AEOS Organic Skin Care & Makeup Review

Welcome to this post: AEOS Organic Skincare & Makeup Review. AEOS Organic Skin Care & Makeup Review AEOS is such a unique brand to me, I am finding. This is mainly because they use crystal essences to create the tint & color of each product. I’ve never heard of this before and am fascinated byContinue reading “AEOS Organic Skin Care & Makeup Review”

Juice Fast, Feast, Detox, Cleanse

I’m on day 3 of a juice fast. Wanted to share some photos of what I’ve made so far and share my thoughts. The first 48 hours have been the hardest. I am a healthy snacker throughout the day normally (to fuel up and satisfy cravings before and after runs), so I’ve had to retrainContinue reading “Juice Fast, Feast, Detox, Cleanse”

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