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Fewster’s Farm Organic Jarrah Honey Review


Fewster’s Farm Jarrah Honey

Overall Rating: images

About Fewster’s Farm Jarrah Honey:

“Fewsters Farm was first settled in 1900, the original Brothers John and Robert came to Western Australia in 1898 and  worked in Kalgoorlie. John’s wife Sarah and 3 children came over soon after and went to Kalgoorlie. They all moved to the Muchea farm and started a market garden.

Beekeeping was introduced in 1916 when Robert Fewster, a civil engineer, left several hives he had been given on the farm before going to South Austalia to oversee the construction of drains and irrigation lines.

Beekeeping soon became a good source of income for the 4 of the 6  Fewster sons, Vince, Nelson, Norman and my Grandfather Jim. All working together for many years then splitting up as they got older.

Honey was collected, as it is now from the ancient forests and bush land that are close to the farm, then as transport became better, venturing to places like Pemberton for the much prized Karri honey and Kalgoorlie when the trees flowered.

Fewsters Farm Honey is still owned and operated by Kim Fewster.

Our experienced  beekeeping team hope to continue the tradition of gathering and selling only pure natural West Australian honey, along with our fully accredited organic range of honey and other bee products. Organic Jarrah honey is now available, this very seleteamct honey is prized for the taste and healing properties it contains. Please see Jarrah honey in your search engine for details.

We hope you enjoy our honey , as pure as nature has provided from our bees.

Kim Fewster.”


Organic Jarrah Honey

Fewster’s Farm’s Description:

“Fewsters Farm Jarrah honey has been tested using the same method and at the same laboratory in New Zealand that Manuka honey is being tested for antimicrobial properties. Fewsters Farm Jarrah has a minimum of 12 activity , most samples are 15+ activity. Jarrah honey has a higher activity level than most Manuka honey, unlike Manuka honey Jarrah honey will never go hard, Jarrah honey is very pleasant tasting, Manuka has a very strong flavour. Jarrah honey has shown to have a very low glycemic index.
Jarrah honey can be used for burns, leg ulcers, acne, open wounds, fungus infections. Please use the search engine to find out more about the amazing properties of Western Australian Jarrah honey compared to New Zealand’s Manuka honey.”

My Description & Thoughts:

Who doesn’t LOVE sweets? I certainly do. That said, I always try to implement healthy sweets into my diet versus splurging on junk.

This honey is the perfect fix for exactly that. It is an absolute treat–sweet, delicious, organic decadence. The consistency is fluid and is easy to add to a smoothie, bowl of fruit, or to whatever your heart desires. I love how a characteristic of Jarrah honey (as mentioned above) is that it will never go hard. Hard honey can surely be a little difficult to wrestle with.

The possibilities with this honey are virtually endless. Anywhere you would normally use sugar, you can use this honey and feel better about it.

The benefits of organic honey are bountiful. Honey has many healing properties that make it way more than empty sugar calories.

One of the things that makes honey so great is how it can be both ingested and applied topically. Skin benefits from honey’s healing characteristics just as the inside of the body does. Applied as a facial mask, it cleans skin while keeping it hydrated.

The only improvement I’d suggest for this honey is that is was raw! Honey, when kept raw, has optimal nutritional benefits.

I applaud Fewster’s Farm for their efforts and dedication to helping create quality honey. I recommend this to anyone looking for a healthy sweetener or an upgrade from their current honey.

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.


Kaia Naturals: Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths Review


Kaia Naturals: Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Finding organic makeup removal cloths is a rare thing, as most that you’ll find are absolutely chemical ridden. Kaia Naturals is a company I’m glad I came across. Amy at Kaia Naturals was a joy to communicate with and she was gracious enough to provide me with samples in order to try these cleansing cloths for the first time.

Kaia Naturals’ Description:

“The natural cleanser, toner, eye makeup remover that doesn’t fry your skin.  we promise! oh and…it naturally removes waterproof mascara without the torture!”


