Organic Protein Muffin Recipe

This post contains a recipe for organic, no sugar added, gluten free, dairy free protein muffins. In an effort to create a healthy treat that can be eaten quickly and on the go, I played with some ingredients and came up with these organic, gluten free, dairy free, no sugar added, protein muffins that I’mContinue reading “Organic Protein Muffin Recipe”

Just Neem Organic Skincare Review

Welcome to this post: Just Neem Organic Skincare Review. Just Neem Organic Skincare About: “Traditionally, Neem Oil was used to create skin & hair care products that soothed dryness, repaired skin damage, removed bacteria, eliminated head & body lice, prevented baldness, reduced scaring, treated acne, and slowed the graying of hair. Whew, that’s a lotContinue reading “Just Neem Organic Skincare Review”

Just Neem Body Care Review

Welcome to this post: Just Neem Body Care Review. Just Neem Body Care Review About Just Neem: “JustNeem, LLC is a Body Care company based in Cary, NC, specialized in natural premium Neem products for body and skin care. JustNeem is a certified B-Corporation. B-Corporations are a new type of corporation, which use the power of business to solve social and environmentalContinue reading “Just Neem Body Care Review”

Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review

Welcome to this post: Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review. Thank you to Energy Bits for contacting me and sending me a sample of this unique product. Energy Bits description: “100% organic spirulina algae, boosts mental and physical energy and endurance. A favorite of athletes, runners, teams and executives.” They suggest taking 30 of theseContinue reading “Energy Bits Spirulina Algae Product Review”

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