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Aubrey Organics Evening Primrose & Rosa Mosqueta Body Lotion Review


Aubrey Organics Body Lotions

Evening Primrose Soothing Lotion:

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

“Special, gentle care is yours with this hydrating lotion formulated with soothing, organic evening primrose oil, ideal for many dry skin conditions. Use it daily to instantly calm and replenish dry, stressed skin.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This lotion smells wonderful, very calming and soothing, as Aubrey’s description says. The consistency is very rich & creamy. I find it best to apply right after showering so that the skin absorbs the essential oils and nourishing ingredients while the pores are still open. It leaves the skin moisturized, but not goopy. It is the ideal lotion to have on hand. As always, the ingredient list on Aubrey products are recognizable, clean and free of harsh chemicals.

Rosa Mosqueta Luxurious Lotion:

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

“Luxurious body lotion instantly restores your skin’s natural moisture balance to leave it incredibly soft and silky. High in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other nutrients, this ultra-rich formula is perfect for dry skin. A customer favorite for years.”

My Description & Thoughts:

My review for all Aubrey lotions is and probably always will be similar; they are all wonderfully moisturizing and each scent is pleasant in its own way. I particularly prefer this scent, though. Aubrey makes several products in the “Rosa Mosqueta” scent and they are lovely & floral, reminiscent of fresh cut roses. This is my favorite out of these two lotions because of the scent.



Aubrey Organics Facial Products vs Proactiv Acne Treatment


No matter how many blog posts I do about Aubrey Organics, my words will not be sufficient in communicating the impact that this brand has had on my life.

Throughout my successes as an athlete and nutrition conscious individual, I have had the hardest time (especially as a teen) in keeping a clear facial complexion.

As cliche as it is, I have truly tried most remedies for acne (both homemade & store bought). I had some success using the Proactiv acne treatment products but was quickly deterred when I read the ingredient list on the bottles.

Proactiv acne treatment products remind me of diet pills, they might be “effective” in addressing the issue (losing weight or clearing acne) however they can be detrimental to the health of your body.

They are a quick fix to a problem that is related to the overall well being of your body.

I could go all day talking about how crucial my switch to a organic facial products has been to my peace of mind and overall health.

Now, to brag on Aubrey a bit….

Aubrey Organics Facial products come in a range from 1 to 5. 1 being for skin that is very dry and sensitive and 5 for skin that is very oily.

I evaluated my skin to be around a 4, which Aubrey calls “Combination Oily Skin.” I also intermittently use the product for “3” skin, which Aubrey calls “Normal” skin.

The two products I use on a daily basis are Aubrey Organics’ Blue Green Algae Facial Cleansing Lotion followed by the Blue Green Algae Moisturizer.

1. Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae Facial Cleansing Lotion

-Aubrey Organics’ Description:

“Soothing formula cleans and balances the complexion and gently exfoliates with active enzymes and a mild castile soap base.”

-My Description & Thoughts:

The consistency is just as it sounds, creamy and lotion-like. It is so gentle on my skin and feeling very nourishing, yet effective. It can also be used daily without drying out skin. It doesn’t feel, at all, like it’s stripping the skin. This is my go to cleanser. Great ingredient list, very effective and has a pleasant herbal smell. Love this product.

2. Aubrey Organics Blue Green Algae Moisturizer

-Aubrey Organics’ Description:

“Light antioxidant formula helps protect skin from sun exposure and pollution and restore moisture and elasticity without clogging pores.”

-My Description & Thoughts:

This moisturizer is the perfect compliment to the cleansing lotion. It is the perfect balance of moisturizing and not goopy. I can put this on my skin after washing my face in the morning and my skin absorbs it just enough so that I don’t feel like I have a heavy layer on my freshly washed skin. It smells just like the cleanser and has a very pleasant aroma. Great ingredient list in this product too. Wonderful moisturizer to have on hand.

*A little not so obvious use for this moisturizer: before applying eye shadow, I mix this moisturizer with a bit of concealer and apply it to my eye lid. This makes a perfect primer!


Aubrey Organics Hair Styling Products Review




Aubrey Organics

Primrose Tangle-Go Hair Conditioner & Detangler

Aubrey Organics’ Description: 

“Spray conditioner and detangler restores lost moisture without building up on the hair. Apply after or in-between shampoos to smooth dry, frizzy, flyaway hair, add body and hold and keep hair soft and manageable.”

