KonaRed Non-GMO Hawaiian CoffeeBerry Drinks Review

KonaRed Overall Rating:  About KonaRed: “THE KONARED® STORY KonaRed® is uniquely sourced from Hawaii Coffee, where it has developed for over 175 years. Kona’s coffee growing region is only about fifty square miles in all, and is farmed largely by small landowners. In order for coffee plants to thrive, the region in which they growContinue reading “KonaRed Non-GMO Hawaiian CoffeeBerry Drinks Review”

Castor & Pollux Dog Jerky Chip Cookies Review

Castor & Pollux Overall Rating:  About: “Ideal for training, rewarding good behavior, or because your dog has perfected giving you “that look”. They’re easy to break, yet nice and crunchy. New ORGANIX Jerky Chip cookies from Castor & Pollux, a leader in organic and natural food and treats for dogs and cats, are all-natural dog cookie treats oven-bakedContinue reading “Castor & Pollux Dog Jerky Chip Cookies Review”

Wholistic Pet Organics Review + Coupon Code

This post is my Wholistic Pet Organics Review + Coupon Code. Use code JESICACOCKERHAM TO save 10% on your order! Wholistic Pet Organics Review + Coupon Code Use code JesicaCockerham to get 10% off your order! Overall Rating:  About Wholistic Pet Organics: “Wholistic Pet Organics™ manufactures only the highest quality of super-premium, holistic, and nutritionalContinue reading “Wholistic Pet Organics Review + Coupon Code”

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Overall Rating: /  In our house, filling our kitchen with organic food & products is something that we make a priority. This is also the case for how we feed our black labrador, Kona. Just like us humans, she will not reach her potential health-wise if she does not eat goodContinue reading “The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review”

4 Things That Your Dog Can Teach You

Patience We leave for hours to run errands, go to work, etc. and our dogs have no choice but to be patient and wait for us to get home. They wait and wait and wait. They are professional patience practicers, making them a perfect reminder that we too should be diligent in being patient andContinue reading “4 Things That Your Dog Can Teach You”

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