January 9, 2021

Rise Brewing Co Organic Coffee Review

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Welcome to this post: A Clean Coffee & Oat Milk Option:Rise Brewing Co Organic Coffee Review.

Rise Brewing Co Organic Coffee Review

Rise Brewing Co. is a brand that’s been on my radar for several years now, as I frequent stores like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers that carry them. I am totally on board with the idea of clean, tasty coffee on the go. Too, I do still enjoy brewing our own coffee at home (sometimes we roast our own as well), but Rise gives me a grab and go option for road tripping and commuting.

Also, the nitro quality (created by the inclusion of nitrogen) acts as a natural preservative, which diminishes the need for additives that extend shelf life. Nitrogen also adds a frothy, refreshingly smooth texture to their coffee and latte formulations. In addition, nitrogen enhances the natural flavor of coffee. This takes their Peruvian-sourced organic coffee to whole new level.

For those like me with a pure and simple preference, I’d recommend reaching for the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in Original Black. It’s just darn good.

If you’re looking for a boost of sweetness and complimentary flavor, try their lattes. They’re all good in their own right. If I had to pick one, I’d say the London Fog is my favorite because it’s a nice change of pace from my excessive coffee consumption.

Simply, I just want you to get as stoked on this company as I am. So check out their story and these glowing, enthusiastic faces below.

rise brewing
about rise brewing
Rise 2014 coffee
rise brewing coffee
Rise 2015 cold coffee canned
Rise 2018
Rise Now

A Clean Coffee & Oat Milk Option: Rise Brewing Co.

I’ve really enjoyed learning more about Rise & how nitrogen can help to preserve coffee. I had never realized that correlation before. Freaking rad!

Original Black

Let’s start off with the Original Black Nitro Cold Brew coffee because it’s what I drink the most of! The flavor is actually incredible. I did a few experiments where I drank a sip of my cup of hot coffee (other brand) and then took a sip of the Original Black by Rise, and the Rise coffee is noticeably way more caramell-y tasting. You really get the rich, beautiful, robust, chocolate-y flavor of their coffee. So, even though this is a black coffee drink, there’s no shortage of flavor.

JAC4898 scaled

Oat Milk Lattes

Now for the lattes! To me as a black coffee drinker, they feel like a healthy treat. I am an alternative milk aficionado, and like their choice of Oat Milk in these formulas. As a former lead barista at a shop here in Kansas City, I can vouch that Oat Milk’s creamiest is typically superior to other alternative milks like almond, coconut, etc. 

My stoke level was definitely the highest to try their London Fog. This is one of my favorite drinks to order at a coffee shop. I know it to be traditionally made with earl grey tea (black tea that’s infused with bergamot), the milk of choice and then sometimes an additional sweetener. It’s essentially a latte made with tea instead of coffee. Rise formulates theirs very similar to the traditional way, with a few additional ingredients that make their formula unique. 

You’re reading: Rise Brewing Co Organic Coffee Review.

Taste-wise, it’s delicious! It’s balanced; with an earthy, lightly citrus zip and then finishes creamy and satisfying. I really enjoy this one as a change of pace from my normal cup of coffee or can of Original Black.

In regards to the Oat Milk Mocha & Oat Milk Latte formulas, I would recommend the Mocha to those that are chocolate ice cream choosers and the Latte to those that are vanilla ice cream choosers. Both of them pack just the right amount of sweetness (15g sugar per can) and are not overly sweet. I even like to cut the lattes with the Original Black if I don’t want as much of a treat.

Oat Milk

I’m not a regular oat milk drinker, but I do find it to be one of the best plant based milks when paired with coffee. It provides a silky, creamy texture to the coffee drink that isn’t normally achieved by using an almond or coconut milk.

I appreciate that Rise utilizes a simple ingredient list (like they do in the coffee drinks). For example, the Original Oat Milk contains:

  • Water
  • Oat Flour (Organic)
  • Sunflower Oil (Organic)
  • Tea Extract (Organic)
  • Sea Salt

Since traditional cow’s milk normally contains a naturally-occuring fat content, my hunch is that Rise included the organic sunflower oil ingredient to mimick that fat content and create a texture in the drinks and milks that’s rich and creamy. While, also keeping it plant based. Fat content in coffee is part of what gives lattes their texture.

Recipes from Rise Brewing Co.

If you’re looking to turn up your can of coffee, you’re in the right spot. Moreover, Rise provides several creative drink recipes on their site including both booze-spiked options and non-booze options. Their recipes include:

Nitro Nutella Latte

Nitro Dirty Chai

Black & Tan

Nitro Irish Coffee

Nitro Black & White

Rise Brewing Co Organic Coffee Review

Thanks for stopping by this post: Rise Brewing Co Organic Coffee Review.

Rise Brewing Co. sells their drinks by the case and will deliver right to your door. They also make traditional lattes (using cow’s milk) if that’s your jam.

Graphics shown to depict the Rise timeline are from the Rise website. Check them out here!

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