ClifBar Organic Energy Food Fuel Packs Review

Welcome to this post: Clifbar Organic Food Packs Review. Clif Bar Organic Energy Food Fuel Packs Clif Bar is a brand that I continually work with & have always had gratitude for–as they’re committed to using organic ingredients. Our little blondie adores the kid’s clif bars and we see them as a go-to to satisfy her needContinue reading “ClifBar Organic Energy Food Fuel Packs Review”

Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals Review

Welcome to this post: Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals Review. Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals Review About: “Our “Beenominal” Story Nektar Honey Crystals™ come from bumble, sorry, I mean humble beginnings. As a serious tea guy, I was tired of the sticky honey bottles and jars that we have all become accustomed to. After a particularly badContinue reading “Nektar Naturals Honey Crystals Review”

Bearded Brothers Bars Review

Welcome to this post: Bearded Brothers Bars Review. Bearded Brothers Bars Review About Bearded Brothers: “We’re just two brothers who are passionate about the outdoors, staying fit, and especially about healthy organic foods. We love that last one so much, we started an awesome snackfood company. Our bars are, raw, vegan, gluten and soy free,Continue reading “Bearded Brothers Bars Review”

Camelbak Mantra Powder Drink Mix Review

Welcome to this post: Camelbak Mantra Drink Review. Camelbak Mantra About Camelbak Mantra: “NATURAL INGREDIENTS: No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. ZERO CALORIES: Made with the natural sweetener stevia LESS WASTE: Great tasting drink mix is designed for reusable bottles CONVENIENT: Powder stick packs are great for hydrating on-the-go ENHANCING: Antioxidants, vitamins and electrolytes replenishContinue reading “Camelbak Mantra Powder Drink Mix Review”

Forager Project Organic Juice Review

Forager Project This is a review of the Forager Project Organic Drinks. Overall Rating:  About Forager Project: “Having spent more than 20 years making juice and building Odwalla, we present to you Forager Project — a logical progression from fruits to vegetables. We press organic roots and greens and, where sweetness is needed, we add fruit. NoContinue reading “Forager Project Organic Juice Review”

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