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Financial Business Coaching with Emily Bordner

At the Biz Babe Symposium this year, I had the privilege of meeting and listening to Emily Bordner. Emily is the beautiful mind behind her empowering + educational + inspiring Financial Coaching Biz (and well as her super-lovely leather goods, jewelry and glassware designs). Um, how wonderfully multi-faceted and talented she is!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 4.30.24 PM.png

Luke and I were lucky enough to snag an hour of her time at the Starbucks on the Plaza here in Kansas City. I loved the set up of talking about our finances (potentially a stressful, tense subject) in a calming, good-vibe coffee shop with great company. Emily was so great and easy to talk to. We were so impressed with how carefree the meeting felt while also being SO full of helpful information that we can apply to our income and planning smart for the future so that we can aim to live as happily and free as possible.

Here are some of the topics from our meeting:

-Creating a separate bank account for ROO income for easy tracking

-Why to file a DBA + getting an EIN # for business banking

-Getting a grasp on business expenses

-What to write off as tax time (office space, work computer, etc.)

-Becoming an LLC (protects you from unhappy clients + accidents, gives you a tax advantage on business purchases)

-The concept of “Freedom of Commitment” from the book “The Art of Not Giving A F*ck)

-Profit First Stradegy

-Assess where majority of business income comes from and use that to plan your time spent

-Dream Clients!

-Expensify app to track business expenses, mileage, etc….

….and so many more gold nuggets! We could have talked to her for SO much longer, but she jam packed our session with digestible, helpful starting points.

Here’s Luke & I feeling adulty after our session with Emily!


Luke and I already feel like we have a better plan to be more organized with our income and begin planning smarter for our future ventures. This experience was so helpful to us and I just know there are so many (9-5 workhorses and entrepreneurial spirits alike) out there that could benefit from this guidance.

Have any questions or are wondering how your business ventures + professional endeavors could benefit from Emily’s coaching? Feel free to comment here or reach out to Emily on her site.

You can also find EB on social media:

Instagram: @emily.bordner + @halffulldrinkware

Facebook: @ebkcmo


Explanation of a 6-2 Volleyball Rotation as featured on Livestrong.com

Explanation of a 6-2 Volleyball Rotation

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2014 | By Jesica Salyer
Photo Caption A 6-2 requires not one but two setters on the court. Photo Credit David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images

The 6-2 volleyball rotation is one of two ways a team can align itself. The six refers to all six players being eligible to hit when they rotate to the front row. The two refers to there being two setters. There will always be a setter in both rows. This offense is not as common as the standard 5-1 with one setter, but can be effective.

Plan of Attack

A 6-2 rotation looks like any other from the start. A setter will do the first serve, with the second setter in a hitting position on the far left of the front row. When her turn to serve comes around, the first server will have rotated into the front row hitting position. The strategy is most beneficial to a team with two players highly skilled at both setting and hitting, or a team that hasn’t developed a single stand-out setter.

Two Setters, No Waiting

Teams running a 6-2 give themselves another set of hands in the front row. In theory that should make the passing game a little more effective. It also gives the defense something extra to think about since the setter in the front row is just as likely to attack as set.

Two Too Many

A 6-2 offense isn’t for everyone, and that can include the team’s hitters. Often times, hitters get acclimated and more comfortable with one setter’s tendencies and habits. Just like changing quarterbacks can throw off a football team’s timing, changing a setter can throw hitters off their rhythm. To counter that concern, some coaches using the 6-2 will alter the lineup so certain hitters are hitting off of a certain setter.

Being Unpredictable

Strategy-wise, a 6-2 lineup can give an offense more variety and force a foe to prepare for the different tendencies of the two setters. It can also be a problem for the team doing it if there’s any communication problems between the setters.

Read the published article here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/424261-explanation-of-a-6-2-volleyball-rotation/