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Pro Compression Sock Review





Pro Compression Socks

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About Pro Compression:

“Experience maximum benefit with the Marathon full-length, graduated compression sock. Compression technology helps improve blood flow, resulting in better, more consistent performance with less fatigue and faster, more efficient recovery. In addition to improving vascular performance, Marathon compression socks provide support to critical muscles and tendons, helping reduce inflammation and soreness.

Put it all together for the perfect sock for endurance, recovery and travel.


Full-length, graduated compression design for maximum blood flow
Non-slip design, even after hours on your feet
Lightweight construction for incredible feel
Blended materials provide maximum comfort and support
Moisture control keeps you dry during your biggest efforts
Made in USA.”

My Thoughts:

To be completely honest, if you were to rewind a year from now, I would have been very skeptical of a sock like this and what it claims to do. I’ve always been a pretty simple runner with minimal gear and recovery aids.

All I know now is that I am absolutely a believer in compression socks since trying them out. I have worn them both during my run and through an entire night’s sleep. Both ways have proved to be beneficial to me. I love sleeping in them–they help my legs feel rested and fresh in the morning. When I wear them during a run, I always have more endurance in my legs. Typically on a longer run (10+ miles) my knees get a little bit achey at mile 7 or 8. With these socks on, my legs and knees feel fresher for longer. I don’t know and completely comprehend how that is. It almost doesn’t matter though–it just works and that rocks!

These socks have been an integral part of my marathon training (my race is April 26th) and I am grateful that I’ve had the chance to benefit from them amidst all of these miles. I would recommend them to any runner looking for that extra edge that gives them better/quicker recovery and extra leg endurance and comfort.

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The Best Exercise to Reshape Legs as featured in the Houston Chronicle

The Best Exercise to Reshape Legs

by Jesica Salyer, Demand Media Google

Lunge It Down

Lunges are very effective at targeting your thighs, especially your hamstrings. Start by taking a large step forward with your right leg, then dip your butt down. Your right leg should form a 90-degree angle. Drive your weight down through your heel to push your body back to a standing position. Repeat this move using your left leg. Form is important to make this move effective. Focus on keeping your torso upright as you lunge. Also, do not let your knee surpass your toe, as this would welcome knee injury. Aim to do three sets of 16 repetitions.

Squat Jump it Up

Squats are one of the single-most effective exercises to target your quadriceps. Transforming the squat move into a jump supercharges the effectiveness of this move in reshaping your legs by also incorporating your calf muscles. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and drop your butt down so that your knees are over your toes. Drive your weight downward through your heels to propel your body upward, becoming airborne for a moment. You should feel a burn in the front of your thighs after three sets of 10 repetitions.

Kettlebell Deadlift

Deadlifts are a move that can be done with either a dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell. This move helps reshape your hamstrings and glutes. Start by standing upright with your legs shoulder-width apart, holding your weight in front of you. With your back arched and shoulders back, bend at the waist. Bring the weight down to the ground, then pull your torso upright again. You can also start this move by raising up on your toes to incorporate your calf muscles. After three sets of 15 repetitions, your hamstrings and glutes should feel tight.

Laying Leg Curl

You can isolate and reshape your entire backside by practicing this move. Your hamstrings and glutes should feel tight after performing this move. Start by laying down on your stomach with your legs extended and your arms out to either side of you for balance. In a controlled movement, lift your toes off the ground, bringing them closer to your butt. Then, tighten your butt in order to lift your thighs off the ground. Lift them up as high as you can then slowly relax them and bring your toes back to the ground. Do three sets of 15 repetitions.

Cardio for Legs

In addition to implementing resistance training into your efforts to reshape your legs, engage in cardiovascular activity. According to “Fitness” magazine, “One of the best ways to maximize fat loss and get more out of your aerobic training is to vary both the duration and intensity of your cardio workouts.” You can accomplish this by varying the types of cardio you do. The treadmill, stair stepper and elliptical trainer are three effective pieces of indoor cardio equipment. Mix it up by taking a few walking or running workouts outdoors. Aim to incorporate three cardio workouts per week into your routine.

