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Honest Fizz Organic, Zero Calorie Soda Giveaway!

Honest Tea

About Honest Fizz:

“Honest Fizz features a tasty blend of two sweeteners – stevia and erythritol. Stevia, a plant originally from South America, has been used as a sugar substitute for hundreds of years. We blend it with erythritol (a sugar alcohol) for the perfect one-two punch of zero-calorie deliciousness.”


My Thoughts:

I see these drinks as a much healthier swap for traditional soda that is loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. The soda habit is the first bad habit that I would encourage anyone to kick (traditional soda–that is!). One of these Honest Fizz drinks every day will help satisfy your craving for something bubbly without ramping up your body’s acidity & size of your waistline.

Honest Tea wants to give TWO of you a case of Honest Fizz!

To Enter:

-Simply comment below and tell me why these drinks appeal to you!

I will e-mail the winners by 4/22!



Health Ade Kombucha Review

This is a review of Health Ade Kombucha.


Health Ade

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About Health Ade:

“Health-Ade was formed by 3 very close friends, all looking to bring a BETTER kombucha to the Southern California market. Founded in Los Angeles, Health-Ade is made the “old-fashioned” way–as nature intended–dedicated to offering the highest quality and best tasting kombucha one can buy. They do this by committing to things like: pulling out all the stops to ensure the culture is healthy and strong, using only local and seasonal farmers’ market fruit for flavor, and keeping harmful plastic and UVs away from the entire fermentation and bottling process.


Made 100% in Los Angeles, Health-Ade also works hard to support the local community, as demonstrated by their efforts in growing Farmers’ Markets, their collaboration with regional non-profits such as Home-Boy Industries, and their drive to increase understanding and importance of health and wellness.

Health-Ade kombucha comes in our original formula, as well as 4 other tasty seasonal flavors. Remember, for the highest quality, we only use local seasonal, and organic produce for flavoring. Take your pick and make it a habit!

Why Drink Health-Ade?

Though different brands of kombucha are somewhat prevalent in health food stores today, most of these interpretations have a compromised quality due to efforts in mass production and hastening fermentation. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many products falling short of the real deal, often higher in sugar than ever intended.

Health-Ade Is

  • made using only organic and whole ingredients
  • produced by using the original recipe
  • 100% naturally fermented
  • flavored with local and seasonal farmers’ market fruit
  • made in small batches right here in LA
  • fermented and produced only in glass
  • manufactured and bottled in UV-sensitive environments
  • 100% raw, vegan, natural, and gluten-free
  • made, down to the bottle, in the USA

Health-Ade Is Not

  • made with genetically engineered sugars or powdered teas
  • made using concentrates, dilutions, dyes, or powders
  • hastening fermentation with added chemicals and powders
  • mass-produced and / or outsourced
  • fermented in plastic, potentially causing leaching
  • exposed to harmful UV light, potentially depleting its probiotic count
  • pasteurized (kills 50%+ of the probiotic) or unnatural
  • made and bottled overseas, impacting our Earth and economy.”


My Thoughts:

Ahhhh… Kombucha. Bubbly, delicious, a bit sweet, satisfying. I can’t get enough. I love the ritual of opening a new bottle and taking the first gulp of effervescent splendor. I’ve found this drink can also help you to curb cravings and feel fill, as this bubbly drink temporarily creates the illusion that your stomach is full.

At this point, I’ve tried several brands of Kombucha–some great and some not quite as great. I have a few specs that I look for when I try a new kind.

My Preferred Kombucha Specs

-Bubbly, packs a punch

-Delicious and unique flavors

-Organic ingredients

Health Ade Kombucha meets all three of those qualifications, AND to top it off–the icing on the cake; they use and support local ingredients. To me, that is huge and it sets them apart from the other brands. Not only do they value organic, pure ingredients but they also see the importance of supporting local farmers and harvests. I just love that.

