Medicinal Foods for your Best Health

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Welcome to this post: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Use Medicinal Foods coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off, an offer for you for reading this post Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Medicinal Foods for your Best Health

Use Medicinal Foods discount code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

“I created Medicinal Foods to share what I picked up along my quest for health.  We source from traditional Ayurvedic, Amazonian and Chinese Herbal medicinal wisdom. Combining this ancient plant knowledge with cutting–edge health and wellness technology, we deliver to you…”

I’m stoked you’re here: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

The Ancient Future of Food: Superfood Chocolate, Cacao Elixir, Tonic Blends, Micronized Medicinal Mushrooms, and more!

Medicinal Foods, slated as one of the next great health and wellness companies, delivers superfoods to support you on your healing journey. The name “Medicinal-Foods” was also born of the popular Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine and” the 2nd part and more profound”…let medicine be thy food“.

Our products are tasty, easy to use, and effective in assisting one in transitioning to a more whole live raw foods diet. “Shaman’s Blend” combines superfoods, super-greens, tonic herbs, mood enhancers, hemp protein into our signature products: Cacao Elixir, Superfood Chocolate Bars, Truffles, and Chocolate Covered Hawaiian Macnuts.

These “Mood-Enhancing” chocolate products provide an incredible experience of peace and well-being. We also promote cutting-edge health products and lifestyle choices that can make an incredible difference in your life today!

Please enjoy my free gifts below!

In Radiant Health,

~Sky Kubby, CEO, Director of Wellness, Medicinal-Foods, LLC

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Medicinal Foods Review feel more gooder

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Medicinal Foods Cacao Elixir


“A raw chocolate superfood mix to BOOST you on your quest for health! A MUST-HAVE for chocolate lovers and cacao connoisseurs seeking a lifestyle of wellness and deep nourishment!

This tasty raw cacao mix can be blended as a superfood smoothie or to make a nutrient-dense hot chocolate, oatmeal or even ice cream.

Cacao Elixir Benefits:

  • A morning Cacao Elixir can give you great energy for your day!
  • Loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, mood enhancers and plant protein, you can really feel it!
  • Can replace coffee, or be mixed together to make a Mocha
  • Can be used as a meal replacement to begin dropping pounds of unwanted colon matter!
  • Curbs appetite and can also be used for weight loss.

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Medicinal Foods Chi Tonic


“Ancient Taoist and Zen Masters ate these “Superior” herbs, as Superfoods for radiant health of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Many of these powerful adaptogens help resist stress, replenishing Energy and Life Force, Tonifying Organs and the Blood.”

medicinal foods banner sky

Medicinal Foods Love Tonic


“A daily Tonic to nourish the Feminine. Helps build Blood and Upright Chi, while increasing Female “Elixirs”. By building Yin Jing, rather than Yang Jing, a woman can better balance and regulate her hormones and sexual energies.”

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

“I created Medicinal-Foods™ for the purpose of helping people move into vibrant wellness and out of chronic illness by sharing tasty, organic superfoods and mouth-watering medicinal snacks!
I share what I learned in my quest for health, healing from chronic Asthma, Lung Infections and Candida—using only medicinal foods!”

Sky Kubby, founder of medicinal foods

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Medicinal Foods Spirit Tonic


“A potent and expansive “Shen” (Spirit) tonic to help increase self-awareness, enhance relaxation and instill a sense of peace by creating a connection between the Heart, Mind and Spirit.  Ancient Taoists and Zen masters revered these Shen herbs for use on their spiritual path.”

Medicinal Foods Lover’s Bar


“That’s right, we are giving a way a FREE Lovers Bar with ANY purchase! Just use the coupon code at checkout: lovers and the price of the Lover’s Bar will be take off of your order.

Superfood Chocolate packed with Superfoods, Superherbs, Aphrodisiacs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Hemp Protein, and Mood Enhancersthis is not your ordinary chocolate bar!  Experience the feeling and alertness that comes with just one bite!”

Still reading? I appreciate you continuing to read this post: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health!
Medicinal Foods for your Best Health coffee break feel more gooder

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Medicinal Foods Coffee Break

“A unique and savory brew of roasted Chicory, Dandelion, and Gluten-Free Barley & Rye extracts that tastes like coffee.

Plus, an added boost of Superfoods: Chaga Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom and Maca Root.

This caffeine-free, natural energy drink actually tastes like coffee. No, it tastes better than coffee! Try and you’ll see.”

Medicinal Foods Chaga Mushroom Powder

“100 Servings of Certified Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder!

