Sprout Living Epic Protein

Sprout Living Epic Protein are a thoughtful blend of organic plant protein, prebiotics and nutrient-dense superfoods. With absolutely no additives, it is the purest protein powder you can find. 19 g complete plant protein, smooth texture with real flavors, potent land & sea greens such as kale, Indian moringa & spirulina. No “natural” flavoring, gums, or additives.

Sprout Living is committed to inspiring health, happiness and balance in every person by crafting and sharing the purest health products and initiatives. Sprout Living makes innovative products of exceptional quality made with thoughtful formulas from wholesome ingredients by a passionate team in a kitchen (not a lab).

Because of this, everything they make, including Sprout Living Epic Protein, avoids a lot of the unnecessary additives you find in plant nutrition: no gums, no “flavoring” and absolutely nothing synthetic.

Sprout Living Epic Protein & this whole brand’s ethos is about INGREDIENTS. When they wanted a berry flavor, they used real organic berries, which have a rich taste as well as a number of benefits like antioxidants, polyphenols, and other plant compounds. Instead of chai flavor, they use spices like organic cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg, which are stimulating, warming and can lower blood sugar. Instead of gums, they use banana and sunflower seeds. In total, Sprout Living sources about 80 different ingredients across their range of products, things like matcha from Japan, baobab from South Africa, acerola from Brazil, sea buckthorn from Tibet and maca from Peru, to name a few.



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