Be Natural Organics Skin Care Review

B Natural Organics Overall Rating:  About B Natural Organics: “What We Choose to Use, Avoid, and Why As the dangers caused from toxins in personal care products become more evident, it is important that we educate ourselves on the toxicity levels in every product we use. This will enable us to make informed decisions aboutContinue reading “Be Natural Organics Skin Care Review”

The Wonder Seed: Hemp Seed Skin & Hair Review

The Wonder Seed Hemp Seed Skin & Hair Care Overall Rating:  About The Wonder Seed: “Formerly known as The Healing Seed, we’ve launched a new brand with a more accurate name.  Yes, our products help heal skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and itchy, flakey scalp) but they do so much more! They’re anti-aging, they improveContinue reading “The Wonder Seed: Hemp Seed Skin & Hair Review”

L’uvalla Organic Skin Care Review

L’uvalla Organic Skin Care Overall Rating: I especially love the note that came with this box of goodies… “Dearest Jesica,” (with my name spelt correctly) “When you feel whole and complete you will attract all good things.” 🙂 About L’uvalla: “Our Convictions L’uvalla (loo-VA-la) means love the spirit within all things. Love your skin. L’uvalla CertifiedContinue reading “L’uvalla Organic Skin Care Review”

Just the Goods Organic Skincare Review

Just the Goods Skin Care Overall Rating: / (4.5 Stars) About Just The Goods: “Just the Goods seeks to offer affordable vegan products to help them become more widely available, therefore facilitating healthier living as part of increased consciousness about kind living, environment protection, and consumerism in general. Just the Goods does not test any of itsContinue reading “Just the Goods Organic Skincare Review”

Primavera Skin Care & Aromatherapy Review

Primavera Life Skin Care & Aromatherapy Overall Rating:  Balancing Toner: Sage & Grape Seed Oil Primavera’s Description: “Spray a little Balancing Facial Toner onto a cotton wool pad or into the palms of your hand and wipe over your face and neck. Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Alcohol*, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Water*, Glycerin, Mentha PiperitaContinue reading “Primavera Skin Care & Aromatherapy Review”

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