These flavors are all very tasty, interesting and unique in their own right. The newest kombucha flavor (to my palate) was the Cayenne Cleanse. As you can imagine, this one is zippy and heats up your mouth right away. It has just the right amount of heat–any more and it might be a bit too much for me.

But, I love that they use cayenne, as this pepper offers metabolism boosting benefits! If I had to pick one flavor as my favorite, it would have to be Pomegranate. It’s tart and fruity with a kick of sweetness. It’s delicious. I’d pick the California Grape as my runner up.

New to Kombucha?

If you have yet to try Kombucha, dive in! Especially if you are still a soda drinker, Kombucha is a MUCH healthier alternative to other carbonated beverages. I’d recommend these to anyone who is looking to enhance their digestion and overall health.

Check Healthade out here to get Free Shipping on all orders!

Clearly Kombucha Review


Clearly Kombucha

This is a review of Clearly Kombucha fermented, bubbly drinks.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About Clearly Kombucha:

“Clearly Kombucha is a low-calorie, low sugar drink that is high in antioxidants and probiotics. It is brewed from Organic, Fair Trade, whole-leaf green tea and is then fermented with a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) for 30 days to ensure a smooth taste.


All you’ve ever wanted to know about Kombucha… clearly.

A fermented tea-based beverage, with deep roots in the cultures of Central Asia and the Far East.

\ˌkäm-ˈbü-shə, -chə\

Every kombucha maker has to choose between good and evil: either ferment its own tea with sugar and culture, or purchase something called “kombucha concentrate.” You wouldn’t want the concentrate and neither did we. Clearly Kombucha is a force for good.

Fermentation of Clearly Kombucha creates a trace amount of alcohol. It’s less than one-half of one percent.

Some but not a lot. Our process starts with high quality brewed tea but fermentation knocks down a portion of the tea caffeine as it is transformed by brewing. Depending on the batch, bottled Clearly Kombucha contains caffeine levels a lot less than a similar amount of brewed tea, and a little more than decaf coffee. We do not add caffeine. If we could figure out where the energy from drinking Clearly Kombucha comes from, we’d bottle it. Oh wait, we already did.

We’ll admit it: we think junk floating around in a beverage is not cool. We don’t think you’re missing a thing!

There’s research showing trace amounts of vitamins and minerals created during kombucha fermentation. Because kombucha is fermented, each batch is a little different. Likewise, our calorie and nutritional content info may vary a tiny bit from batch to batch. Non-trace amounts of vitamin C listed on the nutrient content panel originate from our terrific flavorings. We didn’t think you would want us to separately add vitamins just for the sake of counting them, so we don’t.

We decided to treat our customers like adults: no silly claims that we couldn’t support. We didn’t feel it was right to insult your intelligence. If you feel terrific drinking Clearly Kombucha, we’ve done the only job we’ve ever set out to do.

“Where can I get it?”


My Thoughts:

Ahhhh……Kombucha. I can’t get enough of this delicious, healthy beverage. This effervescent drink has been a staple in my diet for a few years now, though this is the first time for me to try Clearly. Besides it being enjoyable, this drink provides gut-healing benefits, as it helps replenish and balance the bacteria present in your stomach. This is important because balanced bacteria means more efficient digestion which means your body is absorbing more of the nutrients in what you’re eating.

I was never a big soda drinker, but have heard others who believe it to be a great alternative to soda. Like soda, it has some sweetness (via the organic fruit and the organic sugar that is used in the fermentation process) and packs a bubbly punch.

These three flavors were unique and exceptionally delicious. I enjoyed the Raspberry Ginger the most, with the Strawberry Hibiscus being close second. The Black Currant tastes great in its own right and has the most unique flavor.

Quality-wise, these drinks are certified organic, fair trade, non-gmo and gluten free–making them awesome in my book! I can’t wait to get my hands on more Clearly Kombucha–and am especially excited to try the Raspberry Lemonade this summer!

I also found their FAQ’s to actually be fun to follow!