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My 8 Day Juice Cleanse

This juice fast, cleanse, detox, or feast (as I’ve heard it also called) has ultimately been a great thing for me for several reasons:

-I generally feel better–no digestion problems, alert, capable, refreshed, and lighter on my feet.
-I have learned that it doesn’t require a massive meal full of grains to feel fueled for a run. Maximum nutrient consumption should be key.
-I feel like I have given my body a “reset” and have avoided getting bored with eating and exercise.

Alot of people have asked for “before and after” juice fast pictures…

I didn’t take a before picture, but I took one on my last day (today–day 8). My goal was not solely to lose weight, but I do enjoy feeling lighter when I run with not as much unecessary weight. I’ve noticed I don’t feel as bloated and my stomach feels flatter and leaner.

If you are considering doing a juice fast, I say go for it! Remember to listen to your body and drink lots of water in addition to the juice!

It’s been neat connecting with individuals on instagram that are equally as enthusiastic about nutrition and juicing. Thanks to everyone who has been open minded and encouraging on this juicing journey!


Juice Fast, Feast, Detox, Cleanse

I’m on day 3 of a juice fast.

Wanted to share some photos of what I’ve made so far and share my thoughts.

The first 48 hours have been the hardest. I am a healthy snacker throughout the day normally (to fuel up and satisfy cravings before and after runs), so I’ve had to retrain my brain to stay preoccupied while on this fast. I figured by day 3 I would feel depleted and exhausted. But I’m not–I feel like a wave of healthiness has come over me. My normal diet already contains a lot of fruits and vegetables, but it seems like limiting my intake to just that for several days has given me that extra boost. I feel vibrant, healthy, and still capable of running several miles a day. It feels like smooth sailing at this point.

Just for clarification, while on this fast, this is what I am allowing myself to ingest:

-juice from fresh fruit and veggies using my GE juicer
-the fiber & pulp that the juicer discards (I throw it in a blender with water and drink that to help me maintain a full feeling)
-a cup of black coffee if I feel I want it. (a lot of people cut out caffeine while on this fast, but since I am keeping up my running routine, I am allowing myself coffee if I develop a caffeine withdrawal headache)

I’m not sure how many days this will last, but I am enjoying the challenge of sticking to the juice!