Intelligence of Nature Gut Support

Intelligence of Nature Gut Support is an easy-to-take formula goes beyond probiotics to repair the gut lining. ION stands for Intelligence of Nature; formulated by functional medicine practitioner & Dr. Zach Bush.

Glyphosate, amongst other gut infections & common food additives, can compromise the gut lining over time. Intelligence of Nature Gut Support helps repair the tight junctions in the gut so that food sensitivities, gut imbalance & a multitude of other health issues can be a thing of the past. This Intelligence of Nature Gut Support product utilizes the beneficial aspects of soil through Terrahydrite.

Intelligence of Nature Gut Support is one of a few products that Dr. Zach Bush’s brand makes. Their other products include Sinus Support, Skin Support, and Pet Support. All of them are designed to act as a conductive, connective conduit to aid the body in what it naturally already innately knows how to do; heal and regenerate.

At ION, the team is all about connection: from cell to cell, from person to planet. And while their mission is evergreen, their pursuit to reawaken connection is ever evolving.

On a personal note based on the research papers I’ve seen on ION, I would absolutely recommend this product as a staple, foundational part of your routine if you currently have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Intelligence of Nature Gut Support has been shown in studies to repair intestinal permeability and aid the body in bouncing back from a compromised, leaky gut.

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