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Forager Project Organic Juice Review



Forager Project

This is a review of the Forager Project Organic Drinks.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About Forager Project:

Having spent more than 20 years making juice and building Odwalla, we present to you Forager Project — a logical progression from fruits to vegetables.

We press organic roots and greens and, where sweetness is needed, we add fruit.

No side ingredient panel necessary – everything you need to know is always front and center.

Our blends are arranged to bring a fresh approach to your daily drink.

It is everyday juice.

Made in our kitchen.

Organic Ingredients

Kale, Celery, Cucumbers, Beets, Spinach, Sprouted Broccoli, Collard Greens, Romaine, Red Bell Pepper, Fennel, Parsley, Sprouted Quinoa, Basil, Sea Salt, Apples, Lemons, Balsamic Vinegar, Carrots, Oranges, Sprouted Ground Flax, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mint, Ginger, Cayenne, Lemongrass, Limes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric, Spearmint, Ginger, Sweet Potatoes, Cold-brewed Coffee, Cacao, Matcha Green Tea, Pineapple, Parsnips, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Oats, Dates, Almonds, Cashews.”

My Thoughts:

An instant add to my “Brands I Love” page. This is one of those brands that I can’t say enough good things about. First and foremost, they value transparency–as they provide the list of (entirely organic) ingredients on the front of every bottle. So, each bottle you drink is high-quality, nutrient dense, organic splendor. I also adore the name, “Forager”.

One of my favorite things about these drinks is that they included a drink comprised of healthy fats from nuts and seeds. That is something that is rare for a juice cleanse line. Often times, it’s just the fruit and vegetable juice, sans nuts. For satisfaction and overall satiability, I loved having the two nut-heavy drinks on hand. They are rich, milky and delicious. As for the rest of the blends–I truly love that they do not taste like a sugary, fake, junky juice. They taste like plants, as they should! You really feel and taste the goodness in each gulp. Taste-wise, the “roots” and “nuts” blends are my favorite. The greens are necessary staple and are robust with greenness (but might not have the same appeal (taste-wise) as the other blends.

Drinking these blends made me feel phenomenal. Also, my skin LOVES drinks like this. My skin tends to really glow when my consumption of fruits, veggies is high. It’s an amazing feeling!

I wish I could have a refrigerator stocked full of Forager Project drinks everyday. There is something to be said about ready-made, organic, raw fresh drinks. They are incredibly good for you and are as convenient as can be. I recommend these drinks to every last person on the planet. Seriously.

Jus By Julie Review


Jus By Julie Review

Overall Rating: 3.5 STARS

About Jus by Julie:

“As a certified nutritionist, what I’ve drawn from studying many theories on diets and health is that our bodies need a great amount of greens to function at peak capacity. Greens are not normally our first choice of food, thus making it hard to get the daily requirement of nutrients and fiber from just three meals a day. To achieve the proper health goals, I began to make green smoothies for my husband and myself to drink first thing every morning.

My health conscious family joined in on the juice trend and we soon discovered from the amazing effects that this was practically a miracle in a bottle. The smoothies were able to provide our bodies with the much needed fiber, while taming our sugar cravings and giving us tons of energy. I felt leaner almost instantly, and amazingly my husband’s cholesterol went down 70 points! When I went to school to study nutrition the first thing I said was that even if I could only make my family healthier I would feel accomplished.

Ever since then I began sharing my experiences with friends and tons of community members who all wanted in on this wonder drink. As word spread I began waking up at four in the morning to blend and prepare all the smoothie orders .From there on, I can proudly say that smoothie-making has grown into a flourishing family business.

JUS, derived from French roots, means with its own juice. Just like its name, JUS is an all-natural juice from fruits and vegetables, nothing more, nothing less. All JUSes are made fresh, and contain a vast array of vitamins and nutrients.

Now that my smoothies are transforming people’s lives, I strongly feel that I’ve found my calling. Our company has spread to four locations, and is still growing alongside the demand of JUS.

– A graduate from the Integrated School of Nutrition, Julie’s passion is to help people live a healthier life. Passed down as a family tradition, Julie has been healing and nurturing her large family through holistic and natural remedies for over 28 years.”

All Green Everything


Fresh like a babies bottom, your insides will feel squeaky-clean. The mix of romaine, kale and spinach all contain a great amount of chlorophyll which helps bring more oxygen to the body, hello cell rejuvenation! The celery is a natural diuretic which is great for weight loss and the apple provides all that great fiber to keep you full. We dare you to meet the new you.”

Day Glow


“Look like a sunrise in the Swiss Alps. Give yourself a tan from the inside out with this fortifying blend of carrot and pineapple. Carrots, which are high in beta carotene, give your skin a healthy glow while the pineapple reduces inflammation so you’ll look more beautiful than ever. Your skin will thank you.”

