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Balanced Guru Farm-A-Ceuticals Review

This is a review of the Balanced Guru organic skincare Farm-A-Ceuticals line.

Balanced Guru Organic Body Care Farm-A-Ceuticals

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

It feels really good when I get the opportunity to meet the faces behind the beautiful products I try. At Expo West this year, I met two of the beautiful people behind Balanced Guru and let me tell you, the kindness and genuine enthusiasm that I perceived from working with them before (via e-mail & social media) was ever-present when I met them in person. You can tell that they are adamant and passionate about putting the very best ingredients into their products.

I’ve tried one of their products and reviewed it in the past, their scalp detox treatment; you can read that review here.


My Thoughts:

Their body care line is so sublime, it really only requires a few words to accurately capture the gist of their brand. Here are the important things I’d like to point out about Balanced Guru:

  • Their ingredient lists are organic, top to bottom. No kidding. No messing around.
  • The products perform incredibly well because of that fact. Nature is healing.
  • You won’t find many other lines that are THIS clean & THIS pure.

Balanced Guru is one of the few body care brands that gets carte blanche from me. They could hand me any product, and as long as I know they’ve created it, I trust it. That’s because they have garnered such a great reputation with me for only using the best ingredients. They provided me with a handful of goodies at Expo to try (scrub, energy mists, hair oil) and I was amped. I’m excited to try anything that they make beautifully with their ingredient-conscious minds.

The energy mists I see as an uplifting, energizing alternative to junky perfumes (most perfumes don’t even list the ingredients on them–how scary is that?). I love closing my eyes and spraying it over my face and upper body before a workout. They lift my mood and help me stay fresh-smelling amidst the sweaty grind.

With all the grime that builds up on my skin after a week’s worth of challenging workouts, I really enjoy my time exfoliating because it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and rejuvenated. I try to limit my exfoliating to once a week because I do believe you can do it too much–there’s something to be said about leaving your skin alone sometimes. That said, when I do exfoliate, it’s so nice to be able to reach for a gritty scrub like this one that’s chock full of organic goodness like sugar, coffee and spearmint.

I have a semi-oily scalp but the ends of my hair tend to dry out with frequent shampoos. That’s where a pure hair oil comes in. All it takes is a tiny amount rubbed in between my hands and then through the ends of your tresses to give your hair a quenched look.

I urge you to check out their range of products–they make SO many excellent organic products and their purity is really impressive. Balanced Guru’s line also makes for great gifts!


Odacite Organic Skin Care Review


Odacite Skin Care

Overall Rating: 5 Stars 

About Odacite:

Our Philosophy: Well Beyond Organic 

FRESHNESS = EFFICIENCY. You cannot have one without the other.The key to all our skin care is FRESHNESS. A skin care product can comprise the highest-quality premium oils… or the rarest botanical extracts … or only natural and organic ingredients… but efficacy is essentially negated if the formulation is not FRESH.This is why Odacité commits each and every day to our three primary pillars of freshness. Each and every product is:

  • Formulated FRESH for each customer upon ordering
  • Dated with a Freshiency™ Date that indicates exactly how long the product will maintain its optimal effectiveness
  • Directly shipped from our lab to your door

This one-of-a-kind preparation & delivery method guarantees that every product fully maintains 100% of its beneficial activity from its antioxidants and vitamins. The end product is the most effective organic skin care line—one that offersvisible results and real change in skin health.

NO PRESERVATIVES (& how we do it)

Typically, skin care products are manufactured to have shelf life of 2-3 years. But how can your skin care be active after years in a jar? Studies show that even the best ingredients degrade over time. Worse, the oils become rancid and filled with free radicals that accelerate the aging process of your skin.

To keep a product “fresh” for three years, guess what you need to fill it with… preservatives!

Since our products are made Fresh For You and never sit on store shelves, there is NO need for preservatives or harmful chemicals.

