Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket is a modern, effective way to bring the sauna into your home. This unique mat utilizes infrared heat; far infrared rays may help deliver a deep detoxifying sweat and allow your body to push out those environmental toxins. Too, it increases your heart rate to the pace of a light jog and leaving you with healthy soft beaming skin. With the built-in portability, you can even travel with this mat.

This mat elevates the body’s thermal energy through infrared heating, promotes glowing/radiant skin, enhances deep relaxation, improves circulation, and encourages sweating. The Higher Dose Sauna Blanket produces only a low level of EMFs, comes with a one year limited warranty, and is made of waterproof polyurethane (PU) fireproof cotton.

The sweating component that the Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket is huge, as the EPA found that 100% of study participants had mercury in their sweat. It’s vital to our wellness that we sweat regularly to help support our body’s built-in detoxification system.