November 14, 2019

Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results

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Welcome to this post: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

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My Take: Reviews

Since I know you’re here for a review, I’ll get right into a couple of before & after photos that depict how much my bodily inflammation has gone down since taking Seed. The biggest differences I’ve noticed are decreased bloating, more energy, less indigestion, and decreased inflammation. And, things just seem to keep getting better with time. Before starting Seed, I was in the middle of helping my body rebound from mold exposure and Epstein Barr virus. Thus, my gut health was subpar and needed support. This is where Seed came in for me.

Seed Probiotic Review - 3 Years of Big Results feel more gooder seed discount code

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My first month of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic (Probiotic + Prebiotic) arrived in November, 2019. And, I was so excited and filled with anticipation for what this product could do for me. Like you, I had heard a lot about this product and was curious if it was all hype and marketing. Welp, my experience has definitely showed me that Seed is the real deal. It’s the most researched probiotic on the market and is backed by health gurus around the world like Rich Roll. Too, it’s admirable that they’re as committed to planetary health as they are to human health.

You’re reading: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

Is Seed Probiotic Actually Good?

For starters, here’s the whole summary up front. This product has helped me say goodbye to bloating, indigestion, reflux, irregular bowel movements, constipation, and has even helped clear up my skin. My face and body are also noticeably less puffy and inflamed.

About Seed Probiotic:

Seed is a prebiotic & probiotic in one, with 24 clinically-studied strains that improve systemic health.

Behind Seed is an ecosystem of scientists, doctors and innovators. Furthermore, there are entrepreneurs, storytellers, technologists and environmentalists who contribute. Too, there are moms, dads, thinkers, activists, artists, translators pitching in. Lastly, there are dot connectors, writers, professors, and poets from around the world that play a role.

Together, they are truly pioneering the deeper look. They consider application and communication of microbiome science. Their goal is to improve both human and planetary health.

They deliver right to your door in sustainable packaging; you choose the frequency (skip or cancel anytime). #seedpartner #accountable

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You’re reading: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

The Microbiome

The microbiome: the vast ecosystem that we are. It houses billions of microbes that impact our overall wellness. The majority of those billions of microbes reside in the gut. Thus, the focus in recent years on gut health is valid and important.

Best Anti Bloat Supplement

I discovered this brand through Rich Roll, one of the professional athletes I look up to. He runs a successful, inspiring, informative podcast that I frequent. On his podcast, he features Seed founders Ara Katz & Raja Dhir in an episode.

Shortly after that, I had the opportunity to try Seed. After using the product join their passionate family of affiliates. We use the product and spread information about their extensive research. You’re reading: 3-Years Approved: Seed Probiotic Review (2022).

This research has guided the development of their formulations. I am grateful to be a part of the Seed family. It’s given me the chance to learn more about the microbiome. Seed has equipped me with education to backup/affirm my confidence in the product. If you’re interested in learning more, too, you can check out their website. You’re reading: 3-Years Approved: Seed Probiotic Review (2022).

The Science Behind the Seed

Scientists examined two strains in their Daily Synbiotic formulation in a study for their beneficial effects. This was with consideration for individuals taking Seed Probiotic regularly. Moreover, they tracked symptom improvement such as relieving intestinal discomfort, bloating, and pain. Healthy pooping means healthy bacteria means a healthy body! Are you with me?!

You’re reading: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

Looking for a way to save? Use Seed Probiotic discount code FMG15 to get 15% off of your first subscription order.

Daily Synbiotic is a proprietary formulation; revered scientists developed it and it contains 20+ clinically-studied probiotic strains & probiotic compounds. Each of them was developed for whole-body health (not just digestive health!) including heart, skin, immune, and metabolic health. Also, Seed uses a unique 2-in-1 capsule to protect against stomach acid and ensure that the probiotic makes it to your colon. (The outer capsule is the prebiotic, the inner capsule is probiotic.)

Best Prebiotic and Probiotic

seed gut health

Probiotics 101

Seed also has an entire aspect of their site dedicated to frequently asked questions about probiotics. I encourage you to check it out. They go into how probiotics are defined. They touch on kombucha as a probiotic source. Also, Seed states if more is better and information about different bacteria strains.

You’re reading: 3-Years Approved: Seed Probiotic Review.

This educational pile that Seed has put together has helped me learn how probiotics can be helpful for me. It dispels some common misinformation around this topic, Seed’s resource also shares how to best use them, etc. I admire that Seed that they are deeply rooted and focused on education.