OUR INGREDIENTS: The best of the best (of the best!)

  • Each ingredient in our products is meticulously hand-selected by our CEO to ensure the ultimate in antioxidant activity, effectiveness, freshness and potency. Every ingredient serves a purpose in all formulations, and we absolutely do not include unnecessary fillers of any kind.
  • Our ingredients are chemical-free botanicals that are either organic or wildcrafted in remote natural areas far from pollution.
  • Our oils are cold-pressed in order to bring you the highest content of antioxidants and vitamins, preserving the life force of each ingredient.
  • We only use fresh, pure and organic bioactive nutrients your skin needs to feel alive, healthy and young.


We test all our products on real people (our CEO first) and never, ever on animals.”


Discovery Kit for Oily Skin



“Restore a fresh healthy glow in a few days

This Discovery Kit is designed to let you experience what Freshly Made skin care can do for your skin.

This very complete skin treatment includes 7 products:

Rejuvenating Cleanser 0.5 oz
Immortelle Toner 0.5 oz
Jojoba Beads Exfoliant 0.5 oz
Beautiful Day Moisturizer 0.14 oz
Night Time Repair Serum 0.14 oz
Deep Hydration Mask 0.5 oz
Ultra Effective Eye Cream 0.1 oz

You will also find:

2 facial sponges.”


My Thoughts:

I love that Odacite offers a discovery kit–one for every skin type. The one I received is designed for oily skin. I would describe my skin as combination/oily, having the most oil issues during the warmer months. i found that these products suited my skin type well.

It was a great way to get a real feel for their range of products through this kit. Sometimes, I’ll receive just a cleanser and toner (which is great!) but getting the whole line in sample form is even greater–plus it gives you a realistic idea of how your skin reacts and takes to all of the products before you invest in the full size.

In the last few months, I am made it a habit to only wash my face once a day, to avoid over cleansing and stripping my skin of its natural oils. So, when my skin is grimy and dirty after a day’s worth of yard work and exercising, I love a good facial exfoliation. Thus, the first product I reached for and tried was the jojoba bead exfoliant. This exfoliator is incredibly gentle. You could massage it very intensely into your skin without risk of irritation. The beads themselves are silky feeling–soothing and lightly cleansing. The rejuvenating cleanser is very smooth and milky, very creamy and acts as a mild cleanser. It will not strip your skin, but will give it a bit of a clean refresh.

I loved following up with the two different toners they sent me. Both the mint & green tea and the rose & neroli toners work nicely after a mild cleanser because they help balance the oil left on your skin, help close up your pores and add an extra boost of nutrients before you apply your moisturizer. These toners both smell wonderful–very minty and rosey, respectively.

I found it interesting that Odacite makes both a day and a night cream. Many might find this normal, but I’m so used to using the same serum any time I’m moisturizing. I’m assuming that Odacite’s night cream contains ingredients more effective in allowing skin to heal, rejuvenate and recover over night–as well as being a tad more dense. In contrast, the day cream is light and wakes up your skin. It doesn’t feel goopy or heavy, as it soaks into your skin very well and thoroughly.

I did not receive the night time repair serum, as pictured in Odacite’s graphic above, but I did get to try the eye cream. I definitely neglect to seek out products that are designed for the skin around the eyes. I typically just spread whatever organic facial serum around my eyes, covering my entire face and neck. This eye cream is similar in consistency to the night cream. Its a nice way to nourish and pamper your eyes at the end of the day. I typically shower before bed and apply all of my toners and creams afterwards. My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated when I wake up in the morning.

One thing that sets this brand apart (that I’ve never seen before) is Odacite’s freshiency date. This is very unique and important because many of these fresh, organic ingredients do have a shelf life (and should!) because that means they are not using preservatives. Cruelty free is also a good sign. The CEO tests them first–love that! Good things here…Kudos, Odacite!

I’d recommend this line for someone looking for a gentle line of organic skin care products that will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.