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Kion Aminos Powder

Kion Aminos Powder is a premium blend of leucine-enriched essential amino acids in a convenient, delicious drink mix that fuels daily workouts, spontaneous adventures, and a joyful, active lifestyle. It helps to naturally boost energy, helps to build lean muscle, and improves overall athletic recovery.

New research shows that EAA supplements rich in the amino acid, leucine, work even better than traditional EAAs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, help encourage muscle repair, and support recovery from athletic activities.

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are the building blocks of protein, energy, and complete body health. These vital components of nutrition are the foundation of protein in your body. Thus, being deficient in any amino acid could hold you back from reaching your unique health, fitness, and wellness goals. Taking a high-quality EAA supplement like Kion Aminos Powder is a great way to get the amino acids you need. Kion Aminos are pure EAAs for energy, strength, and recovery.

This formula contains 40% leucine, with the remaining EAAs in optimal, scientifically-backed ratios shown to help you grow stronger muscles and recover more quickly.

And, Kion Aminos Powder flavors are delicious Watermelon, Mango, Mixed Berry, and Cool Lime Kion Aminos were meticulously crafted using natural ingredients for a refreshing, fruity taste.


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