Seed Probiotic Review

Sustainable Packaging

  • Seed’s shipping boxes are constructed from ecological paper made from algae
  • Inside that box, the bio-based tray is made of renewable ingredients. Including: starch, natural fibers, and water. This tray is recyclable & compostable.
  • You keep your jar for your monthly refills. They offer replacements if you mistakenly toss yours
  • Seed provides a glass travel vial; it holds 1-week’s supply of your Daily Synbiotic.

You’re reading: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

Monthly Refills

  • Seed uses a 100% natural insulator made from U.S. grown, non-GMO cornstarch. This material is biodegradable, home-compostable, edible, and dissolves in water.
  • Their compostable pouches keep oxygen and moisture out. They are eco-friendly and kind to our planet

As a healthy living blogger of over 10 years, I can tell you that there are not many brands doing it like Seed is. On average, I receive 20 packages a week and most of them use excessive plastic + packaging materials. If you are sustainably minded, I am confident that you will love how Seed is approaching packing and operating a refill system.

Your Monthly Box

Every month, your Seed Synbiotic refill will show up to your doorstep. Your subscription includes:

Month 1: Welcome Kit

  • Refillable Glass Jar
  • Glass Travel Vial
  • 30 Day Supply (60 Capsules)

Month 2: Sustainable Refills

  • 30 Day Supply (60 Capsules)

Keep in mind, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Thus, there’s really no commitment nor risk.

seed synbiotic sustainable refill

You’re reading: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

How I Take Seed Probiotic

I take Seed probiotic slightly different than directed, 2 capsules before bed. They recommend taking them int he morning on an empty stomach, but I have found that nighttime works best for my digestion. If you are starting Seed Synbiotic for the first time, they recommend taking 1 capsule for the first few days, then increase to 2 capsules on day 4 (or when you feel ready).

Keep in mind, Seed educates on their packaging that starting a new probiotic often comes with an acclimation period. For some, this may mean short term gastrointestinal discomfort or abdominal tightness. This is completely normal. For me, I experienced that for the first few days, but stuck with it. It went away before a week’s time. As someone who has struggled with severe menstrual cramps, a slight tightness in the belly is not a big deal at all to me!

You’re reading: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

Seed’s Commitment to Sustainability

Seed is in a league of its own in regard to its commitment to sustainability. Case in point, they offer a sustainable refill system that starts with a beautiful glass jar and continues with monthly refills. Moreover, there is no single-use plastic in sight. In addition, mushrooms grew the biodegradable packaging the product arrived in. Also, it decomposes in soil within 30 days. Wow, how incredible is that? Talk about forward-thinking.

Particularly, I love that it came with a glass travel case. Especially, it’s perfect for commuting, road trips, and flying. I’m excited to use it and reuse it for months to come. Along with telling all of my travel buddies about it.

This is the probiotic that Rich Roll uses. Furthermore, the ironman phenom, 50-something-year-old has discussed Seed 4+ times on his podcast. So, if it’s good enough for him, that means something to me for sure. Likewise, a great deal of thought, time, research, and well-studied individuals contributed to making this product happen. Further, if you’re interested in seeing what I mean, head over to their website for all the sciencey details.

You’re been reading: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

Use Seed Synbiotic promo code FMG15 to get 15% off of your first subscription order.

Seed Probiotic Side Effects

How long does it take Seed Probiotic to work?

Just like with any adjustment to the diet, it may take your body some time to acclimate. In this case, you are introducing your gut to a new spectrum of microbes. As the prebiotics & probiotics do their thing, some expected offgasing and changes in stool may happen. I personally didn’t have issues with this, but I started by taking this right before bed. Thus, this process was likely happening when I was sleeping. I wake up ready to have a healthy bowel movement.

Seed vs Ritual Probiotic

I can’t personally speak to the experiential difference between Seed + some other popular probiotic brands. However, I know that from the research side of it, Seed is leaps and bounds ahead of any other brand that I know of. In addition, the list of strains contained in Seed is far more expansive that nearly every other option on the market. There is a long list of other brands that are out there, but I encourage you to read the science behind Seed. It’ll get you stoked about this unique product.

Feel free to follow me along on Instagram. On Instagram, I cover more of the day-to-day aspects of my wellness adventures. I would love to connect with all of you and share this common enthusiasm for living a healthy, vital life. So, I’ll see you over there!

Thank you for stopping by this post: Seed Probiotic Review – 3 Years of Big Results.

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Whichever words you found yourself punching into Google, I’m really glad you’re here. My gut health changed for the better when I started using Seed. I hope you’ve found my Seed Synbiotic Review helpful! #seedpartner #accountable

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