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Platejoy Custom Meal Plans Review

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Platejoy including my personal review, thoughts and experience.


About Platejoy:

PlateJoy is a personalized meal planning app that makes healthy eating easy.

Personalize your meal plan by taking a lifestyle quiz about your tastes, health goals, family size, schedule and more

Receive delicious, custom-designed meal plans that simplify your life and keep you feeling fit this summer.

Why PlateJoy is Awesome:

– Start a new diet or eating plan easily: low carb, low sodium, keto, paleo, weight loss, food allergies, vegetarian, vegan and more

– Find the type of cooking that works for your household: family friendly, batch cooking, slow cooker meals, budget, etc.

– Get recipes that really fit your schedule: Get plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, or pick only the meals you need. You can change the exact number of meals each week, to fit your exact schedule.

– No more food waste. Your digital pantry keeps track of ingredients you already have, and we pair your recipes together smartly to reduce waste.

– Get optional same-day delivery, with no packaging or subscriptions. We integrate with local stores in your town, so you can get optional delivery when you want it, without boxes of dry ice.

– Access all your plans on the go. Easy to use because your recipes are sent straight to your phone.


Our Experience:

My boyfriend and I live together and we are both pretty big eaters! We do so much cooking at home, both because we enjoy it and it’s more cost effective than going out to eat all the time. Luke coaches Crossfit and ran track in college, so with my food/athletic experience and his knowledge, we are both decently educated in nutrition and do a pretty good job of making it happen for ourselves as far as home-cooked meals go.

But even then, there are times we lack creativity and find ourselves cravings some new dishes and new ideas. I’ve never been signed up for anything similar to Platejoy; we’ve always just been winging it in the kitchen and putting all the healthy foods we like together in a yummy way. I wasn’t sure at first that it would be of use for us since we are health nuts most of the time.

I was so encouraged and surprised to see how many great ideas I have been getting from Platejoy. I really love that you can search for recipes by ingredient based on what we have at home. While I’m not big on abiding by and sticking to exact measurements/recipes, I like getting new concepts for dishes or ways to change up meals I’ve made a bunch of times.

Probably the biggest advantage I see of having Platejoy is that you can acquire a “menu” to use that completely adheres to your style of eating, whether it’s vegan, low-carb, no eggs, etc. This a game changer actually. We strive to eat gluten and dairy free (Luke eats eggs, I limit them) with a focus on healthy fats, veggies and some fruit. It was super easy to  “tell” my Platejoy sign up page that that’s the way we eat. Then voila! It was like ready to go, customized-feeling batch of meals and ideas for us to take and run with. You can even enter your weight loss goals (if you have any) and get a shopping list to take to the grocery store. So many thoughtful + cool little perks.

We typically don’t have an issue with food waste, but it’s awesome that Platejoy can help you eliminate that by telling you how much food to buy based on how many of you are in your household. Also the handiness and accessibility provided through the app is awesome for taking your phone into the kitchen/planning/etc.

Two of the meals I’ve made so far are pictured above! I made the Mango + Greens Smoothie alongside the Breakfast hash (I added in sweet potato and pork sausage instead of the apple and bacon in the recipe. They are both so satisfying and DELISH!

Use my code RUNONORGANIC to save $10 on any Platejoy plan!



Teatulia Organic Tea Review: January Edition

This is a review of Teatulia organic teas.

Teatulia Organic Tea

Overall Rating: 5-stars

About Teatulia:

“We are delighted to introduce our range of twenty organic Teatulia teas, each offering a unique flavor profile, with one or more that will satisfy every palate.

Our totally unique packaging communicates Teatulia’s sustainability message: compostable cannisters, labels made from post-consumer paper, water-based inks & dyes and biodegradable silken pyramids conveniently house our exquisite organic whole-leaf teas.


All Teatulia Teas come directly to you from the first USDA-certified Organic tea garden in Bangladesh. No middleman, no long-term warehousing and no waiting around to be bulk-blended by a third-party trader. What does this mean to you? Fresh, delicious, single-garden purity.


Teatulia’s mission is to sustain the land and the people while producing top-quality organic tea.

Established on virgin soil and grown following Masanobu Fukuoka’s “natural farming” method, Teatulia is the only tea garden in Bangladesh to be USDA certified organic and the only garden we know of that has approached tea cultivation this way.

At Teatulia we:

Do virtually no tilling, weeding, etc.

