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Blissmo Subscription Sample Box Review



Blissmo Subscription Sample Box

Overall Rating: images

About Blissmo Box:

Welcome! Discover exceptional organic, non-toxic & eco products that are safer, healthier and better than conventional alternatives with blissmo.

How it works: Each month blissmo delivers a curated blissmobox to your door packed with a selection of health conscious products. We also offer individual boxes as perfect gifts for friends & family.

Why do we do this? We want to use products that are better & safer for our bodies, our families, our communities and our planet, but realized it difficult to know where to find these products or if they were truly safer. Basically, we’d go shopping and this was us:


Odwalla Super Protein Bar


“The Original Super Protein is so strong it can carry 14 grams of protein and 8 essential amino acids without lifting a finger. But don’t worry, you’ll have no trouble picking up this protein bar. Because you’re human…and way bigger than a bar.”

My Thoughts:

I like the idea of this bar, but in all actuality, it doesn’t contain a ton of things that would appeal to me. I like the serving of protein, but wish I saw more than 20% organic ingredients in it. I also typically steer clear of grains and gluten–which this bar appears to contain. The taste is pleasant, but the ingredients are not per my choice. I would definitely be more interested in this bar if it was gluten free and paleo (no grains and no derivates of grains).

Bixby Whippersnapper Chocolate Bar


“Premium 72% dark organic chocolate is filled with dried wild Maine blueberries which have a natural, sweet taste and are full of antioxidants; and, with delicious roasted walnuts grown in California; and, then we spice it with a touch of ground Tellicherry pepper, the finest and highest grade of black pepper available from Southern India, where each peppercorn is vine-ripened to ensure a full, rich flavor.  The layers of flavors complement each other, offering a delicacy of an artisan chocolate snack bar that is low in calories, sugar and fat and high in antioxidants, natural fiber, Vitamin C and Omega-3s.

Vegan, Gluten free, no GMOs and Handmade.”

My Thoughts:

YUM! This little bar was a little surprise. I tasted the bar before I noticed that it contained blueberries–what an interesting zip. I love blueberries–but they’re not my favorite combined with chocolate. The chocolate part of this bar, on the other hand, is rich, creamy and totally decadent. Love the organic ingredients–that trait in a product gets me on board right away. I can see myself trying other flavors of the Bixby bar–big chocolately flavor deliciousness.

Nude Food Bar


“Don’t you just love the classics? So do we! Crystal River Organics’ version of this all-American duet pairs the very best dark, rich organic chocolate chunks with the peanutiest of all peanut butters – Valencia. Dates add their subtle sweetness while Pink Himalayan Salt, organic cinnamon & plenty of Madagascar vanilla extract round out this hottie! And, of course, our Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk NudeFood Bar is Raw & Gluten, Soy, Corn & Dairy Free – or, it wouldn’t be one of our most popular flavors.”

My Thoughts:

I’m not even a bar-kind-of-girl but I found this Nude Food bar to be pretty awesome! As they suggest, the peanut flavor is the real deal. I’d say it makes the bar. This bar is chock full of organic ingredients (also gluten free), tastes great and is convenient to tote around–couldn’t ask for much more!

Choice Teas: Organic Breathing Space


“Breathe deep and help maintain healthy airways with this refreshing blend.** Echinacea, one of the most popular immunity-supporting herbs, is paired with elder flower, trusted by herbalists to support healthy sinuses, ears, and throats.** Eucalyptus, known for thousands of years to help support normal respiratory function for healthy breathing, completes the blend.** Enjoy this amber cup with a bright, minty taste. (Caffeine Free).”

My Thoughts:

It’s safe to say that I am more of a coffee connoisseur. I do occasionally enjoy a cup of tea, though–especially if I’m needing it for wellness-related issues like nasal stuffiness. The combination of ingredients in this tea is rejuvenating and awakening. The eucalyptus really comes through and seems to open up my nasal cavities immediately. I enjoyed taking in several deep breaths of my steeping tea before drinking it. I’m impressed with the quality of the tea (organic) and am excited to try out Choice’s other tea blends.

Ola Granola


“Ola! Vanilla Almond Granola is a healthful snack of crunchy clusters of oats and whole almonds infused with pure vanilla and lightly sweetened with blue agave and pure maple syrup. 100 Calories per serving. Gluten Free, Non-GMO Verified, Vegan, Kosher. 0 Trans Fats, No soy, dairy, or added oils.”

My Thoughts:

As much as I enjoy the flavor and taste of this granola, I won’t be eating it regularly since I typically avoid grains. For those that have no problem eating granola regularly, I think this one is good quality, with gluten-free and non-gmo ingredients. All-organic would be better, but this granola’s quality is definitely above average and so is the taste–the vanilla and almond combo is delicious.

Emmy’s Organics Coconut Vanilla Macaroons


“Our well-crafted take on the classic blonde macaroon. This purely decadent delight features a rich, nutty flavor rounded out by the essence of vanilla extract. truly divine!”

My Thoughts:

Almost entirely organic, and all of it is non-gmo–and so delicious! I took these to the movie theatre as my mid-movie snack and they were an absolute treat! They are so dense and satisfying. They’re a healthy treat that I can feel good about eating and letting my 5 year old eat, too.

Smooch Lip Smackingly Good Pack


  • “100% Natural
  • Natural Source of Omega-3
  • Natural Source of Vitamin C
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
  • Low in Calories (less than 100 per Smooch)
  • Contains Whole Chia Grains – Natural Fiber
  • 1 of your 5 Daily Fruit Portions.”

My Thoughts:

I love that these packs are plant-based, gluten free, dairy free. Wish they were organic, however, they are non-gmo and free of artificial ingredients. They are a gigantic step in the right direction. Love the convenient pouch–it’s easy to pack into a lunch box or tote in a purse.