My Description & Thoughts:

These little, individually wrapped towelettes couldn’t be any more portable and practical for daily use. I traveled with these recently and they fit easily in my makeup bag and took up virtually no room.

They truly remove all makeup–thoroughly, while somehow still feeling gentle on skin (the good ingredients that the cloths are soaked in are to thank). They even do a great job tackling thick and stubborn eye makeup like eyeliner and mascara. In regards to effectiveness, these could not improve–they are ideal.

It is a real treat for skin to come into contact with organic honey–it is wonderfully and naturally nourishing and also helps maintain an adequate level of moisture on skin. Because of this, these cloths won’t dry out your skin. I would love to see the rest of the ingredients in organic form as well, though I realize organic essential oils are significantly more expensive than non-organic, which would make these cloths pricier, I’d imagine. It would be worth it to me, though, in order to have the peace of mind in knowing I am using the very best on my skin.

It is always nice to see a product that has a list of harmful components that they do not use. This tells me that they are ingredient conscious and see the harm in using those items.

Not having entirely organic ingredients is the only reason that I would not give these Kaia Naturals cleansing cloths “5 stars.” It is worth mentioning, though, that the quality of these cloths is light years better than makeup-removing cloths you’d find in your neighborhood market or drug store. Because of this, and because of the presence of organic honey and gentle bamboo material, I’d definitely recommend these to family and friends who are looking for a natural way to take off makeup.

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.

Sequoia Beauty Organic Skin Care Review


Sequoia Beauty Organic Skin Care

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Sequoia Beauty is a brand that came to my attention in a search for high quality, unique and effective facial serums. Upon further exploration of their website, I quickly learned that they make way more than serums, and those products stack up nicely. On a most pertinent note, these ingredient lists are top notch! All sequoia products are entirely comprised of organic and locally grown ingredients. As Laurel mentions below, this is rare.

There are a plethora of brands available even with “organic” in the name that are not entirely organic. While containing organic ingredients in a certain percentage is commendable and is a step in the right direction, brands like Sequoia are in the upper echelon of the organic beauty world. I am wildly impressed with your mission and products, Laurel!

I always enjoy reading about the beginnings of organic beauty brands, because they seem to have passionate roots. This brand is no exception, and was especially enjoyable for me to read. So, I thought it best that I share. Here is a little background about Sequoia:

“Sequoia Beauty is an organic flower and herb based skin care line with an emphasis on local ingredients. The products cater to the needs of your skin, as well as your own physical and spiritual well-being. Sequoia Beauty started as a result of seeing how mainstream beauty products can affect people’s health. They drastically affect hormone levels (including estrogen, thyroid, cortisol, and many others), liver toxicity, digestion, lymph and immune systems, stress levels, and so much more. I realized that if skin care can do that much damage; imagine what it can do for wellness!

No chemicals, parabens, or artificial fragrances are ever used, and nothing is synthetic – just organic locally grown flowers, herbs, hydrosols, and cold-pressed organic oils all formulated together with your well-being and beautiful skin in mind. Some plants are grown organically in my own garden; most are from bay area certified organic farmers, and others wild-harvested throughout the beautiful California hillsides. Your energy and well-being are thought of throughout the entire process; from the garden, to the SB studio, to your skin.

What most people don’t know is that putting toxins and carcinogens on their face everyday for years is actually AGING them! Most ‘anti-aging‘ solutions are based on antioxidants. However, when these antioxidants are present in formulas with chemical toxins and carcinogens, it is doing a lot more harm than good. In addition to being sustainable, organic, and holistic; ALL Sequoia Beauty products contain herbs that stimulate collagen production, promote cell regeneration and reproduction, tighten and firm pores and cell structure, are loaded with antioxidants, promote anti-inflammatory pathways, encourage detoxing and waste elimination on a cellular level, heal and repair damaged tissue, and so much more!

