The Rolle beach blanket became THE coveted luxury item featured in exclusive resorts and used by A list celebrities world wide.
In 1997, she became COO for Synergy Worldwide Inc., an innovative product design and engineering firm specializing in healthy cooking appliances.
In 2007, Lynn combined her corporate expertise and entrepreneurial spirit with the launch of BõKU™International. Creation of the award-winning BõKU™ Superfood is the culmination of over 12 years of personal research, countless hours of formulating with the industry’s most trusted experts, and the unrelenting love of a mother trying to find a natural cure for her child’s ailment.
The Mission of BõKU™ Superfood is to positively impact the highest number of people possible with the healing power of whole food, organic nutrition and globally conscious lifestyle products. With all these impressive accomplishments, Lynn still considers her greatest achievement her two children (now 21 & 23) and 28 years of marriage to her husband Reno. But her initial success with BõKU™ Superfood has the industry buzzing, and with the public’s renewed interest in natural-organic living, BõKU™ Superfood may yet become Lynn’s greatest gift to a world so desperately in need of quality, organic nutrition.”

Boku Superfoods Review

Super Protein

“As you may have seen on the recent Doctor Oz Show, heavy metals have been discovered in many sources of plant based protein. Although our Protein 2.0, made with rice protein, already adheres to and exceeds industry standards for heavy metal limits, we were determined to create a new product that would turn out to be the cleanest, purest form of nutrition-rich vegan protein available.
We set out with a few main goals in mind…
1. Find alternative sources of vegan protein far exceeding industry standards.
2. Source only immaculate ingredients from unpolluted and pristine ends of Earth.
3. Keep ingredients to a minimum with no unnecessary additives or fillers.
Thus was born Boku in the Buff. No fillers. No flavorings. No additives.
Just 3 stellar proteins coming together to create a  complete protein that’s headed straight to your cells in minutes.

  • Essential Amino Acids
  • No Rice Formula
  • Wheat, Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free
  • Easy to Digest
  • Antioxidants & Phytonutrients
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Organic, Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Omega 3,6 & 9.”

Super Food

“Boku Super Food contains some of the most potent, nutrient-dense organic foods known to mankind. These all naturally sourced vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and probiotics can provide super nutrition to help support immune function, energy, improved mental focus and vitality. Nothing less than the absolute best for a Boku life!*

  • 60 whole food health-forming ingredients
  • Super fruits, greens, Maca, probiotics, enzymes & more
  • Incredibly nutrient dense mixture
  • Packed with natural antioxidants
  • Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO
  • No artificial ingredients, synthetic vitamins or fillers
  • Soy, dairy, wheat and gluten free
  • Doctor formulated.”

Super Golden Berries

“These modest little health warriors go by many aliases; such as Inca Berries, Cape Gooseberries and Ground Cherries but we think the name Golden Berries defers them the shining respect they deserve.
An orangey color, they have a chewy tartness that’ll make you suck your cheeks in and immediately impel you to eat more, and don’t let any food guilt stop you because these guys are on your side!
Unlike most dried fruit they’re low GI so you’re not packing away a high volume of sneaky calories in a small package as with, for example, raisins.
They’re laden with anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids and keep the early part of the alphabet busy with plenty of Vitamins A and C.
They’re so full of antioxidants they’d stop copper going green, well perhaps not but they’d knock any free radicals out of your ball park. 
As we mentioned they’re very more-ish and make a great guilt-free health-boosting snack to have in the store cupboard. Stock up on them and enjoy.

  • Contains naturally formed Vitamin C
  • High in Vitamin A
  • Deliciously sweet & tangy
  • Good source of fiber
  • Use in smoothies, trail mix, or snack straight from the bag!”

Super Shrooms

“We are BIG FANS of specialty mushrooms for many reasons! We encourage you to read through each individual ingredient, and you will quickly discover why we LOVE THEM!  Specialty Mushrooms have been used and cherished by many civilization’s for thousands of years.
We  have worked closely with our farmer to put together a special proprietary blend of  “20″  of the most potent, organic specialty mushrooms that are grown and cultivated in the USA.  The magic in the mushroom comes from the thousands of compounds, constituents; all of which are extremely beneficial to our health! Inside the cell walls of mushrooms, there are carbohydrate molecules called Polysaccharides, more specifically, Beta-Glucans.  The 1,3 – Beta Glucans are tightly bound to the cell walls and have a low degree of bio-availability in a raw mushroom.  To overcome this and increase the bio-availability of the constituents , all our mushrooms undergo a steam extraction process that makes the nutrients more bio-available than hot water extraction. This process breaks down the cell wall to release the Beta Glucans. Beta-Glucans have been widely studied and tested, and it is believed that these polysaccharides are able to stimulate and enhance our immune system.

  • Used by Chinese, Romans, and Egyptians
  • Proprietary blend of 20  specialty mushrooms
  • Sustainably grown in the USA – Nothing imported
  • Add to smoothies, applesauce, or use to make tea.”

Super Cacao Nibs


  • “Certified Organic
  • Single Origin
  • Fairly traded Raw Cacao Nibs from Satipo (Cooperative Farmed) in the Peruvian Amazon.”

Super Maca

“Maca has been cultivated & harvested & used by the Inca civilization for centuries.  Its a very  important traditional food that has sustained this culture with food and medicine in South America   for over 2,000 years . Maca is a root vegetable  that resembles a small turnip grown at an elevation of approx. 13,000 feet ( 2.5 miles) above sea level.   Maca grows in conditions where no other crop can survive the  extreme temperatures, & high winds .   It is well known for its ability to help enhance strength and endurance; in fact, Incan warriors would often consume maca before long journeys and battles. Boku Super Maca  is a micro-pulverized, highly absorbable, 4:1 concentration of the most important elements in maca — a little goes a long way!  It also contains less starch than standard maca, making it ideal for those with difficulty digesting certain types of vegetables.

  • Ancient source of nourishment & healing
  • Revered health secret of ancient tribes
  • Adds delicious depth to smoothies & shakes
  • Promotes natural regulation of moods.”

Boku Superfoods Review

Boku Superfoods REALLY excites me! This expansive range of superfood products is very unique and the quality of these products is incredible. I loved reading Lynn’s story and hearing about the passion behind these products.
This brand is one of two that I can think of that offer certified organic superfoods quite like these. There are many brands out there cranking out “superfoods,” but often times they aren’t organic and they don’t offer many different products.
Perfect example: I’ve never been able to get my hands on anything like Super Shrooms. Mushrooms are a medicinal plant that is not often utilized–so I loved being able to sample some of that robust and powerful powder.

Will I Repurchase?

I can see myself stocking up on more of this protein. I like to alternate using different types of proteins–whey, hemp and other plant based proteins. This is surely one of the very best plant-based proteins I’ve used.
I like adding the super maca, super shrooms and super food into smoothies. The fruit and milk mask the flavors; so I’m getting the benefits of these superfoods without having them be the predominant flavor. I love maca, especially, for its hormone balancing and endocrine health benefits.
The cacao nibs and golden berries make the perfect little nutrient packed snack. Theres something to be said about having a convenient. healthy and organic snack that you can carry around anywhere with you.
I’m so appreciative to have learned about and tried Boku superfoods. Go check them out if you are looking for some power-packed, pure, organic superfoods for your overall wellness.

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