Foria Intimacy Oil

Foria Intimacy Oil is formulated for both men and women. Nontoxic lube? Yes, really. Definitely! Your body absorbs what you put on it (or in it). That’s why Foria’s lube is truly natural and free of chemicals. This brand is bringing mindfully selected ingredients into the world of intimacy care, which is rare. Most intimacy care contains harsh chemicals and preservatives that you definitely do not want hanging out next to your reproductive parts, especially.

Foria’s bestselling, nontoxic lube is a bedroom staple, solo or with a partner. This blend has just two clean ingredients – 400mg broad-spectrum CBD and organic coconut oil. This oil is designed to provide natural lubrication, ease any discomfort, increase arousal, and assist with penetration both vaginally and anally.

How to use: Foria Intimacy Oil with CBD is a lube for every body. Designed to keep sex slippery and juicy, their lube works as a sensual, moisturizing glide. Apply generously to intimate areas.

Foria believes that pleasure is your nature. Foria is here to help you have really good sex & more of it. The kind that makes you feel juicy, deeply nourished, and fully alive. Also, Foria believes in the healing power of sexual pleasure. That’s why their joy and mission is to create life-changing plant-based sexual wellness formulas for your most intimate needs.

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