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Primeadine Supplement

Primeadine® is the purest food-derived spermidine supplement on the market. It contains zero fillers or flow agents. This product by Oxford Health Span also comes with two other naturally occurring polyamines which are important to human health. These polyamines are called spermine and putrescine. This duo works together with spermidine as part of a recycling loop that aids your body in making more spermidine.

Primeadine Supplement’s formulation provides you with 1mg standardized spermidine which is tested in every batch to guarantee you are getting the same amount in every capsule.

To prevent oxidation and rancid omega 6’s, Primeadine Supplement’s wheat germ extract is defatted and, again, tested for purity and potency.

have also added a FructoOligoSacharide (FOS), a special type of resistant starch maltodextrin, that acts as a prebiotic fiber that selectively feeds two strains of gut bacteria so that your own microbiome can produce more spermidine.

Primeadine is both a source of supplemental spermidine, spermine, and putrescine in the exact ratio found in nature. In addition, it contains a prebiotic to increase your body’s overall levels of spermidine, while also potentiating your microbiota’s innate ability to generate it too.

Primeadine Supplement options contain an Original and a Gluten Free option; each with different benefits. Some incredible benefits you may experience in taking these formulas include:

-autophagy/cell renewal/cognition)

-hair benefits (thickness and grey hair reversal in particular) – may be more pronounced when taking the Original Formula.

-helping clear acne – more pronounced with the GF Formula

-muscle recovery – more pronounced with Original Formula

-endurance and stamina – more pronounced with GF Formula

-muscle mass – studies coming out to support spermidine’s impact on maintaining lean muscle mass

Primeadine® Original

Primeadine Supplementis the purest spermidine supplement on the market, with no fillers or no agents.This formulation gives you 1mg standardized spermidine, tested in every batch to guarantee quality/potency.

Primeadine® GF

Primeadine GF is the gluten-free, soy-free spermidine supplement options exclusively sourced and manufactured in the longevity Blue Zone of Okinawa. This option is Oxford Health Span’s answer for clients who have Celiac Disease or simply want to avoid all sources of gluten in their diet. This formula is whole food-derived with the amount of spermidine, 1mg, that has been used in human clinical trials showing improvement of memory and cognition.


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