Amrita Endurance Bar Review

Amrita Endurance Bars Overall Rating:  About Amrita: “Arshad grew up in India where eating fresh fruits and vegetables was a way of life. After coming to the United States, Arshad became a serious cyclist but when he took six years off active racing he gave up vegetarianism and gained weight. Meanwhile, Arshad’s son was diagnosedContinue reading “Amrita Endurance Bar Review”

Vapour Organic Beauty Eye Definer Review

This is my Vapour Organic Beauty Eye Definer Review. Vapour Organic Beauty Eye Definer Review Overall Rating:  About Vapour Beauty: Eye Definer – Smoulder Vapour Beauty’s Description: What is It? Easy definition. Vegan pencil + smudge tip makes the perfect pair. Rich, clean, blendable color. What does it do for me? Precise or smoked outContinue reading “Vapour Organic Beauty Eye Definer Review”

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