Laird Superfood Protein Bars

These aren’t your average plant-based protein bar, They are functional fuel!

Laird Superfood Protein Bars are created to tackle hunger and satisfy taste buds all day long. And, they are elevated with adaptogens, Aquamin™ (a calcium derived from sea algae), and contain all 9 (naturally occurring!) essential amino acids. Too, they are completely plant-powered. Trying to avoid a blood sugar spike? Laird Superfood Protein Bars are a great option. Because they are macro-balanced and offer you protein, carbohydrates, and fat, you are able to refuel without causing a negative change in blood sugar. Too, these bars contain fiber to help feed the good bacteria in your gut and keep you regular.

Originating from professional surfer & waterman Laird Hamilton’s morning routine, this line of superfood products doesn’t cut corners. This is a brand that passes on commonly marketed “natural” ingredients such as natural flavors and preservatives. Laird & team are on a mission to continue providing whole-foods based foods. One of the best parts of this brand is knowing how high their standards are. In other words, the brand recognition is meaningful to me. Thus, when I see the Laird Superfood label, I know that means unrelenting and uncompromising quality standards.

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