RunnerBox Sample Box Review







RunnerBox Monthly Sample Box Review

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About RunnerBox:

“RunnerBox is a subscription based box for runners, triathletes and other active people. It is a mini shoebox filled with running products, mailed to your front door. It has everything from energy products, gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, skincare, and other accessories! Some products will be brand new (but personally tested) on the market, and some will be tried and true favorites. With so many products coming out on the market, leave the trials and testing to us, we’ll search out the best and send them to you!”

RunnerBox was generous enough to provide me with February’s RunnerBox as well as the Valentine’s Edition Gift RunnerBox. I have been overwhelmed with the awesomeness of these boxes. I have known about RunnerBox for a long time but had yet to see what all the fuss was about. I’m glad I dove in! It’s neat that there’s a sample box specifically put together for runners. All of the products in the box are relatively ingredient conscious, with several of the products boasting organic ingredients. I will briefly mention and comment on each item that both boxes contained. Here we go!

Klitch Footwear Clip

This clip is such a simple, handy tool for a runner. It’s a cinch to attach it to shoes. This Klitch clip will come in handy the most for traveling (through airports) or during outdoor adventures and hikes. They attach easily to the outside of my Camelbak and allow you to carry shoes without dirtying the inside of your bag.

Honey Stinger Vanilla Waffle

Delicious! This bar is almost entirely made of organic ingredients, which I love. Its the perfect, portable size to throw in a purse or Camelbak for a a quick snack. My husband also found it to be yummy! It does contain wheat, but their chews are gluten-free.

Health Warrior Chia Bar

I’m a huge fan of chia as a plant-based source of good fats, so I was excited to try this bar. It’s robust, earthy and fulfilling–just what you’d want during an outdoor run or bike ride. Like the Honey Stinger waffle, this bar is the perfect, small size to throw in your bag or even in a pant/jacket pocket.

CocoHydro Pineapple

This is a neat idea that makes instant coconut water a cinch. As long as you have some water on hand, you could virtually have a bottle of coconut water in seconds. This little packet makes a perfect addition to an energy bar for for a replenishing snack before, during or after activity.

Amrita Chocolate Maca Endurance Bar

Maca is a great superfood that helps balance and regulate your body’s hormones–I was happy to see Amrita include that in this bar. It’s a yummy, well-rounded bar that satisfies chocolate cravings and replenishes your energy stores, simultaneously. Contains a whole bunch of organic ingredients & is gluten free.

Rani’s Lemon Meringue Granola

I typically stay away from grains and most ingredients that typically contain gluten. However, this granola is a nice, occasional, satisfying treat that I would enjoy eating over coconut or almond yogurt.

Pocket Fuel Vanilla Energy Shot & Chocolate Haze Nut Butter Blend

Doesn’t appear that it contains mainly organic ingredients, but the ingredient lists are simple and delicious. Very convenient for outdoor workouts or keeping in your purse/car for a quick boost.

True Bar

So incredibly delicious. Cashews are probably my favorite nut. The coconut compliments that cashew very well. This bar is a satisfying, dense treat. The ingredient list is not organic, but they are all recognizable. Does contain gluten.

Kay’s Naturals Protein Chips

I was a bit weary of these chips, but they were VERY good. Delicious, actually. A nice replacement for traditional potato chips. Not all organic, but are gluten free.

Natural Ice Lip Protectant

Not totally down with all of the ingredients, but I think the idea of the product is a great idea. I would like it more with cleaner ingredients.

I Heart Keenwah Chocolate Sea Salt Clusters

I (and my 5 year old daughter) loved these! Quinoa is a great, gluten free source of protein and carbs. The chocolate and sea salt make these a yummy treat. I see them as a great way to introduce quinoa to kids, or simply enjoy as an adult! Contains several organic ingredients.

Eden Foods Trail Mix

Just like you would want trail mix to be: hearty and filling. The ingredients are entirely organic. Score! Perfect size pouch to keep in a backpack pocket.

Get Active Performance Tea

What an interesting and unique idea. I haven’t seen many teas specifically formulated for an athlete’s performance. It tastes earthy with a bit of a licorice punch. Contains organic ingredients.

Iced Gingerbread Clif Bar

Clif bars are a mainstay in our house because of how portable and yummy they are. They are 70% organic, which is above average. Some Clif Bar products are gluten-free, but this bar is not.

Jelly Belly Sport Beans Protein Recovery Crisps & Quick Energy

Two unexpected products from Jelly Belly! Not organic, but taste yummy, are gluten free and are easy to tote around.

Honey Stinger Cola Energy Chews

I’m not a huge fan of the cola flavor, but I like the organic ingredient list and the portability of this small packet.

Foot Rubz Massage Ball

Boy, did I need this! I love how this little ball feels on the bottom of my foot. I have been making it a habit to roll both feet over this ball once a day and it feels like it stretches and massages the muscles, tendons and ligaments of my foot. A great treat for a hard working runner!

Kind Bar Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

Not completely organic ingredients, but at least the ingredient list is short and recognizable. These bars are hearty and delicious.

Quest Bar Protein Bar Cookie Dough

I am generally skeptical and uninterested in protein bars. This one really surprised me with how yummy it tastes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t boast organic ingredients. Quest seems moderately ingredient conscious, though. In other words, this protein bar seems above average.

RunnerBox Versatile Head Gear

What a neat, unique head piece! I wear a wide, thick headband every time I run–so this piece is a perfect fit into my normal routine.

Thanks RunnerBox for such an expansive spread! You’ve turned me on to a few products I had yet to experience!