Aubrey Organics Evening Primrose & Rosa Mosqueta Body Lotion Review

Aubrey Organics Body Lotions Evening Primrose Soothing Lotion: Aubrey Organics’ Description: “Special, gentle care is yours with this hydrating lotion formulated with soothing, organic evening primrose oil, ideal for many dry skin conditions. Use it daily to instantly calm and replenish dry, stressed skin.” My Description & Thoughts: This lotion smells wonderful, very calming andContinue reading “Aubrey Organics Evening Primrose & Rosa Mosqueta Body Lotion Review”

Aubrey Organics Facial Products vs Proactiv Acne Treatment

No matter how many blog posts I do about Aubrey Organics, my words will not be sufficient in communicating the impact that this brand has had on my life. Throughout my successes as an athlete and nutrition conscious individual, I have had the hardest time (especially as a teen) in keeping a clear facial complexion.Continue reading “Aubrey Organics Facial Products vs Proactiv Acne Treatment”

Aubrey Organics Hair Styling Products Review

    Aubrey Organics Primrose Tangle-Go Hair Conditioner & Detangler Aubrey Organics’ Description:¬† “Spray conditioner and detangler restores lost moisture without building up on the hair. Apply after or in-between shampoos to smooth dry, frizzy, flyaway hair, add body and hold and keep hair soft and manageable.” My Description & Thoughts:¬†This product smells like aContinue reading “Aubrey Organics Hair Styling Products Review”

Percentages: Eating Organic Most of the Time

I think alot about the organic foods and drinks that make up a large portion of my diet. I find myself constantly searching for stability within that–having a stable, doable, enjoyable habit of eating that is never neurotic, too planned out, nor obsessive. I want to have a sensible way of fueling my body thatContinue reading “Percentages: Eating Organic Most of the Time”

Winging It: How I Stopped Planning

Welcome to this post: Winging It: How I Stopped Planning. A fellow organic living blogger, Dana, and I had a mini discussion on instagram about the concept of “winging it.” She and I were using it in reference to not using recipes when making homemade deodorant. For the record, she is a phenomenal & helpful ladyContinue reading “Winging It: How I Stopped Planning”

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