As we are awakening and learning where our food comes from, this is the time to also be present to where our skin care comes from. Skin care, like food, can and should also be raw, organic, vegan, local, handcrafted, and made with love. Using Sequoia Beauty is making a statement that you support your own health, your own beautiful skin, and a local community that is committed to a greener healthier future.

Light and Love, 

About the Founder: Laurel
“Herbalist and skin care specialist Laurel Shaffer has been in awe of the world of Holistic Healing since she first found it existed. Always seeking out new forms of healing, she is inspired by how even the energy of healing from one person to another can result in miracles.

While studying physiology and how it interconnects with the world of Western herbs at California School of Herbal Studies, she developed her unknown gift and love for chemistry and science. In her move to Northern California, she also discovered her passion for farming, organics, and good old fashioned dirt.

So how does skin care tie in to all this holistic and organic stuff??? Well, as Laurel got more into what we put into our bodies, she started to consider what we put on our bodies as well. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and the amount of toxins it’s exposed to just by living how we do can be overwhelming. So why would we be giving it more toxins when we could be doing the opposite? All these plants are filled with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids – and all sorts of other goodies that are crucial building blocks to healthy skin and a healthy body.

Laurel believes that not only can your skin care heal your skin, but it can heal YOU. Your liver, your immune system, keep your hormones balanced…and the light and love put into her lines and formulations makes for a healthy spirit, too.”

Nourish Serum

Sequoia’s Description:

“For all skin types, use our antioxidant serum, Nourish, in the place of a regular cream moisturizer, or in addition to one for drier skin types. Nourish has over 30 organic plants all working for your skin in different ways… plants to stimulate collagen production like Gotu Kola, to reduce sun damage like Sea Buckthorn, to encourage healthy cell reproduction like Comfrey, Calendula for damaged cellular structure and dna damage, and many lipid rich oils filing in fine lines. Nourish Serum contains plants linked to sun protection like Red Raspberry Seed oil, Cranberry Seed oil, and Jojoba. You’ll find plants loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and EFAs; like Nettle, Borage, and Rosehip.  SB’s Nourish is plants that contain the building blocks to healthy skin – the perfect blend of nature and science. Every plant in Nourish is in its purest possible form. Nourish is hands down Mother Nature at her best, and is a favorite amongst Sequoia Beauty lovers! 1oz.

Ingredients: Certified Organic, Raw and Unrefined Oils of Jojoba*, Rosehip*, Sesame*, Almond*, Borage*, Evening Primrose*, Red Raspberry Seed*, Sea Buckthorn*, Cranberry Seed*, and Tamanu*, a Nourish Proprietary Blend of 18 Plants**, Rosemary Extract*, and Essential Oils of Bergamot*, Rose Geranium*, and Clary Sage*

**The Nourish proprietary blend is 100% organic or biodynamic and all plants are locally grown in the bay area. All plants are hand pressed by Sequoia Beauty. If you have plant allergies please contact us for more information. *Please note Nourish is absolutely 100% certified organic ingredients in its entirety – from the oils, the plant blend, to the essential oils – and that is incredibly rare!!”

My Description & Thoughts:

I am very happy with this serum. I can see myself keeping this around for daily use morning and night. It does not leave my skin goopy at all, rather, hydrated and healthy. The ingredients in this serum are a delight to read. They are clean, recognizable and are all components that I have come to know are great at nourishing and healing skin. All of these oils in combination make for an earthy and zesty scent. Scents like this are fantastic because the men in your home can use it too without fearing that his skin will smell girly. 🙂

Eye Dream

Sequoia’s Description:

