Teatulia Organic Tea Review: January Edition

Drinking these teas makes me feel: Naturally energized + balanced + detoxified + clean inside + ready to perform + peppy. Yep. Gimme mo-of-that!

Teatulia Organic Tea Review: July Edition

Organic: check. Plant based: check. Conscious sourcing: check. Believes in plant power: check check.

The Tea Spot Handcrafted Tea Review

This is a review of The Tea Spot’s tea and tumbler. The Tea Spot Overall Rating:  About the Tea Spot: “At The Tea Spot, we handcraft teas as timeless as the Colorado mountains that surround us. Our innovative Steepware® designs make the premium tea experience effortless and accessible. With one foot steeped in tradition, andContinue reading “The Tea Spot Handcrafted Tea Review”

Little Miracles Organic Tea Review

Little Miracles Tea Overall Rating: About Little Miracles: “A BEAUTIFUL BLEND OF ORGANIC TEA, SUPER FRUIT JUICE, GINSENG AND AÇAÍ. Little Miracles are a beautiful blend of organic tea and super fruit juice. With carefully selected panax ginseng in its purest form and açaí, it is the perfect pick-me-up morning, noon and afternoon. Developed withContinue reading “Little Miracles Organic Tea Review”

TK Hibiscus Tea Review

TK Hibiscus Tea Overall Rating:  About TK Hibiscus: “From bissap to agua de Jamaica, hibiscus has a centuries-long tradition as a brewed beverage with many different names. I grew up in a tea household and my Egyptian-born father was an avid drinker of his native version, karkadé (“car-kah-day”). He used to brew his own atContinue reading “TK Hibiscus Tea Review”

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