Seed Daily Synbiotic

The Seed Daily Synbiotic (Prebiotic + Probiotic) contains two strains that were examined in a study for their beneficial effects in relieving intestinal discomfort, bloating, and pain. Healthy pooping means healthy bacteria means healthy body! This proprietary blend is made with consideration for the planet using their sustainable refill system. When you order, Seed sends you a reusable glass jar, a glass travel vial and packaging that is compostable.

And, the Seed Daily Synbiotic contains 24-clinically-studied bacteria strains that are proven to support your systemic health. In order words, strains in this formula benefit the cardiovascular system, immune system, dermolological system and digestive system.

Those strains make up the probiotic component of this product. They are made more effective & are fed by polyphenol-based prebiotics. Lastly, what sets Seed apart is also their double-encapsulated dose. This setup insures that the good bacteria make it all the way to your colon, where it’s the most important. Otherwise, they can be compromised by your stomach acid.

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