Bee Organics Facial Cream, Body Butter, Beeswax Candle Review

Bee Organics Skincare & Candles “Skin Care Can Bee Chemical Free.” Overall Rating:  Ever since discovering the amazing benefits of raw, organic honey and buying my first big batch from Hunter’s Honey Farm in Martinsville, IN, I have been very enthusiastic about all products honey-based. Bee Organics came onto my radar while discovering unique, highContinue reading “Bee Organics Facial Cream, Body Butter, Beeswax Candle Review”

Garden of Life Supplements Review

Garden of Life Supplements: Organic, Non GMO, Raw, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free This is a review of Garden of Life supplements. Overall Rating:  Garden of Life supplements are the single most exciting line of supplements that I have recently discovered. Qualities like the aforementioned (organic, gluten free, etc.) make them tops. TheyContinue reading “Garden of Life Supplements Review”

Reed’s Ginger Brew Kombucha Tea Review

Overall Rating: Goji Ginger: -Reed’s Ginger Brew Ingredient List: “Raw organic Kombucha (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic yerba mate tea) organic fresh ginger root, organic lemon juice, organic goji berry. Free Preservatives, Gluten & GMO’s.” –My Thoughts:  I love the goji flavor in this one, it provides a light fruitiness that compliments theContinue reading “Reed’s Ginger Brew Kombucha Tea Review”

Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food & Treats Review

Dry Food – Adult Dog Formula Overall Rating:  Newman’ Own Organics Description: -“Made with organic brown rice, peas and carrots, Free of added hormones, antibiotics and chemical additives, No artificial colors or flavor enhancers, No wheat or corn.” My Thoughts: -Even though this is suggested for adult dogs, our 4 month old labrador loves this food. The mainContinue reading “Newman’s Own Organics Dog Food & Treats Review”

Homemade, Organic, Raw Facial Masks

I am constantly making new concoctions, potions and “hodge podges,” homemade, organic, raw facial masks to put onto my face so that my skin absorbs these substances and reaps the benefits of the nutrients within them. The process is a wonderfully creative adventure! Here are some of my potions so far: Coffee Mint Honey Mask:Continue reading “Homemade, Organic, Raw Facial Masks”

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