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Wishgarden Herbs Tinctures

Wishgarden Herbs Tinctures are passionately & wisely made in Colorado, originally started by the Hunziker family. They are deeply invested in the innate, potent, and efficacy of plants. Wishgarden’s formulas reflect that. WishGarden is a family-owned and family-run business. Catherine is the creator of WishGarden’s creative formulations (that truly work. She was and still is the company visionary.

Wishgarden’s staff of herbalists and herb lovers make each product from start to finish at their facility. They use only the finest organic and sustainably wild-harvested herbs to make their whole herb extracts. This is important because whole herb extracts allow you to get the whole range of plant constituents that work synergistically. This way of creating a tincture gives your body a choice of safe and effective plant components.

Though they are partially alcohol-based, the amount of alcohol left in the product is comparable to that of a ripe banana. So, there is very little! Making these tinctures highly suitable for most individuals.

Wishgarden Herbs Tinctures product line is expansive, and has formulas suited for almost any common ail you can think of, including detoxification, allergies, immune support, hormonal health, menstrual cramps, sleep support, inflammation, circulation, digestive support, energy boosting, urinary health, and oral health.