My Description & Thoughts: This product smells like a bundle of fresh roses–truly. It has such a pleasant scent. It also does a great job as a detangler. I apply it to the ends of my hair (approximately the lower third) when my hair is still slightly damp from showering. I will continue to restock my stash of this product because of how effective and pleasant the scent it.

Mandarin Ginkgo Leaf & Ginseng Root Hair Moisturizing Jelly

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

“Eight hair-nourishing Chinese herbals, plus hair-thickening vitamin B-5 and herbal gums add up to one superb styling product that moisturizes as it holds. Adds body and shine without weighing down the hair.”

My Description & Thoughts: This jelly is great for when the end of my hair are super dry. It gives my hair a good, hefty dose of moisture. I use this one more sporadically, as I don’t need this moisture boost as often. It has a fresh and citrusy scent to it.

Sea Buckthorn Leave-In Liquid Conditioner & Curl Activator

Aubrey Organics’ Description: 

“Spray-on conditioner adds body and softness and brings curls back to life with sea buckthorn oil and oat protein. Use after your regular conditioner and in-between shampoos to redefine curls and protect hair from blow dryer damage.”

My Description & Thoughts:

Most days my hair air dries. For the days when I style it, I tend to curl it with a curling iron. This leave-in conditioner is wonderful for those days. It gives the ends of my hair enough moisture so that the heat from the curling iron does not cause my hair to become damaged/dried out. It also helps the curls maintain structure, without making them look crunchy. My hair just looks moisturized and pretty after using it.


Percentages: Eating Organic Most of the Time

I think alot about the organic foods and drinks that make up a large portion of my diet. I find myself constantly searching for stability within that–having a stable, doable, enjoyable habit of eating that is never neurotic, too planned out, nor obsessive. I want to have a sensible way of fueling my body that I feel good about.

My “wing it” solution (requires little thought and planning) for myself is to focus on the percentages.

Percentages. I focus on, approximately, the 90%-10% or 80%-20% range. “90 percent of the time, what is my daily intake comprised of?”

For me it is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, eggs, coffee, kombucha, coconut water, almond milk and coconut milk. Because these items make up so much of what I eat, I buy those foods organic (non-GMO implied) as much as possible.

The other 10%-20%, condiments, cheese, meat, meals eaten at restaurants, items I use very sparingly, etc. are not always items I buy organically because they do not tend to make up a large portion of what I consume.

To sum up these sporadic thoughts, I’ll say this (assuming you are interested in optimizing your health),

If you drink alot of coffee every day, get organic coffee. If you enjoy alot of ketchup every day, buy organic ketchup (it exists, and is delicious).

In all of this, it is counter productive for me to get wrapped up in eating perfectly. If you are buying something that isn’t organic, than just be able to refer to the percentages of your diet and determine how that food item plays into it.

In a way, it is a common thread throughout my fitness and nutrition ventures to have an awareness of percentages. 90%-80% of the time I am eating organically and healthily and running every day. 10%-20% of the time I eat sensibly but not always maximally healthy, as well as taking days off from running and enjoying some rest and relaxation.

Winging It: How I Threw Planning out the Window

A fellow organic living blogger, Dana, and I had a mini discussion on instagram about the concept of “winging it.” She and I were using it in reference to not using recipes when making homemade deodorant. For the record, she is a phenomenal & helpful lady and you should check out her blog titled Organic Eater.

My style is to “wing it”. Not referring to a recipe, not getting wrapped up in precise measurements and not having any expectations. Just do it. (Thanks Nike).

Disclaimer: If your style is not to wing it, I do not mean to offend. Praise to those who have the patience for recipes, journals, and planners 🙂

That conversation with Dana sparked a moment of realization:

I wing most things in my life. Workouts, meals, future plans, blog posts, conversations–I do very little planning ahead of time.

From my experience so far in life, especially in college, the common response to this is something to the affect of: “You don’t plan? That’s irresponsible. You have to put time and thought into these things in order to be successful. You should have your plans set out for the future, write down your goals, keep a food journal, write down your exercises.” Blah, blah, blah.

It seems that to a lot of people, a lack of planning is regarded as flippantirresponsible, and careless.

The reason this hits home for me is because I believe my successes have been a direct result of not planning.

This doesn’t mean I did not imagine myself where I wanted to be in the future: happy, fulfilled, blissful. Rather, I let it happen, versus planning it out.