Develop the soil with cover crops and mulch

Utilize water bodies & herbal shade trees to restore the eco-balance to the area

Use only natural pest & weed controls

Nourish the land with bio-fertilizers

Protect wildlife

Process the tea in bio-gas plants


Yes, it’s Organic. But that’s just the beginning. Our approach to farming is truly revolutionary and very different from what any other tea-grower is doing (to our knowledge). In the Teatulia gardens, we have implemented “natural farming” practices espoused by the Japanese Master Masanobu Fukuoka, resulting in a closed-loop eco and social system. We use no pesticides, machinery or unnatural irrigation in the cultivation of our teas – we trust mother nature to establish the perfect balance. Consequently, eight years since its inception, our “virgin” garden, developed on fallow land, is now a thriving ecosystem teeming with once endangered Flora and Fauna.”


My Experience:

You guys, I’m pretty hyped on tea right now. So, here’s another Teatulia experience I’d like to share with you. I’m thankful to be an ambassador for this brand (just a fancy way of saying–I genuinely love what they are doing and want more people to know about them).

Here’s what makes this teas different and why you would look to them to ramp up your health:


Teeth + Gum Health + Overall Cleansing

Detoxing and cleansing are two words that we’ve all heard at some point. They are crucial to overall health because a clean body is a thriving body. A body that accrued a toxic build up will experience slacking performance across the board. This can manifest itself in poor sleep, low energy, issues with integumentary system (hair + skin + nails), moodiness and chronic illness. The upside is that if you regularly perform detoxifying + cleansing protocols (like drinking this tea), you can prevent a lot of that and calibrate your body to be a beaming conglomerate of bumping energy.


Adaptogen (Helps body cope with stress)

Stressors surround us every. single. day. What we CAN control is how beefy we make our immune response + body’s resiliency in order to deal with this stress. Pretty cool that we can put things into our body that help diminish the negative effects of stress.

Black Tea

Brain Function + Memory

Commonly and anciently (sure, that’s a word), black tea is used as the base for brewing kombucha, a fermented + naturally effervescent tea that aids digestions and boasts probiotics and gut-healing benefits.

Black tea is neat because it ramps up + stimulates brain function and contains half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee. This makes it the perfect compliment to that morning cup of coffee (think: mid-day tea break!)

Drinking these teas makes me feel: Naturally energized + balanced + detoxified + clean inside + ready to perform + peppy. Yep. Gimme mo-of-that!

Their instagram account is my particular favorite; you can find them @teatuliateas!

Use the code runonorganic for 25% off your entire purchase at Teatulia.com

Fruitive Organic, Raw, Cold-Pressed Juices Review



Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About Fruitive:


Only fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices exist in our pantry!


Our produce is sourced from the best local farmers and organic suppliers we can find. Visit OrganicOrBetter.com.


We’re the first restaurant in Southeast Virginia to receive a 3-star certification by the Green Restaurant Association.”


Made by cold pressing a wide range of fruits and vegetables in unique combinations, our juices provide large amounts of phytonutrients while never sacrificing flavor. There are approximately 2 pounds of produce in each Fruitive bottle, with the equivalent of 2 to 3 large salads in our greener varieties. We use heaping amounts of kale, spinach, and other dense ingredients without the use of excessive fillers. We do not cut corners nor do we ever add water to our juices*; rather we want to uphold the unique flavor of each ingredient. The produce in our juices is always 100% organic or better, triple-washed before being juiced and comes to you in glass bottles – the safest, and most sustainable material we can find. We absolutely believe that we have the truest, highest-nutrient dense juices out there! *Note: We do use alkaline water in our almond milks.”

Juices I Tried:

Carrot Kick


“Carrot juice with a tangy kick! This Signature light-bodied blend is inspired by the tropics, and the orange and lime in Carrot Kick make sure you get there. Packed with beta-carotene and vitamin C, this juice delivers as much nutrition as it does deliciousness. A juice not necessarily made for root lovers, but rather for the average orange juice lover looking for a bit more nutrient denseness. No matter your preference, roots or citrus, Carrot Kick will surely have you asking for more!





“Our medium-bodied, green-lemonade-inspired Kalevolution, is sure to be your most favorite green drink ever! It’s a throw-in-your-cooler, super-nutritious green juice that’s not only a customer favorite, but a staff favorite as well. With hints of earthy kale, water-dense cucumber, sweet apple, alkalizing lemon, and a kick of ginger, this blend is nothing short of perfection! With Kalevolution, you can have your kale and drink it too!