“Intensely hydrating, regenerative, and nourishing eye cream, suitable for all skin types. Eye Dream’s plants were carefully chosen for fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Rosehip seed oil and Sea Buckthorn oil, both containing high amounts of vit C, have been linked to collagen stimulation and prolonged life of collagen. Bilberry, Fennel and Nettle, which are very specific to the delicate eye area, reduce puffiness, fluid retention and dark circles. Licorice is also helping to reduce inflammation. The plants in this cream have an abundance of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A,C,E, and K, and are also high in carotenes ideal for the eye area. Rose and Lavender are both gentle and soothing to the eyes. Soft essential oils of Lavender, Sandalwood, and Myrrh are soothing as well as beneficial to aging skin. .3oz

Ingredients:  Rose*, Chamomile*, and Lavender* Hydrosols, Raw and Unrefined Oils of Jojoba*, Rosehip*, Borage*, Cranberry Seed*, Grape Seed*, Red Raspberry Seed* and Sea Buckthorn*; Shea Butter*, 11 Plant Eye am New Proprietary Blend*, Vegetable Wax (Non GMO and Ecocert), Vegetable Glycerine*, Citrus Fruit Blend*, Soy Lecithin*, Licorice*, Gotu Kola*, Rosemary*, Non-GMO Vit E, Sequoia Beauty Flower Essence*, Essential Oils*, and Potassium Sorbate (an Ecocert preservative approved for organic products).

*Signifies certified organic ingredient. The SB 11 Plant Eye Dream Proprietary blend is 100% certified organic or biodynamic plants, all grown thoughtfully with love, and hand pressed at the Sequoia Beauty studio. If you have plant allergies please be in touch for the full list.”

My Description & Thoughts:

If there is one thing I neglect on my face, it is my eyes. I have never regularly used an eye cream of any sort. I was excited to get my hands on this product and do some pampering of the skin around my eyes.

I apply Eye Dream to all of the skin surrounding my eye socket prior to bedtime. I provide nourishment and moisture to the rest of my facial skin, so why neglect my eyes? This product has made me see that perhaps an eye product is a great thing.

In the morning after applying this, it seems as though the puffiness below my eyes is reduced and my eyes look more awake. Great ingredients seem to be synonymous with Sequoia’s skin care, as this product is comprised of a whole lot of goodness.

Purify & Release Cream Cleanser

Sequoia’s Description:

“This Sequoia Beauty cleanser is for problem, oily, or combination skin. It removes dirt, oil, and make up, and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. This is a non-foaming, cream cleanser specifically formulated for oily skin– yes, really! No foaming agents, alcohols, or anything that will strip the skin from SB ~ trust us. Our blend of Burdock, Licorice, Echinacea, and Dandelion encourage cellular and pore detoxing. Chamomile, Licorice, and Chickweed sooth the skin to help release impurities. Chamomile, Echinacea, Honey and Calendula are a few of the antimicrobial plants in this formula, without doing damage to healthy skin flora. Raw Honey also helps with gentle and healthy cell turn over. A blend of citrus and sandalwood essential oils restore proper balance to the lipid layer, as well as leave you feeling bright and fresh. This water free product is best used in small amounts with warm water mixed into the cleansing process. 4oz.

Ingredients: Chamomile*, Calendula*, and Lavender* Hydrosols, Safflower*, Sunflower*, Rosehip*, Jojoba*, and Coconut* oils, Honey*, Burdock*, Dandelion*, Licorice*, Echinacea*, Cleaver*, Chickweed*, Calendula*, Olive Wax**, Vegetable Glycerine*, Soy Lecithin*, Leucidal** (a probiotic preservative from radishes), Rosemary*, Grapefruit*, Blood Orange*, and Sandalwood* Essential Oils, and Potassium Sorbate** (a natural preservative)

*These ingredients are raw/cold processed/unrefined, certified organic or biodynamic, and non-gmo. **These ingredients are the safest available natural ingredients, and are Ecocert approved for organic skin care.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This cleanser does a great job of cleaning my skin without stripping it of all moisture. Certain cleansers/soaps I reach for after a sweaty run or workout, but this cleanser is a product that I would use when my skin just needs a moderate cleaning job.