“Winging it” is liberating to me. It also feels natural, like there’s an innate behavior in me that already knows how to do that. Sometimes, “winging it” puts you in the “rogue” category to others. I’m okay with that. Rogue is good. Weird is good. Different is good. 🙂

I am currently spending time with my family (I was away from them throughout all of college–about 5 years). The idea of “winging it” reminds me a lot of my Dad, who I think very highly of (I think highly of my Mom too :)). Dad’s experience in this story, I believe, was a turning point for him mentally, and seeing it happen from the outside has helped my mentality also.

This is the short version: Dad, who is an absolute motorcycle enthusiast, had a dream to ride his motorcycle to Alaska (from Fort Worth, Texas). This would be a long trek, so he bought all kinds of equipment, planned routes, looked up places along the way, etc.–months and months of planning and preparing for this trip. He finally felt equipped and took off on this trip (on a 6-month old motorcycle). When he made it to Wyoming, his motorcycle’s engine failed. He could not ride any farther with his bike in the present condition. The part in the engine of his bike ended up being deemed an assembly line error–a malfunction that was completely unexpected and demoralizing to his psyche.

What I take from that is, Dad put so much time and energy into this trip, all for his bike to fail and cut the trip short. He invested so much time and effort and in the end, his big plan did not work out. Dad says that experience was life changing and it led him to “abandon planning.”

Investing so much in the plan can be a little backwards in my mind. Our lives have an incredible way of surprising us with positive things/adventures/experiences–so why do we forget that and try to plan it all out bit by bit?

Maybe it’s baggage, maybe it’s purely out of fear and stress. It seems clear to me that it is not productive.

I do not suggest that we disconnect ourselves completely from what could happen in the future. Instead, I think it may be much more helpful to live in the present moment and experience it, embrace it, love it, cherish it, let it happen like it will with no expectations.

Planning, to me, is worrying’s cousin. Most of the time it is done because we are fearful, stressed, or intimidated.

All of these ramblings are relevant because I get frequently asked questions like, “How much do you run?” or “Do you run everyday?” or “How much do you eat?”

This is no exaggeration: every single day when I leave the house to run, I truly and absolutely have no expectations or goals set for that run. I don’t have a running log where it says, “Today run this amount.” I just run. It’s simple. Running is not a calculated science for me. It’s an experience, a feeling, a challenging adventure.

That’s worth saying again, running is an adventure! It should be invigorating and stimulating.

I acknowledge that some people relate to goals and they want a target mileage, pace, amount of reps, etc. But, my advice will always be: WING IT! I find that goals limit me more than they help me. The sky is the limit. I will run for as long as I can stand it today; every day that amount is different.

Laird Hamilton says this in his book: “Why not let it rip, at least a little bit? Everyone I know who’s really stoked about getting out of bed in the morning does that to some extent.”

and this,

“I don’t have a set routine. To my mind, thats the quickest route to burnout (and it’s deeply unimaginative besides). To be healthy, to sleep well, to eat well. These things are essential every day…My activities vary daily, weekly, seasonally, geographically, psychologically, depending on who’s in town–you name it. The best way to maximize what a day has to offer is to look outside your window that morning, and then look inside yourself.” -Laird Hamilton

Maybe I should just ask Laird to write my blog, then it would be clear, succinct, concise and poised. 🙂

Here’s another pretty extravagant random fact: all of these inventions were created accidentally, without planning: Penicillin, the pacemaker and vulcanized rubber. 

Pretty cool. Pretty rad things can happen and will happen when you aren’t planning for it.

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.” -Joseph Campbell

My Dad is going to laugh when he reads this because he has said this to me numerous times (while I had an uninterested look on my face), but I find this quote/phrase so powerful: “Follow Your Bliss.”

Here’s the complete quote from Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

(I will not do Joseph Campbell justice if I attempt to describe who he is, so if you’re interested, it would be better and perhaps more accurate for you to look him up).

This post meanders a bit, but I enjoyed writing these thoughts.

I wrote this while hanging out by the window at Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse (my favorite coffee shop in Bloomington, IN) and the combination of the coffee and the ambiance apparently allowed me to speak openly and freely and tap into relating stories and quotes.

Hope everyone has a phenomenal day! 🙂

What is your “style” (to wing it or not to wing it)? What seems to work for you?