Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review

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Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review

Welcome to this post: Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review.

Maybe you landed here because you were searching the web for “Dragon’s Breath Oil Uses” or “Natures Fusion” or “Natures Fusions Essential Oils” or “Fusion Essential Oils Reviews” or “Natures Fusion Essential Oils Review.” No matter what you’re typing into your search engine. I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been impressed with Nature’s Fusions since I discovered them & I’m stoked that you’re in the market for some quality essential oils. Now, let’s dive into my Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review!

Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review

Nature’s Fusions Story:

“Nature’s Fusions was founded in 2009 by brothers David and CJ Peterson. What began as a small essential oil distribution company for family and friends, quickly grew to what it is today – a leading provider of 100% pure, natural, and authentic essential oils and other all-natural products.

Our commitment to quality, our commitment to integrity, and our commitment to you is unrivaled. We are so committed to providing the highest-quality, purest, most natural products on the market today that we created the Plant to Palm Promise™, which is our set of standards that guarantee you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to essential oils and other all-natural products.

Whether you’re new to essential oils or a seasoned aficionado, we’re here to assist you on your journey to optimal wellness.”

natures fusions essential oils

Why Use Natures Fusions?

Nature’s Fusions is all about putting people and the planet over profits. They’re not in the business of making a quick buck. They’re in the business of improving people’s lives through pure, natural products and providing accurate, honest information regarding natural health.

Their mission is to inspire and assist people on their journey to optimal wellness. Natures Fusions is a community that bases itself on pure, natural products harvested sustainably and ethically – directly from the earth. They strive everyday to leave a lasting positive impact on people and the planet by cultivating kindness all over the world.

Nature’s Fusions believes in offering the highest-quality natural health products at the lowest possible prices.

natures fusions essential oils
They’re NOT an MLM (and never will be)

At Nature’s Fusions, they cut out the middleman, and by cutting out the middleman they can offer much lower prices (and much less headache). You can buy any Nature’s Fusions product directly on their website – no monthly minimums, no confusing contracts. Just simply buy what you want, when you want. You can also purchase their products at hundreds of stores worldwide, including Whole Foods and GNC!

natures fusions essential oils
They Take Directly from the Source

At Nature’s Fusions, they source their oils from all over the world, directly from the regions that the plants grow natively – not a local farm. Sourcing directly from countries the plants are indigenous to ensure the highest possible potency, top-quality aroma, and the best efficacy far beyond the standard. Our Plant to Palm Promise is their promise to you that when you purchase any of their products, you’re getting the highest-quality, purest, most authentic and ethically sourced products available on the market today.

natures fusions essential oils
They Blend for Efficacy

At Nature’s Fusions, their proprietary blends are created for efficacy. Don’t get them wrong, they love nice smells, but Nature’s Fusions is much more than just smells. Their focus isn’t just on aroma – their products actually do what we say they will do.

natures fusions essential oils
They Offer the Best Return Policy

At Nature’s Fusions, they’re confident in their products. In fact, they’re so confident in their products that they created the forever guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with any of their products for any reason, feel free to return them for a full refund – any product, any reason, any time, forever.

Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review

natures fusions essential oils

Dragons Breath

Protective Blend. Cinnamon, lemon, clove, eucalyptus – the ancient code for powerful strength.

I like to use the Dragon’s Breath blend for cold symptoms, the Fire & Ice blend for making my Homemade “Icy-Hot”, and the Vertigo blend for times when I am feeling overworked, stressed, and/or dizzy. They all work very well for their suggested uses. I’d recommend these for anyone interested in the healing powers of essential oils, as Nature’s Fusions has a lot of blends that seem to be unique to this brand.

natures fusions essential oils

Fire & Ice

Sore muscles and Massage blend. Peppermint, wintergreen, lavender, marjoram, clary sage, basil, roman chamomile, and helichrysum combine in this fusion.

I like this blend to reduce muscle tension, soreness, and to promote relaxation. Too, it’s a great blend to keep in your gym bag or next to your favorite foot cream.

natures fusions essential oils

Vertigo Blend

Grounding. Peppermint, coriander, and ginger blend in Vertigo to promote grounding and mental health.

I like to keep this one close by my home workspace. Moreover, I find that the synergy of this blend offers a reset for my mind and helps me recalibrate.

natures fusions essential oils


The rosemary plant grows wild in the Mediterranean, where it is prized for its leathery foliage as well as its potent flavor as a spice.

