Nutramedix Herbal Tinctures

Nutramedix Herbal Tinctures are potent anti-microbial tinctures help ramp up your body’s natural detoxification pathways. Benefits of incorporating these plant tinctures include less brain fog, reduced inflammation, more energy & better athletic performance.

Nutramedix searches the globe for the highest-quality materials.

Once they’ve found the best ingredients, they send them to their U.S. manufacturing facility in their raw form to preserve as much of nature’s goodness as possible. Their manufacturing facilities follow current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs).

They hold all of our suppliers to the same high standards they hold themselves. That means Nutramedix Herbal Tinctures must pass stringent vendor qualifications before we accept ingredients.

Before Nutramedix Herbal Tinctures can reach you they must exceed quality standards, which means maximizing the bioavailability of their select ingredients.

Nutramedix does this by providing hydro-alcoholic extracts that allow maximum dissolubility of phenolics, alkaloids, and other beneficial constituents from the plant material. That’s why many of their products are in liquid form.

To ensure the safety of Nutramedix products, they strive to use plants and materials that do not include common allergens whenever possible.

This way, as many people as possible can confidently use NutraMedix products. Some Nutramedix products come in liquid (tincture) form, while others come in capsule-form.

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