More Than Alive Bulk Superfoods Pack Review & Giveaway!

More Than Alive Bulk Superfoods Overall Rating:  More Than Alive is an online resource for a plethora of things ranging from food storage, water filters, bulk food items, books, supplements and clothing accessories. I was elated to receive this package of goods to try. They couldn’t be a more perfect fit for my daily foodContinue reading “More Than Alive Bulk Superfoods Pack Review & Giveaway!”

Spray Active Review

Spray Active Overall Rating:  These unique little sprays were a new idea for new to try. I found it neat that each one targeted a specific “condition”. Here is how Spray Active describes themselves: “We’re advocates for a better way to get your nutritional supplements — you should be using vitamin sprays! Spray vitamins offerContinue reading “Spray Active Review”

Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review

  Thank you to Energy Bits for contacting me and sending me a sample of this unique product. Energy Bits description: “100% organic spirulina algae, boosts mental and physical energy and endurance. A favorite of athletes, runners, teams and executives.” They suggest taking 30 of these tablets before a workout. My first reaction: “THIRTY tablets?Continue reading “Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review”

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