Miracle Powders Organic & Raw Maca & Chlorella Powder Review

Miracle Powders Overall Rating:  _________________________  Chlorella About: “COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: CHINA A fresh water algae highly known for its energy-producing hits, detoxifying properties and boosting abilities – all due to high chlorophyll levels. This alga has been used since ancient times for people looking to boost their levels of protein, fibre, iron and potassium. TodayContinue reading “Miracle Powders Organic & Raw Maca & Chlorella Powder Review”

Aduna World Organic & Raw Baobab & Moringa Powder Review

Aduna World Overall Rating: About Aduna World: “ADUNA IS AN AFRICA-INSPIRED HEALTH AND BEAUTY BRAND AND SOCIAL BUSINESS. Our products feature extraordinary and unique natural ingredients from across the continent. Aduna means ‘life’ or ‘world’ in Wolof, the local language of The Gambia and Senegal. Our logo is borrowed from a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol called ‘Owia Kokroko’,Continue reading “Aduna World Organic & Raw Baobab & Moringa Powder Review”

Organic India: Moringa, Neem & Turmeric Review

Organic India Overall Rating:  About Organic India: “Our Mission To be a trustworthy and innovative global leader by providing genuine organic True Wellness products and solutions for conscious, healthy living. Our Values Service to all Total integrity Absolute commitment to quality Respect and devotion to Mother Nature No compromise on being who we are OurContinue reading “Organic India: Moringa, Neem & Turmeric Review”

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