TastyFace Organics Skin Care Review (Must Have!)

TastyFace Organics Skin Care Overall Rating:  (in my Top TWO, ever–entirely organic!) About TastyFace: “That’s me, Kelly. If you follow me on facebook, you know I talk NON-STOP. I love the passionate people. The ones who want to change what they don’t like, the ones who will fight for their beliefs. I have a crazy loveContinue reading “TastyFace Organics Skin Care Review (Must Have!)”

Moom Organic Hair Removal Review

Moom Organic Hair Removal Overall Rating: Moom Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree Oil Moom’s Description: “Sweet Natural Alternative to Shaving and Waxing. This kit includes all you need for a surprisingly refreshing hair removal! 6 oz. (170 g) 100% Natural Hair Remover 18 washable, reusable Fabric Strips 4 wooden applicators Moom® is chosen by womenContinue reading “Moom Organic Hair Removal Review”

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