Read the published article here: http://livehealthy.chron.com/exercise-reshape-legs-8757.html

Persian / Parissa Wax Review


Parissa / Persian Cold Wax & Strips

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Alley at Parissa Waxing was extremely friendly and generous in helping me acquire samples from their sister company, Persian Wax. Here is a bit of background about Persian Wax:

“Each box of Persian Wax is a validation of the traditions of the past, where time spent on oneself is celebrated and satisfying, and results in not only looking beautiful on the outside but feeling beautiful on the inside.

Familiar to generations of Eastern women, this age-old recipe has become the benchmark against which all other hair removal products are measured. Now, at home is the Western world, this authentic, all-natural hair removal product brings delight to women in search of dazzling, extraordinarily smooth, hair-free skin.

A combination of exotic craft and premium ingredients, Persian Hair Remover® remains unchanged in both formula and contents for over thirty years. It is artistry – not chemistry, that produces a hair remover of inimitable quality in the spirit of Eastern beauty and elegance.”

Alley also provided me with some more tidbits about these products:

“Persian Wax which is specially formulated for sensitive skin.  Like Parissa, Persian Wax has only 3 ingredients, sugar, lemon and water – and is held up to the same ethos and eco-standards which include the use of quality, food-grade ingredients, no chemicals, parabens or fragrance and of course, completely animal friendly.

You’ll find the packaging bold and elegant, in keeping with the 3000 year old Middle-Eastern  recipe from which the product stems. We’ve added the quick & easy-to -use Persian Wax Strips – formulated with gentle cream wax, also for sensitive skin.”

C400 guts

Cold Wax

Persian Wax’s Description:

“Persian Cold Wax is the original time honoured recipe that women have been trusting for centuries. And now in celebration of Eastern elegance and beauty we have repackaged our luxurious cold wax – but kept the recipe unchanged. Because Persian Cold Wax works – beautifully so.


Wax:  sucrose, aqua, citric acid.”

My Description & Thoughts:

The idea of waxing is intimidating and time intensive in my mind, or at least it was before discovering a product that makes this process easier. Persian Wax (sister company of Parissa Wax) does this with products that work well by way of great ingredients.

The waxing routine is something that can be expensive to have professionally done on a regular basis. I find that having a great brand like Persian or Parissa wax on hand is a way more economical choice.

In regards to cold wax in a jar versus strips that come with wax already applied, I think it is a personal preference and is also dependent upon which area of the body you are waxing. For example, if I am  are waxing areas on your face that require extra attention and precision, then using the cold wax in a jar is what is most effective because it allows me to control exactly where I am placing the wax and which areas have hair that need to be removed. These areas, for me, are my upper lip and eyebrows. On the other hand, if I am waxing an area with a larger surface area of hair, or an area that the wax strip size just happens to suit well, I prefer to use the strips with the wax already applied. For me, these areas are the bikini line, legs and arm pits.

This jar of is a great size to travel with (8 oz.–wouldn’t fit in a carry-on, but wouldn’t hardly take up any room in a checked bad if flying). The wax itself is comprised of simple, pure ingredients that prevent the skin from being irritated. The simplicity of the ingredient list might suggest that this product is not effective. However, the contrary is true. They have this mixture right–it does a great job getting all of the hairs that the wax is applied to. I see myself going back to Parissa & Persian wax strips in the future for all of my waxing needs. Only improvement would come from entirely organic ingredients.

CSB guts

Wax Strips

Persian Wax’s Description:

“Luxurious cream-wax formula designed specifically for sensitive skin. Convenient, mess-free, easy to use and 40 strips/box means you’ll always have enough!


Wax: glyceryl rosinate (pine resin), ricinus communis (castor oil), cera alba (beeswax), titanium dioxide

Aftercare oil: canola oil, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), lemon and orange blossom, menthol.”

 My Description & Thoughts:
After reading my thoughts above about the cold wax in a jar, you will have an accurate depiction of how I feel about these wax strips. What I have to add is that I prefer these strips, if I could only pick one of the two. You can’t beat the fact that they are readymade. Pop them out of the box and you are ready to wax. I find that the width of these strips are perfect for my bikini line, no need for me to trim the strips to fit. They do a thorough job of removing hairs and leaving my skin clear looking. My skin was not irritated at all after using them–just stung initially after the hair removal, as expected. These wax strips are my “go-to” for waxing. Simple, practical, portable, effective, and made of quality ingredients. Only improvement would come from entirely organic ingredients.

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.