Apple (Fuji/Gala)CucumberKale (Curly)Lettuce (Romaine)LemonGinger.”

Pineapple Xpress


“Zippy, fruity, and refreshing to the max, Pineapple Xpress is a juice that everyone can enjoy from start to finish. Not only is this elixir delicious, it’s also a delightfully soothing tummy tamer. Whether you’re craving a sweet drink, or a tonic for the stomach blues, Pineapple Xpress fits the bill. Plus, it works wonders as a natural morning sickness drink, our co-founder’s recently pregnant wife swears by it!


PineapplePearAloe VeraGinger.”



“Nobility was created in collaboration with the Noblemen Group, a charity based in Hampton Roads that gives back to local kids in need. Their motto, “Helping Kids and Changing Lives,” speaks to exactly what Fruitive hopes to do through health awareness in our community. Based on the Noblemen Group’s colors, we’ve designed Nobility to not only taste delicious, but to represent and support this fantastic charity and their efforts. With dark, leafy greens at its base, light cucumber, and refreshingly sweet pineapple, Nobility is a juice perfect for the intermediate juicer. Not unlike the Noblemen Group, Nobility is full of pure energy and good intention.


Apple (Green)PineappleKale (Curly)Cucumber,SpinachCeleryLime.”

Red Root Rising


“Red Root Rising is an incredibly grounding juice filled with some of nature’s most powerful superfoods. The super-root turmeric brings astounding anti-inflammatory benefits, while the beets and ginger promote circulation and provide even more anti-inflammatory support. But, let’s not forget, this juice doesn’t only pack nutritional benefits, it also packs one serious flavorful punch! It’s deliciously earthy, dense, creamy and slightly zingy. Think of Red Root Rising as our refined, adult fruit punch for the more sophisticated palate. So, we dare you, rise to the occasion and flourish with Red Root Rising!


CarrotCucumberBeetApple (Green)Lemon,CeleryGingerTurmeric.”



“We love our Signature Sweetgrass Juice, and we know you will too! It’s a light-bodied, well-balanced juice with sweet notes of apple, pear, pineapple, and a refreshing hint of mint. This juice is so delicious that it’s hard to believe it’s good for you. There is an entire ounce of wheatgrass in this sweet drink. Yes, we know, wheatgrass is super strong, bitter, and frankly hard to get down, but Sweetgrass provides you with all the benefits of this superfood without sacrificing flavor. The sweetest of our green juices, Sweetgrass is perfect for even the most inexperienced juice drinker.


Apple (Fuji/Gala)PearPineappleWheatgrassMint.”


My Thoughts:

I get extra excited about organic juices. I mean, really excited! I don’t think there’s any other food I get more excited about. I love the entire process–shopping for the veggies & fruit (which we often do at the farmers market), running them through the juicer or blender, then filling up my stomach with the pure goodness that is fresh juice.

While I love and enjoy doing it myself, I also like supporting brands who make it easy for the average joe to consume organic, raw juice.

Fruitive (rad name, right?!)  is doing SO many things right here. This brand has really impressed me. Not only do they use organic produce, but they source locally whenever possible. They cold-press their juices (which helps them retain fiber) and they don’t heat them or add any preservatives to increase shelf life. It’s just pure, organic, raw, nutrient rife, beautifully radical juice.

I enjoyed these juices the most because of how they made me feel while and after consuming them. Right as you take a gulp, you almost immediately feel a wave of calm come over you (seriously). It’s like a big hug from nature. These juices deliver a hefty dose of nutrients and leave you feeling energized, cleansed and beaming.

In addition to being immensely healthy, these juices taste delicious. The flavor combinations that Fruitive uses are unique and tasty. The ones I enjoyed most were the Pineapple Xpress (I’m a tropical fruit lover) and the Carrot Kick. I perhaps appreciate the healing benefits of the green juices the most, though greens aren’t as tasteful as pineapple–for example–I drink them with great gusto because I know the good they’re providing my body.

I can’t recommend this line of juices enough. To top off their awesomeness, they use glass bottles (hooray!) so there’s no need to worry about plastic contaminants. Go check them out and take advantage of the coupon code they are offering until the end of August!

Fruitive is currently offering $20 off all 3-day (or 5-day) cleanses until the end of this month. Use the coupon code: “20offaug”