Honey Girl Organics Review

Welcome to this post: Honey Girl Organics Review. Honey Girl Organics About Honey Girl Organics’ Founders: “Anthony Maxfield I keep bees as a hobby here in Hawaii, and originally developed these crèmes for my wife, Gwen. One day during the honey harvest, after I had squeezed the honey out of the beeswax cappings, she noticedContinue reading “Honey Girl Organics Review”

Bee Organics Skincare Review

Welcome to this post: Bee Organics Skincare Review. Bee Organics Skincare Review “Skin Care Can Bee Chemical Free.” Ever since discovering the amazing benefits of raw, organic honey and buying my first big batch from Hunter’s Honey Farm in Martinsville, IN, I have been very enthusiastic about all products honey-based. Bee Organics came onto myContinue reading “Bee Organics Skincare Review”

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