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Explanation of a 6-2 Volleyball Rotation as featured on Livestrong.com

Explanation of a 6-2 Volleyball Rotation

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2014 | By Jesica Salyer
Photo Caption A 6-2 requires not one but two setters on the court. Photo Credit David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images

The 6-2 volleyball rotation is one of two ways a team can align itself. The six refers to all six players being eligible to hit when they rotate to the front row. The two refers to there being two setters. There will always be a setter in both rows. This offense is not as common as the standard 5-1 with one setter, but can be effective.

Plan of Attack

A 6-2 rotation looks like any other from the start. A setter will do the first serve, with the second setter in a hitting position on the far left of the front row. When her turn to serve comes around, the first server will have rotated into the front row hitting position. The strategy is most beneficial to a team with two players highly skilled at both setting and hitting, or a team that hasn’t developed a single stand-out setter.

Two Setters, No Waiting

Teams running a 6-2 give themselves another set of hands in the front row. In theory that should make the passing game a little more effective. It also gives the defense something extra to think about since the setter in the front row is just as likely to attack as set.

Two Too Many

A 6-2 offense isn’t for everyone, and that can include the team’s hitters. Often times, hitters get acclimated and more comfortable with one setter’s tendencies and habits. Just like changing quarterbacks can throw off a football team’s timing, changing a setter can throw hitters off their rhythm. To counter that concern, some coaches using the 6-2 will alter the lineup so certain hitters are hitting off of a certain setter.

Being Unpredictable

Strategy-wise, a 6-2 lineup can give an offense more variety and force a foe to prepare for the different tendencies of the two setters. It can also be a problem for the team doing it if there’s any communication problems between the setters.

Read the published article here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/424261-explanation-of-a-6-2-volleyball-rotation/


If You Do 5 Things for Your Health…


It seems to me that many individuals are seeking a healthier lifestyle, but struggle with where to start. Some questions I often hear are: Is it bad that I eat this? What should I start eating? What’s the best work out? 

In my opinion and based upon my own experiences, I believe that there are 5 great places to start. There are no overnight fixes, but if you implement these small changes, then you will be on the road to forming habits that will serve your health, not hinder it.

1. Stop cold-turkey or ween yourself off of soda.

-I understand what it’s like to have a routine with what you drink (I’m a coffee drinker). That said, I also understand that some people fail at quitting soda cold-turkey. Whichever way you choose to stop drinking soda, do it. It’s worth it–and there are plenty of alternative drinks that are chock full of nutrient dense wonderment. Swap the soda for Kombucha, coconut water, or something as simple as adding lemons & limes to your water.

2. Fill your refrigerator with food you would be proud of eating.

-There’s nothing that will enable you to keep making poor food choices more than having that food around you all the time. Shop for good, whole, real food. Think: vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, plant based milk (coconut or almond milk), free range eggs & grass fed beef. Also, find a non-gmo protein powder that you like and keep that around for a quick protein smoothie. Buy organic when you can.

3. Practice the 90-10 rule.

-Nothing turns me off quicker than hearing about over-obsessed eaters who are on the verge of a full blown mental disorder because of their relationship with food. The point is not to fear food, it’s to focus on good food and eat that the majority of the time. Aim for this: 90% of the time, eat the good stuff–like I listed above. The other 10% of the time, let yourself eat dinner out at your favorite restaurant, or enjoy a glass of wine with your significant other. It’s about balance, not being neurotic about food.

4. Find a fitness routine that you have fun with.

-There’s a great quote for this one; I can’t say it better than Laird does:

“Fitness doesn’t have to be a duty. It doesn’t have to mean charts and graphs and heart rate printouts. It should be a pleasurable part of your life, and it should include things that you do purely because you enjoy them. Fun is an ingredient that people often forget in their fitness program.” -Laird Hamilton (professional surfer and world-class athlete)

I can tell you first hand that I have not been a runner since a young age because it’s a chore that I must do. I run PURELY because of how it makes me feel. I feel happy, relieved, de-stressed, empowered, strong and revitalized every time I run. Nobody else has to understand why you do what you do, or why you run 10 miles a day, or why you spend hours in the gym. The important thing is that YOU are being true to what makes you happy in fitness. So, find a routine that makes your inner light shine and do it daily. Turn on your favorite music, dance a little if you want to, and challenge your body. 🙂

5. Don’t forget to lift weights. (this elaborates on #4)

-I think this one is incredibly important because of my own experience with lifting. So, here’s a story:

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember, training for various sports. The running aspect of my training was always easy for me–I went out and did it because, at the risk of sounding corny, it fueled my soul.

However, I knew that I “should” be lifting too.

But, I didn’t enjoy it as much. I was so stubborn. I thought, “I like to run, it’s good for me, so that’s what I’m going to do. Screw lifting.” Luckily, with age I’ve become increasingly less stubborn about fitness. I am more open to new things if I believe they will truly benefit me.

