September 16, 2014

Juti Organic Bar Review

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Welcome to this post: Juti Organic Bar Review.


Juti Organics Bar Review

About Juti Bar:

“Matt Zembruski is the company founder and creator of the Juti Bar. His background is in engineering and project management, but his true passions lie in the worlds of nutrition and fitness.

Beginning in the summer of 2003 when he first experienced his mom’s baked energy bars, Matt quickly adopted them as his favorite breakfast food. And after several years of continually improving the recipe and eating a Juti Bar for breakfast just about every day, he wanted to share them with the world so others could also have the opportunity to experience this amazing on-the-go energizer.

Matt spent years sharing these early versions of the Juti Bar with friends, family, nutritionists, athletes, and other busy health conscious individuals. He listened to their feedback, connected with health experts across the country, and upgraded the recipe and the quality of the ingredients…again and again and again. Matt didn’t rest until the Juti Bar was fully organic, gluten-free and vegan – with the highest quality ingredients that can be found around the world.

Matt believes the Juti Bar can make it easier for you to make healthier choices, so you can feel great and have lots of natural energy throughout your day. Many years have gone by since his mom first introduced him to the super healthy food that changed his life. And in the years to come Matt hopes that the Juti Bar will make a tasty and nutritious impact in your life and your health as well.

Like most things that taste great, the Juti Bar was first created in a mother’s kitchen. Matt’s Mom, who is passionate about proper nutrition, baked a batch of health bars to give to Matt and his dad before they headed out for an early morning round of golf.

After playing some golf, both guys were pretty hungry so they each ate the homemade energy bar they had brought with them. Matt was immediately impressed by the bar’s awesome taste and delightful texture, but he was even more surprised when he had plenty of energy for the next four to five hours of golfing and running around that day. When he returned to his parents’ house later that afternoon, Matt thanked his mom for the amazing bars and got the recipe so he could start making his own every month. He was very excited because he knew these bars provided the flavor, nutrition, and “staying power” that he had been unable to find in any other on-the-go breakfast options.

In his own words, here’s part of the reason why Matt was so excited to discover his mom’s healthy treat that day:

“Over the years, many doctors & health experts have suggested that adults eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning as a way of staying healthy, getting enough fiber, etc. Well, I tried that for a while and it didn’t work for me. On many mornings, I just didn’t have time to make & eat a sit-down breakfast. But even on the days I did have time, it wasn’t that tasty or enjoyable for me. In my heart and in my taste buds, I knew there was a better way.”

From its simple beginnings the Juti Bar recipe has undergone a number of changes. It has been tweaked to perfection to fill you up, nourish your body and delight your taste buds. Over the years, Matt and his advisory team of nutritionists and athletes went to great lengths to ensure that the Juti Bar you eat today is made from the finest ingredients available in the world. You can learn more about each of the premium ingredients on the BAR INFO page.

Since those first home-baked batches of bars were made in 2003, families all across the nation have discovered the lasting satisfaction and pure goodness that Juti Bars bring to their lives.

juti bar whole food ingredients

Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Juti Bar


Organic gluten free rolled oats, Organic almond butter (organic almonds), Organic brown rice protein powder, Organic vegan dark chocolate chunks (Rainforest Alliance Certified™ organic cacao mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic whole vanilla bean), Organic raw coconut nectar, Organic coconut flour, Organic chia seeds, Organic ground flaxseed, Organic cinnamon, Organic vanilla bean powder, Purified water.

juti bar nutrition facts
juti bar low glycemic gluten free

Juti Organics Bar Review

Matt was very kind, generous and eager to help in coordinating with me to put this review together. I was excited to try Juti bars!

I really, really wanted to love these bars without any issues. Here’s what happened for me: I refrigerated the bars (as recommended) upon receiving them. When I took one out of the fridge to eat it, I found the bar’s flavors to be bland and a bit chalky. So, I experimented with leaving one out a while (letting it come to room temperature) so that I could really taste and decipher all of the high-quality ingredients in this bar. At room temperature, it was easier to taste the bars’s yummy flavors; but I still found it to be very heavy on the oatmeal and not moist enough for my liking. I would rather them have a bit more of a creamy, almond or cashew buttery texture.

This part is perhaps my own fault (as I was indeed advised to refrigerate these bars): but I left a Juti bar (accidentally) in my purse and just recently opened it up while commuting for a quick snack. I was bummed to see that there was mold on the bar. I think it’s important to note that this may be the case because Juti bars don’t contain any kind of preservative or food that naturally preserves in order to extend their shelf life at room temperature. Thus, them needing refrigeration is not a bag thing–in my eyes. It was just hard to enjoy the bar and flavors of it when it was cold. I certainly could plan ahead and take the bar out ahead of time–but in some ways that diminishes some of the convenience.

Since the texture isn’t completely to my liking; I devised the idea to mix these bars with some coconut yogurt (crumbled into granola-like pieces) for a quick snack or meal.

Ingredient wise, Juti bars are awesome. No junk, no fillers, just nutritionally dense goodness. They’re also gluten free–making them suitable for those with a gluten sensitivity. As far as nutrition goes, I certainly see these bars as a dense, macro-balanced (good amounts of fat, carbs and protein), clean snack option for refueling. I absolutely and totally admire the mission behind this brand; I would just seek a little bit of tweaking in regards to the bar’s texture.

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