Intelligence of Nature Skin Support

Intelligence of Nature Skin Support spray defends against toxins and facilitates microbial connection, helping to reduce redness and signs of skin damage while also encouraging skin to breathe and glow.

ION* Skin Support works much the same way that it does in the gut – reinforcing cellular connection, supporting a healthy terrain for a diverse microbiome, and strengthening your body’s barriers against toxins.

Beyond these core benefits, however, ION* Skin Support is specially formulated to work with keratinocytes (skin cells), stabilize free radical production, and promote an increase in glutathione.

I love and admire this product especially in times when I feel like my body is defending something (environmental pollutants) or I feel like I might be getting sick. Also, it’s my summertime companion; as it helps the skin to harmonize with the sun’s raise for improved skin health and mitochondral function.

Intelligence of Nature Skin Support is one product in a line formulated by pioneer in the health space, Dr. Zach Bush. Zach is an incredible iconoclast, a true visionary in the world of healing yourself. He has been a huge influence on me and has inspired me to look at the body with more reverence. I see his products as supportive of the body, not diminishing or overriding it like many products do.

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