February 3, 2015

Kona Red Drink Review

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Welcome to this post: Kona Red Drink Review.

Kona Red Drink Review

About KonaRed:

KonaRed® is uniquely sourced from Hawaii Coffee, where it has developed for over 175 years. Kona’s coffee growing region is only about fifty square miles in all, and is farmed largely by small landowners. In order for coffee plants to thrive, the region in which they grow must meet six climate elements: rich soil, proper elevation, sunshine, cloud cover, rain and a moderate slope for proper drainage of roots. Like much of Hawaii, Kona offers all six of these ideal climate conditions for growing coffee, allowing for the creation of award-winning coffees and the antioxidant powers of KonaRed®.
But there is something different about the Kona coffee cherries produced, earning this coffee a worldwide reputation for excellence. The difference could lie in the care with which Kona coffee is hand picked, ensuring that only the highest quality coffee cherries are harvested for coffee production. Or maybe it is simply the fact that 100% Pure Kona Coffee is rare and sometimes hard to find.
The power of KonaRed® comes from the coffee fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. The fruit surrounding and protecting the seed (or bean) is removed, dried and condensed into a liquid that we blend with other delicious fruits to create this amazing beverage. KonaRed’s Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® consists of only the ripe red fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit.
KonaRed® provides you with antioxidants that are absorbed at the cellular level which helps your brain and body function more efficiently. And because we use natural ingredients you can follow the drink from where the ingredients are sourced, straight to the bottle. This ensures that the strength and power of the Hawaiian culture is in every bottle.”


Superfruit Powder

“KonaRed’s powder tub is a convenient way to enjoy KonaRed® at home. Mix it with water or your favorite juice, or add it to a smoothie for extra antioxidant power!”

Coconut Water

“We blend our KonaRed® Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® with Coconut Water from young green coconuts that are picked at the earliest stages of maturity when they have the highest level of electrolytes and potassium, giving you all the benefits of Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® fortified with the wellness and hydration attributes of Coconut Water.”

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The Original Superfruit Juice

“The Original Superfruit juice provides your body with countless nutrients for a healthy you. The core ingredient in the Superfruit juice is the Hawaiian CoffeeBerry®, which is the main source of the antioxidants in each bottle.”

Green Tea

“We blend our KonaRed® Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® with Organic Green Tea, giving you all the benefits of Hawaiian CoffeeBerry® fortified with the wellness attributes of Green Tea.”

Superfruit On-The-Go Packets

“The KonaRed® On-the-Go Packs are filled will the same great taste as well as all the nutrients you receive in every bottle. We’ve just made things more convenient for those who are a little more active than others. The packs allow you to have multiple KonaRed® drinks with you at all times without taking up space with the actual bottle.”

Kona Red Drink Review

This review is a bit different than most for me because for some reason. In doing my research on this product & where the ingredients are derived from–it really struck a cord within me. I was watching the video from Greenwell Kona Coffee Farm on the big island of Hawaii (where KonaRed gets their coffee berries) and was so touched by the family atmosphere and obvious passion that is put into the farming efforts, harvesting, processing, etc. They may sound like minor details, but my husband and I have also been to Hawaii before (fell head-over-heels in love with its majestic beauty) and have a black lab named Kona. Naturally, KonaRed was of interest to me.
I’m really wanting to love and rave about this brand–but I’m not quite there. Here’s why: in a superfood product, I’m really looking for organic and raw. KonaRed is unfortunately neither of those things. I love that the idea behind their product is to harness the antioxidants and powerful nature-given properties of the coffee plant and put them into drink and powder form that’s easy and convenient to consume. I am, however, one of your most discerning individuals when it comes to supplements. I want organic and raw because that assures me that I’m getting pure goodness that’s untampered with.
I have learned that KonaRed products are all non-gmo (rad–good step in the right direction). I am still corresponding with Greenwell Farms to learn more about their pesticide use (or if they use any). I will update this post to reflect their practices as soon as I have that information. They provided an inspiring look at their farm via video, but I didn’t pick up on anything in regards to chemical use.
Taste-wise, all of these products are good (and I will say this–they are a MUCH better alternative to big-box sports drinks) and my husband even enjoys them. I just find myself wishing they were organic & raw, as I know of several other brands that offer an organic & raw choice for post workout replenishment.
I’d recommend these drinks to someone looking to chuck the sports drink they’ve been drinking for years. KonaRed is a big step up from that!

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  1. What happens when your KonaRed has expired, I’ve been sick haven’t been able to drink my Hawaiian coffeeberry with coconut water. Expiration date was three months ago?


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