Organic Olivia Tinctures

Organic Olivia Tinctures are formulated by NY native and herbalist Olivia Amitrano. They are alcohol-free herbal tinctures, making them suitable for more individuals than the more common alcohol-based herbal tinctures. Moreover, her line offers a range of functionally-formulated potions. For instance, Olivia has created options for many health aims such as mood, fertility, digestion, microbial balance, detoxification, hormone balance, and immune function. This line of Organic Olivia tinctures is inspired by Olivia’s experience with her own personal health trials, as well as her passion for plant power.

Organic Olivia Tinctures includes Liver Juice, Flow Balance, Brain Juice, Microbiome Guard, Mood Juice, Sleep Juice, Digestive Bitters, Spice it Up Love Juice, Love Bitters, Peace Juice, Mane Magic, Spring Defense Tonic, and Natal Nourish. Moreover, there are herbal options for kids, herbal teas, capsule-based herbal supplements, probiotics, and syrups. I have found these tinctures to be the most valuable to me: Microbiome Guard, Liver Juice, and Mane Magic (which includes blood-building herbs that fortify hair growth).

As an added informational jackpot, Olivia shares an abundance of health knowledge, experience, and empowerment through her Instagram page: I truly value following her and it also has helped me realize that other humans are just as interested in natural healing as I am.