Chaga Mushrooms are clinically shown to be one of nature’s oldest, safest, and most powerful Medicinal Mushrooms!”

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Food As Medicine

I am so enthralled by this brand, Medicinal Foods. If I could give this brand infinity stars, I would! Medicinal Foods is the stuff that my food dreams are made of. Seriously. Sky Kubby, founder of Medicinal Foods, really, really, really gets it. He has a passion for healing through food and I can relate to that, big time. Sky also walks the walk–is a super healthy dude and is enthusiastic about his products, infectiously so. Simply can’t say enough good things about this brand and this founder.

I was lucky enough to receive some goodies to try from Sky and have been enamored with these products ever since.

I’ve been on the raw, organic cacao train for a while now, seeing it as an awesomely tasty and healthy superfood that can be used a bazillion different ways. Not only does Medicinal Foods use raw cacao, but they use a unique blend of other superfoods and super-herbs in the Cacao Elixir: spirulina, maca, lucuma, chlorella, ashwagandha, mesquite, mucuna puriens, l-dopa.

Okay, so, I’m sure many of you think, “Do you feel different when you eat superfoods?

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

medicinal foods herbal tonics feel more gooder

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Do Superfoods Work?

I can earnestly, honestly say that I have never ever felt healthier than I do now–and my regimen is high in superfoods. I truly feel super-powered, alive, rejuvenated, healthy, energetic, and just plain awesome. It’s worth every last penny to invest in products like these. They will take your health to the next level, no matter how healthy you already feel you may be.

The same thing goes for the Chi, Love, and Spirit tonics. It’s actually a bit comical what our kitchen looks like in the morning–my husband can vouch for this. My family calls it “Jesica’s drink station.”

I pull out all of my superfood goodies and go into creating mode. I start every day with a tall superfoods drink. Along with these three tonic blends, I add the cacao elixir and whatever else I have on hand (cinnamon, ginger, moringa, turmeric, etc.)

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

Leafy Green Vegetables

In addition to incorporating these unique blends of Chinese Medicine herbs, incorporating dark green vegetables has been a huge dietary thing that helps me feel a difference. Medicinal Foods makes a Fermented Green Supremefood Greens blend that can help you get your daily greens in more easily.

Because these products are made from herbs and. real ingredients, I think of them less as supplements and truly as SUPERfoods that meld effortlessly into my nutrition, yet provide me so much dense nutrition.

Daily Serves Needed

I view superfoods as being an art and not an exact science. Too, all of us are different with unique needs. My approach is to add some superfoods to each meal and each drink. I add them to my morning coffee, afternoon tea, breakfast bowl, etc. You can start with as little as a teaspoon a day of these blends to feel a positive difference. I personally have worked me way upward from that amount. But, it’s important to know that plants are potent, they are our friends, and it doesn’t take much to start being supported by nature’s bounty of nutritional goodness.

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

“The name “Medicinal-Foods” was born of the popular Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine and” the 2nd part and more profound “…let medicine be thy food”.
Our products are tasty, easy to use and effective in assisting one in transitioning to a more whole foods diet, moving beyond the use of pills and capsules for medicinal support.”

Sky kubby, founder of medicinal foods

Review Medicinal Foods

The benefits of each ingredient in each of these tonics are abundant. I just open them up and think “down the hatch!” 🙂 I do my very best to never skip this part of my day because of how good it makes me feel. It’s livelihood and health in liquid form. I simply mix them with water–but you certainly could use any nut or seed milk instead, if you prefer. Almond and coconut milk are both good ones.

You’re reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

The Lover’s bar is exquisitely rich and decadent–and get this: healthy! Its a treat that you can and should feel really good about eating. This is far from your ordinary chocolate bar. It’s loaded with superfoods and super-herbs that will enhance your mood.

Sky also provided me with a bar of their chia seeds, which are a staple in my diet. Here’s how I do it: I fill up a ball about 1/4 full with chia seeds, then fill it to the top with water. Shake it up and then put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I have a goopy substance that I can easily add to smoothies and such.

This jar full lasts me a few weeks. I view chia seeds as a healthy source of fat, protein and fiber–they also make smoothies even more filling!

If you haven’t grasped what I’d like you to, I’ll say it concisely:

I LOVE this brand and recommend it to EVERYONE.

The healing your body will receive by incorporating superfoods into your diet will be profound. You won’t ever look back–you’ll also wonder how you did it without them. It feels really good to harness and eat the goodness that occurs organically in nature.

Thank you for stopping by this post: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health!

Use Medicinal Foods coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off.

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You’ve been reading: Medicinal Foods for your Best Health.

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