About a year ago, I started lifting. I mean, REALLY dedicating myself to lifting–making it a priority. I lift every day now, with a rest day every week or so. Despite being sore and feeling a little weak at first, I almost immediately felt stronger and more powerful. My body started to change, I was becoming a bit leaner.

But, how could I be enjoying this process? I didn’t like lifting. My point in all of this rambling is that sometimes if you step outside of your comfort zone or what you think you’ll have fun doing, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. You’ll find out that you grow to love it because it is positively impacting your body.

Running Music: Best Songs to Run To

I run nearly every day

and always run with my iPod because I enjoy music so much. I have a very diverse taste in music. I like everything from classic rock to techno. Throughout the past few years, I’ve jotted down some of my favorite songs to run to.

I’ve divided them up into different genres. Hopefully you can find a few that you’d like to add to your playlist! (They are in a random order)



1. No Money – by Kings of Leon***

2. Notion – by Kings of Leon

3. Sex on Fire – by Kings of Leon***

4. My Party – by Kings of Leon

5. Crawl – by Kings of Leon

6. Fans – by Kings of Leon

7. Roll Away Your Stone – by Mumford & Sons

8. Winter Winds – by Mumford & Sons

9. My Body – by Young the Giant***

10. Semi-Charmed Life – by Third Eye Blind

11. Never Let You Go – by Third Eye Blind

12. Heart Attack – by Sum 41***

13. Nice to Know You – by Incubus***

14. Dog Days are Over – by Florence + The Machine

15. Damn Girl – by the All-American Rejects

16. Move Along – by the All-American Rejects

17. Gives You Hell – by the All-American Rejects

18. Dirty Little Secret – by the All-American Rejects

19. The Rock Show – by Blink 182

20. Show Me What I’m Lookin’ For – by Carolina Liar

21. Boy – by Ra Ra Riot

22. Tightrope – by Walk The Moon

23. Disparate Youth – by Santigold



1. Fantastic – by Big Gigantic***

2. Suddenly (Dave Darell Vocal Remix) – by BT

3. Somnambulist – by BT

4. Seventeen – by Casxio & Skrillex***

5. Cinema (Remix) – by Benny Benassi

6. Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites – by Skrillex***

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dual Dubstep Remix) – by Nirvana

8. First of the Year (Equinox) – by Skrillex

9. Reptile’s Theme – by Skrillex***

10. Slats Slats Slats – by Skrillex

11. Push and Rise – Wolfgang Gartner

12. We No Speak Americano – by Yolanda Be Cool

13. Where’s Your Head At – Jean Elan

14. Love at First Sight – by Kylie Minogue

15. Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO

16. Strobe -by Deadmau5***

17. A City in Florida – by Deadmau5

18. Ghosts and Stuff – by Deadmau5***

19. Sofi Needs a Ladder – by Deadmau5***

20. Raise Your Weapon (Remix) – by Deadmau5

21. Genesis – by Justice***

22. The Matrix – by Bassnectar

23. Derezzed – by Daft Punk***

24. I Can’t Stop – by Flux Pavillion***

25. Tomahawk – by BT

26. The Veldt – by Deadmau5

27. There Might be Coffee – by Deadmau5

28. In The Air – by Morgan Page

29. Fn Pig – by Deadmau5

30. The Eye – by Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te

31. Disconnected – by Pegboard Nerds***

32. Soldiers – by Nitro Fun

33. Strangers – by Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54***

34. Subvert – by Au5 & Fractal

Electropop: (my current favorite genre)

1. Claudia Lewis – by M83***

2. Reunion – by M83***

3. OK Pal – by M83

4. Midnight City – by M83***

5. Steve McQueen – by M83***

6. Punching in a Dream – by The Naked and Famous

7. Young Blood – by The Naked and Famous***

8. Electric Feel – by MGMT

9. The Yacht Club – by Owl City***

10. Galaxies – by Owl City***

11. Angels – by Owl City***

12. Alligator Sky – by Owl City

13. Cruel Summer – by Ace of Base

14. Dancer in a Daydream – by Ace of Base***

15. Stereo Love – by Edward Maya


Classic Rock:

1. I Want it All – by Queen

2. Jerry – by John Mellencamp

3. Planet of Women – ZZ Top***

4. Legs – by ZZ Top***

5. Stages – by ZZ Top

6. 5150 – by Van Halen***

7. Panama – by Van Halen***

8. Summer Nights – by Van Halen***

9. Jump – by Van Halen***

10. Kashmir – by Led Zeppelin

11. Peace Frogs – by The Doors

12. Wearing and Tearing – by Led Zeppelin

13. The Song Remains the Same – by Led Zeppelin***

14. Nobody’s Fault But Mine – by Led Zeppelin

15. Good Times Bad Times – by Led Zeppelin

16. Juke Box Hero – by Foreigner

17. Hot Blooded – by Foreigner

18. Wheel in the Sky – by Journey

19. Centerfold – J. Geils Band

20. Tryin’ Not To Think About It – by J. Geils Band

21. Hurts So Good – by John Mellencamp

22. Sad, Sad, Sad – by The Rolling Stones

23. Rock and a Hard Place – by The Rolling Stones

24. Hold Onto Your Hat – by The Rolling Stones***

25. You Shook Me All Night Long – by ACDC

26. Thunderstruck – by ACDC***

27. Love in an Elevator – by Aerosmith

28. Rag Doll – by Aerosmith

29. Sweet Emotion – by Aerosmith

30. Peace of Mind – by Boston

31. Dancing in the Dark – by Bruce Springsteen

32. Radio Nowhere – by Bruce Springsteen


Rock/Classic Pop/Jazz:

1. Get It Up – by Chickenfoot***

2. Down the Drain – by Chickenfoot

3. Sexy Little Thing – by Chickenfoot

4. Soap on a Rope – by Chickenfoot***

5. Avenida Revolucion – by Chickenfoot

6. We Didn’t Start The Fire (Live at Shea Stadium) – by Billy Joel

7. Keeping the Faith (Live at Shea Stadium) – by Billy Joel

8. Captain Jack (Live at Shea Stadium) – by Billy Joel

9. The Ballad of Billy the Kid (Live at Shea Stadium) – by Billy Joel

10. Big Shot – by Billy Joel

11. A Matter of Trust – by Billy Joel

12. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven – by Phil Collins

13. Dance Into the Light – by Phil Collins

14. I Don’t Wanna Know – by Phil Collins

15. Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore – by Phil Collins

16. Sussudio – by Phil Collins

17. Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland – by The B-52s

18. Take Me Home Tonight – by Eddie Money



1. Carry On – by Pat Green

2. Cannonball – by Pat Green

3. Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me – by Keith Urban

4. She’s Not Just a Pretty Face – by Shania Twain

5. Party for two – by Shania Twain & Billy Currington

6. Summer Nights – by Rascal Flatts

7. Stand– by Rascal Flatts

8. Some Say – by Rascal Flatts

9. Me and My Gang – by Rascal Flatts

10. No Reins – by Rascal Flatts

11. Still Feels Good – by Rascal Flatts

12. Happy Girl – by Martina McBride

13. 1970 Something – by Mark Wills

14. Nothin’ Better To Do – by LeAnn Rimes

15. Lookin’ For a Good Time – Lady Antebellum

16. Summertime by Kenny Chesney

17. Big Star -by Kenny Chesney

18. You’re The Love I Wanna Be In – by Jason Aldean

19. My Heart’s Sittin’ On Go – by Bryan White

20. Heavy Liftin’ – by Blake Shelton


Hip Hop & Rap:

1. Good Feeling (Remix) – by Pretty Lights & Flo Rida

2. Please Don’t Go – by Mike Posner***

3. Alive – by Kid Cudi

4. Princess of China – by Rihanna & Coldplay

5. Beautiful People – by Chris Brown***

6. Starships – by Nicki Minaj***

7. Wild One – by Flo Rida & Sia

8. Try Again – by Aaliyah

9. Magic – by B.o.B.***

10. Don’t Stop the Party – by The Black Eyed Peas***

11. Rock That Body – by The Black Eyed Peas

12. The Time – by The Black Eyed Peas

13. Forever – by Chris Brown***

14. Kids (featuring MGMT) – by Chiddy Bang

15. Right Round – by Flo Rida

16. The Best One Yet – by The Black Eyed Peas



1. Shake It – by Metro Station

2. Houdini – by Foster the People

3. Holiday – by Vampire Weekend

4. A-Punk – by Vampire Weekend

5. Outta My Head – by Ashlee Simpson

6. Coming Back For More – by Ashlee Simpson

7. Tubthumping – by Chumbawumba


Cool Down Music:

(All Genres- a lot of these songs are slow and/or have slow beginnings, but are great songs)


1. Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix) – by BT

2. Pony Up – by Kings of Leon

3. Closer – by Kings of Leon

4. Manhattan – by Kings of Leon

5. Pickup Truck – by Kings of Leon

6. True Love Way – by Kings of Leon

7. Ramble On – by Led Zeppelin

8. Over the Hills and Far Away – by Led Zeppelin

9. Bring it on Home – by Led Zeppelin

10. Pursuit of Happiness – by Kid Cudi

11. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie – by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

12. Let It Be (Live at Shea Stadium) – by Billy Joel & Paul McCartney

13. Is This Love – by Bob Marley

14. Everlasting Light – by The Black Keys

15. She’s Long Gone – by The Black Keys

16. I Want You – by Kings of Leon

17. Paradise – by Coldplay


***Most upbeat songs/my personal favorites. Great for when you are going hard in your workout!