Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2019 + Coupon Codes!

Happy 2019 Holidays, team! It’s been a big year for us between becoming homeowners, getting ENGAGED and planning our wedding. I am abundantly grateful for all of it. This will be the 2nd year that I’ve put together a Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for you guys that’s geared towards your favorite health nutty family member,Continue reading “Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2019 + Coupon Codes!”

Body Vega Fish Oil Review

BodyVega Nutrition Overall Rating:  About BodyVega Fish Oil: “TOP RATED FISH OIL ON AMAZON: Happy Customers Love BodyVega, And We Love Them! We Go Out Of Our Way To Ensure That Every Customer Is 100% Satisfied With Their Fish Oil, Giving Us One Of The Highest Levels Of Customer Satisfaction Anywhere. If That Rubs YouContinue reading “Body Vega Fish Oil Review”

If You Do 5 Things for Your Health…

It seems to me that many individuals are seeking a healthier lifestyle, but struggle with where to start. Some questions I often hear are: Is it bad that I eat this? What should I start eating? What’s the best work out?  In my opinion and based upon my own experiences, I believe that there are 5 great places toContinue reading “If You Do 5 Things for Your Health…”

Listening to Your Body: What Foods to Eat and Which to Avoid

It is easy to become inundated with statements like “Don’t consume dairy products,” or “Don’t consume gluten,” or “Buy organic,” or “This is bad for you,” or “Avoid this,” or “Drink this much water a day,” or “Eat your vegetables.” I would imagine that a lot of people hear these things and wonder “Is thatContinue reading “Listening to Your Body: What Foods to Eat and Which to Avoid”

Navitas Naturals Organic Product Review

    Navitas Naturals Organic Food Let me start out by saying that all three of these products were completely new to me. A lot of the ingredients in these foods were new to me as well–what a great way to experience and taste new things. Sun-dried White Mulberries Navitas Naturals’ Description: Turkish mulberries haveContinue reading “Navitas Naturals Organic Product Review”

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