Saalt Period Underwear

Saalt Period Underwear is leakproof period underwear that absorbs periods, bladder leaks, and more. Saalt is all about helping you live leak-free with the thinnest and driest leak proof, period underwear.

Saalt Period Underwear is an excellent, clean option for those desiring a mindful in their menstrual care routine. You might be thinking, toxins in underwear? Yep! Unfortunately, many of the top period underwear brands contain PFAS in the fabric. PFAS are forever chemicals, meaning they do not rinse out in the wash and they are forever embedded in your clothing. And, in this case, they are right next to your privates.

Saalt is driven by the fact that toxin-laden, single-use disposable products are harming our bodies and polluting our planet. They believe we deserve better. That’s why Saalt creates premium, reusable products that are healthy for all of our bodies and the environment without sacrificing comfort and performance. Also, they give 2% back to help end global period poverty in the process.

Saalt Period Underwear is only one of this B-Corp Certified brand’s offerings. They also make a range of other menstrual care products like menstrual cups and discs.

It all began with Cherie, Saalt’s CEO and co-founder.
She has a period and 5 daughters.
You could say that she understands period care.

“It all started with a phone call I had with my aunt in Venezuela, where pads and tampons hadn’t been available in stores for years. I immediately thought of my daughters and what I would do in the same situation. Our dependence on disposables kept me up at night.”




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