My favorite use for rosemary is adding it to my shampoo to stimulate hair follicles. It acts as a catalyst for hair growth. Also, I sometimes add it to my night eye cream to help stimulate more brow growth.

natures fusions essential oils


Peppermint leaves are used all over the world to season food, freshen breath, and perfume.

in homemade toothpaste, for acne spot treatments, added to tea. The most useful essential oil in my house is definitely the peppermint. I use it every day (you can read my homemade recipe here) to brush my teeth, treat a sudden acne breakout and to sooth an irritated stomach and reduce inflammation in my body. Besides the benefits, the best part is that it leaves your breath smelling fresh and minty.

natures fusions essential oils


Thyme is commonly used in the same places as Oregano and complements Oregano’s power. It cleanses, stimulates, and warms.

I like to take thyme orally (in a veggie capsule) for menstrual cramp relief. Using thyme for menstrual cramps seems to help–but not completely alleviate my cramps. However, I have always had very intense menstrual cramps. Perhaps, I need to start taking the thyme a few days in advance before my time of the month comes to combat the inflammation and cramping.

natures fusions essential oils


I take ginger orally (in water or in a veggie capsule) for stomach discomfort, or after I’ve eaten some not-so-healthy food–as it rebalances my stomach’s pH. I seldom have issues with a sour stomach, since I eat lots of plants every day–but it happens on occasion. To prevent and treat stomach and digestion issues, I like taking this ginger essential oil in water–and it works well. Also, it’s completely organic & natural (much better than the junk-filled stomach medication you will find at the drug store).

Nature’s Fusions Essential Oils Review

In recent years I have been intrigued by essential oils. They smell incredibly fragrant, are known for their healing ability and are convenient for making homemade concoctions.

These three blends are neat in that they target specific things. They can be used three ways: ingested, applied topically, or used in a diffuser.

I got married the summer or 2020, and in the week prior to the wedding, I started feeling sick (sore throat, lost voice, runny nose). Right after feeling these symptoms, I put several drops of each blend into my humidifier to try and kick the symptoms from the get-go. I didn’t feel better instantly, but over several hours, I felt considerably better after using the humidifier.

Many brands and essential oil specialists will recommend that if these oils are ingested, they should be used with caution, as they are very potent. I understand the caution to an extent, but I can’t help but shake my head when thinking that so many prescription medications are not offered up with such a dramatic caution. Here we have plant based healers and we are being told to pump the breaks–in my opinion, the measures of precaution aren’t focused in the right place. But, that’s a whole other issue for whole other post. 🙂

Essential oils are an major health booster in my everyday routine. I use them in a multitude of ways and I always get excited to try them differently as I learn more about them. I was eager to incorporate these four into my daily routine in these ways:

You’re reading: Nature’s Fusions Essential Oils Review.
Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review

Nature’s Fusions Ingredient Quality

In regards to quality, Nature’s Fusions is amongst the very best. This brand also creates many different essential oil blends that are geared towards certain things like motion sickness or muscle aches. I look to them for many of my essential oil needs.

In regards to these essential oils and the word “organic,” I’ll share this that I learned from the very helpful Co-Founder of Nature’s Fusions, David:

“We don’t intend to seek organic certification. We do testing on our oils to ensure that they have no harmful ingredients and to ensure that they have all the proper chemical constituents to be effective. Organic is usually a proxy for wanting to ensure quality, along with a desire to improve growing conditions. Some of our oils are organic, some are wildcrafted, but in every case testing shows that they don’t have any residuals.”

Thank you for stopping by this post: Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review.

Maybe you landed here because you were searching the web for “Dragon’s Breath Oil Uses” or “Natures Fusion” or “Natures Fusions Essential Oils” or “Fusion Essential Oils Reviews” or “Natures Fusion Essential Oils Review.” No matter what you’re typing into your search engine. I’m glad you’re here. Also, I’m thrilled that you’ve made it all the way through this blog post. I hope you gathered some helpful information from my Natures Fusions Essential Oils Review!

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.

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  1. I use Nature’s Fusions also and love them. I have used the Dragon’s Breath to help with viral and bacterial issues. There are other blends I love. The Crystal Breath is great for respiratory issues and it has helped my son lessen his need for an inhaler.


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