Like the serum, this cleanser has a “unisex” type of scent to it. It is earthy and not too pungent. You can tell after smelling it that these ingredients are hearty and from natural sources. Another great Sequoia product.

Antioxidant Renewal Mask

Sequoia’s Description:

“The Antioxidant mask is suitable for all skin types.  It uses mineral rich Rhassoul clay, which is nutritive and gently detoxifying, but it will not dry out the skin. This mask focuses on the rejuvenating power of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from flowers, plants, and fruits.  Since most people have no idea what sorts of vitamins and mineral their bodies are lacking, this malnourishment shows up on the skin, and eventually leads to inflammation, breakouts, and accelerated aging. The nutrients, trace minerals, and antioxidants found in Nettle, Acai, Noni, and Melissa can truly give anyone’s skin a healthy beaming glow.  The luxurious scent of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang only takes a backseat to its ability to rejuvenate the skin. Like other SB masks, this mask is dry and powdered to best preserve its pure and fresh ingredients. Simply mix with water each use and apply. For easiest application use a brush; and use a couple drops of serum to prevent the mask from drying fully. 2oz

Ingredients:  Rhassoul Clay**, Noni Fruit*, Acai Berry*, Nettle*, Dandelion Leaf*, Echinacea*, Red Clover*, Fennel*, Melissa*, and Essential Oils of Jasmine* and Ylang Ylang* *Each ingredient is organic or biodynamic, and the clay is wild crafted.”

My Description & Thoughts:

I have an affinity for masks, often times. I love gooping up my face with a concoction chock full of ingredients that feed and heal my skin. Because of that, I was most excited about trying Sequoia masks.

I love the tip of adding serum to prevent the mask from drying–I hadn’t thought of that. Sometimes, masks can get dry and flake off. Adding the serum would prevent that from happening.

Thought this mask has a ton of great ingredients besides clay, I find that the clay is the main thing you smell and feel. It really feels like the mask is doing a great job of anti oxidizing and detoxifying my skin. It feels renewed after I wash it off of my face. Wonderful mask concoction Sequoia has here!

Honey Berry Enzyme Mask

Sequoia’s Description:

“For most skin types; ranging from mildly sensitive to mature to combination skin. This mask is a true favorite amongst Sequoia Beauty fans. One of its primary ingredients is Raw Royal Jelly.  Royal Jelly is a bee secretion, that is well known for its anti-aging abilities. It is high in Vit B and is considered a super antioxidant!  The enzymes found in raw fruits and raw honey are exfoliating, without manual exfoliation. Organic Strawberries and Blueberries are used for their enzyme and cleansing actions as well as their antioxidant content. Raw honey is nutritive, hydrating and plumping, is antimicrobial to help control breakouts, and the list goes on!  Essential oil of Grapefruit adds a light citrus scent to this already fruity blend. 2oz

Ingredients:  Raw Honey*, Raw Royal Jelly*, Raw Strawberries*, Raw Blueberries*, and White Grapefruit Essential Oil* *Each ingredient is organic, raw, and local to the bay area.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This mask had me at HONEY! I am a huge proponent of the benefits and healing abilities of raw honey. The honey in this mask, along with the other fruity goodies makes for quite a sweet experience! It smells delicious–I had to resist the urge to eat it with a spoon! It smells like honey mixed with fruity jelly.
For my skin, this mask does great things. The honey is hydrating, which prevents me from needing to finish with a serum/moisturizer. Honey has a wonderful way of holding a mask together, thus, the mask stays on great and is easy to wash off after you break the honey barrier. 🙂
I use this mask most on days when my skin needs a moisture boost, whereas I use the antioxidant mask on days when perhaps my pores feel clogged. Both phenomenal products with impressive ingredient lists. I’ve discovered such a remarkable brand in Sequoia! I look forward to being a customer for a long time to come.

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.