Liquid Summer


Channel that inner summer. Relive your childhood with this sweet blend of hydrating watermelon, which helps soothe muscles and potassium rich bananas. Refresh your senses with the Liquid Summer.”

Spicy Pome-Nade


A sweeter take on our spicy lemonade, allow the pomenade to be your ultimate source of energy. Speed up your metabolism with the dash of cayenne pepper this drink has to offer. The lemon helps to flush out those unwanted toxins and the maple syrup helps to calm your stomach. We can’t forget about the pomegranate in this drink, pomegranates contain polyphenol, an antioxidant that slows aging. Spike your day with interesting!”

Morning Glory


Morning Sparkle like a ridiculously good-looking vampire at the break of dawn. The romaine, spinach and kale make this one of our most protein packed green juices. The celery aids in weight loss due to its high water and fiber content. We can’t forget about the apple! Apples help replenish moisture in our body, hello beautiful skin. The banana in this fabulous drink will give you extra energy to get through your day and the strawberries are extremely heart healthy. Fortify your still mortal being with this plethora of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.”


My Thoughts:

I had such a pleasant interaction with Jus by Julie and was impressed by how unique and vibrant their blends are. I love fresh juices and believe they are one of the very best ways to ingest a large amount of nutrients at once.

My two favorite things about these juices are:

-They taste fresh and delicious!

-They are blended, not juiced. This is important because you get some of the fruit/veggie fiber in the drink.

The blends that I enjoyed the most were Liquid Summer, Day Glow and Spicy Pome-Nade. I love both of the green drinks, since they are nutrient powerhouses–but they are not quite as yummy as the others.

I thoroughly enjoyed trying these juices–I had one of them a day for 5 days and always looked forward to drinking the next one. I felt refreshed and light on my feet after each juice, too. Nothing heavy to digest!

In regards to organic, I learned this about these juices:

They are not organic but all our produce is sourced within the United States. All our juices are kosher as well which means we clean all of our produce very well in order to comply with strict kosher laws, and most of the pesticides are washed off as a result of this.”

Because they are not organic, I am not giving these juices my highest rating. I do applaud the kosher efforts, though. If these juices were organic, I would be a regular customer of the Liquid Summer juice, for sure!

Camelbak Relay Water Filter Pitcher Review



Camelbak Relay Water Filter

Overall Rating: 3.5 STARS

About Camelbak Relay:

“CamelBak® Relay™ reinvents home water filtration with a unique Double Filter Technology that allows you to filter at the speed of your faucet. The innovative double-filter design removes chlorine, taste, and odors twice—every time you fill and every time you pour. Made with plant based activated carbon, each Fresh™ Filter lasts twice as long as the leading competitor—up to four months. With its spill-proof locking lid and space-saving design, Relay goes from your faucet to your fridge in a snap. It’s so fast and easy, you’ll discover all kinds of new uses for filtered water, from making your morning coffee to washing fruits and vegetables. Learn more at relay.camelbak.com. 10-cup (80oz) capacity. Dishwasher safe (top rack). ”


Filter as you fill and again as you pour for great tasting water. This dual filter system is the secret to delivering freshly filtered water, fast.


The Relay Fresh Filter is pleated, which increases the amount of water that comes into contact with the filter at a time. This design allows Relay to filter water 10X faster than the leading competitor.


The Relay Fresh Filter is packed with plant-based activated carbon that is embedded into a non-woven material. Independent test data shows Relay removes 97% of chlorine, taste and odor (see test data here).


No more super slo-mo trips from the faucet to the fridge. The Relay lid snaps on and locks tight, ensuring that you won’t slosh water all over the kitchen floor.


CamelBak Relay filters at the speed of your faucet. This eliminates the need for a filling reservoir (located at the top of most pitchers), making Relay easy to balance and virtually impossible to spill.”

My Thoughts:

When Camelbak contacted me to share their newest product, the Camelbak relay Pitcher,  I was very excited to incorporate this product into my family’s daily routine. Between filling up glasses of drinking water, filling up a blender, filling up the coffee maker, filling up the dog bowl and other kitchen necessities, we require quite a bit of filtered water in a day’s time! Though we have a large filter jug that we keep in the kitchen, this Camelbak pitcher fits into our routine nicely, as it:

-Fits on a refridgerator shelf (our other, larger filter does not)

-(Seriously) filters water as fast as it comes out of the faucet–it’s amazing to watch.

-Holds enough water to fill up several glasses of water-

-Doesn’t leak as you pour (most filters, from my experience, leak and make a mess!)

-Is BPA free, like other Camelbak products

My scrutiny is that with the convenience of quick, filtered water, comes a compromise in how many impurities can be filtered out (understandably so). For a quick way to minimize chlorine and bad taste, this pitcher gets the job done!