January 13, 2015

ProBar Bite Snack Bar Review

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Welcome to this post: ProBar Bite Snack Bar Review.

ProBar Bite Snack Bar Review

ProBar Core Values:

Treat Business Like You Treat Family

At PROBAR® we recognize that growing our business goes hand-in-hand with nurturing relationships and encouraging personal growth. We create meaningful, long-term connections with our employees, vendors and customers in a community where trust rules. PROBAR® is not just a job, it’s a shared passion.

Let Your Actions Define You
We tell our kids this every day. We act with dependability, honesty, integrity and trust to realize our commitment to the PROBAR® family and community.

Big Steps, Small Footprint
PROBAR® is a sustainable, REAL FOOD choice. Our ingredients are plant-based, coming from sustainable sources which have a small impact on the earth and a significant and positive impact on our bodies.

We Love Real Food, and We Love What We Do. We Laugh Everyday. What Else Is There?

We Don’t Run From Our Karma and Why Would We Want To?
We always intend to do the right thing. Profit is part of our bottom line; integrity and quality are our cornerstones. We perform at the highest standard, despite cost. A fair reward awaits us.”

About the ProBar Bite:

This PROBAR® puts on-the-go and good-for-you in the same bite. Quick, easy, scrumptious and packed with great tasting ingredients, this satisfying snack will energize your day.

Chocolate Cherry Cashew


“Indulge yourself with the tasty flavors in Chocolate Cherry Cashew. Rich chocolate mixed with sweet cherries and soft cashews is a treat any time of the day.”

Coconut Almond


“Fresh, flaky coconut with the crunch of almonds is the perfect combination for an on-the-go snack. With this delectable duo, Coconut Almond will leave you coming back for more.”

Mixed Berry


“Mixed Berry is sure to be your go-to snack for always-in-season berries that never disappoint. It keeps your energy up and makes your taste buds dance year round.”

Peanut Butter Chocolate


“What could be better than Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip? Fresh peanut butter and creamy chocolate are sure to satisfy with this classic sweet and salty combo!”

Peanut Butter Crunch


“Simple, pure and sweet! Tasty peanut butter will provide just the right spread for your taste buds.”

Superfruit + Greens


“Nature’s bounty all in one bar: Superfruit + Greens combines acai, goji, and chia with an awesome grass mix that is sure to get your greens on.”


Probar Bite Snack Bar Review

When I am commuting to practice or amidst a busy tournament day as a volleyball coach, I really lean on portable sources of fuel to keep me energized and replenished.

Of course, my snacks being organic is of the utmost importance to me. I also aim to consume as much raw food as I can. In regards to bars, I’ve found that many of them are not raw because raw ingredients have a shorter shelf life. However, I’ve been lucky enough to discover a few bars that boast mostly raw ingredients, in addition to being raw. That has spoiled me and raised my standards for bars. I now not only look for organic, but I want them to be raw as well. Raw is important because it means I’m consuming these foods unheated, undenatured and with their nutrient profile intact. Heating these ingredients can significantly diminish its nutrient capacity. I was happy to learn that ProBar bites are 70% raw.

That said, I look for organic and I look for raw, but organic & minimally processed is the next best thing. That is what appears to be the case with ProBar. When you unwrap one of these bites, you can recognize what’s in it. It tastes real because it is–the ingredients are organic, 70% raw & recognizable. Taste-wise, these bars are unreal. I truly looked forward to eating these in the morning with a cup of coffee. They are also perfect by themselves.

With a 7g/26g/6g ratio (fat/carbs/protein), I like that these bars are pretty balanced and provide adequate amounts of each macronutrient.

I’d recommend them to those looking for a gluten-free, organic bar option. I’ve found them super handy to keep in my purse, car or in the pantry for an easy, healthy snack!

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  1. Thanks so much for the review. Just to clarify, our bars are blended, not baked, which lends to their great texture and helps keep nutrient and vitamin levels high. Some of our ingredients are not raw but most of them are. Thanks again.


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