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Amazing Grass Greens Holiday Immunity Boost Review

This is a review of Amazing Grass’s Greens powders that are ideal for boosting your immunity over the holidays.

Amazing Grass Immunity Boosters

During this time of year, isn’t it funny how even the healthiest of us may get the sniffles or feel a little under the weather at times? It’s frustrating to get sick. Luckily, there’s a whole lot in your hands as far as what you can do to prepare.

Enter: Amazing Grass.

This wonderful, quality-focused brand has been on my radar & blogging atmosphere for several years now–& for good reason. They produce organic, raw, nutrient-packed green superfoods that are pure, nourishing and very convenient to add to a shaker bottle or blend into a smoothie (just a few of the uses!).

The coolest thing about using these products to help boost that holiday (well, all-year round, really!) immunity is that they are so practical for everyday use. Just one serving a day can give you a sufficient boost to keep your nutrient intake high to fend off sickness & to avoid that winter fog that can come over too many instances of indulgence.

Most of these products are available to purchase in so many local health food stores and can also be found online. They make it really easy for you to reap the benefits.


Here’s a little run down on two of their biggest immunity-targeting blends:

Green SuperFood Tangerine Immunity Defense – consists of six potent ingredients, each individually known for having immunity support benefits, including Organic Proprietary Mushroom Blend, Organic Olive Leaf, Organic Elderberry, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Astragalus and Andrographis.

  • The Vitamin C comes from ascorbic acid and Acerola Cherry Extract. 1000mg of Vitamin C is the same amount found in one serving of Emergen-C. The Vitamin C level in Immunity Tangerine is also equivalent to the amount in approximately 40 whole tangerines.

Green SuperFood Alkalize & Detox – specifically designed to simultaneously help the body achieve ideal pH levels while ridding it of toxins to allow for optimal function and organ restoration.

  • Containing over 20 different alkalizing and detoxifying agents including beet root, parsley, turmeric and apple pectin, each ingredient in Alkalize & Detox is specifically formulated to alkalize by bringing the body to a more natural pH balance, while simultaneously detoxing by cleansing tissues of toxins and pollutants.

Looking for that supplement that can give you that extra pep in your step? Check out Amazing Grass. Here’s how you can find them:







Run On Organic Now has a Media Kit (& Why!)

When I started Run On Organic back in 2012,

during my last semester of college, I took it upon myself to create, forge & develop relationships with brands in an effort to try more products, learn more and help promote brands that I believe are doing a good thing. Back then, a large percentage of my effort was just that: me reaching out to brands that interested me, acquiring complementary samples in exchange for my honest & candid thoughts.

Run On Organic has grown a bit since then. I now have a passionate, supportive group of people through my blog & across many of the social media platforms. I am so thankful for every single one of you that subscribes to my blog and reads my thoughts. I truly do my best work, as fast as I can (amongst juggling wearing the other hats I wear in life).

With ROO’s growth has come a change in the percentage of work that I pursue and the work that falls in my lap. Right now, about 80 percent of the products that I review have been a result of a company/brand pursuing me as a writer/blogger. I am so stoked on that fact. I feel like it’s been such a cool thing to watch this little idea evolve and develop over the last few years.

Until this point, I have not hosted a single advertisement on blog. Any logos or links on my site are affiliate links (I get a teensy commission if you make a purchase using that link). However, I do not get paid otherwise to promote those brands.

To keep up with the demand of running ROO (brands asking me to collaborate with them, advertising inquiries, new projects that pop up frequently) I have formed a media kit. This brief graphic provides what I believe is fair to ask as compensation for my time spent promoting a brand, hosting ads, etc.

Transparency is very important to me. I felt compelled to share this slight shift of gears on ROO and promise to disclose in each post that I get paid that that’s the case. Know that what I share here is done with a mind that aims to and is driven to educate, inspire and disclose the truth about food & skin care. Whether I have been given the product or have purchased it myself is irrelevant in that regard–though many may assume that paid reviews are always biased. That’s not who I am and anyone who knows me can can speak to that.

That said, I am excited for what has been with ROO, what is & what’s to come.

Thank you to everyone along the way for offering your help, advice, guidance, support and good vibes. They are very felt. I appreciate every single comment that I ever get from you guys. I am overflowing with gratitude for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


More Than Alive Bulk Superfoods Pack Review & Giveaway!


More Than Alive Bulk Superfoods

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

More Than Alive is an online resource for a plethora of things ranging from food storage, water filters, bulk food items, books, supplements and clothing accessories. I was elated to receive this package of goods to try. They couldn’t be a more perfect fit for my daily food intake. I make various kinds of green drink concoctions and found several of these ingredients to be perfect to add!

Several of these products are labeled as organic and some wild-crafted. Wild-crafted simply means “they have not been irradiated and are also not treated with any kind of pesticides or additives.” Essentially, they are organic without the certification saying that they are.

*In bold: info provided to me by Kate of MoreThanAlive.com

More Than Alive does such a thorough job of providing the expansive benefits and details about each of these foods, and I encourage you to read their descriptions if you are new to each product or desire a more thorough explanation of how each plant can heal the body.


Organic Barley Grass Powder

More Than Alive’s Description:




Organic Wheatgrass Powder

More Than Alive’s Description:





Wild-Crafted Spirulina

More Than Alive’s Description:


My Description & Thoughts on Barley Grass, Wheatgrass, & Spirulina:

Barley grass and Wheatgrass were new for me to try on their own, though I’m sure I have ingested them before in various pre-blended powdered greens. Spirulina has been on my radar for a few years now, as I know it to be one of the most beneficial and detoxifying of all greens. Sea greens like spirulina and different algaes are potent in their rich, healing properties, making them a real treat to have in your diet.

I get excited about merely all things green in related to plant based food. Greens are basically the most nutritionally dense food that you can consume. This makes them a dream for athletes and health conscious individuals.

I combine about a tablespoon (I don’t see it important to measure precisely, so I always eyeball it) of the barley grass, wheatgrass and spirulina in a large blender bottle full of water. I gulp down the whole thing to put a hearty, green pep in my step. It tastes just as you’d imagine it would: greeny and grassy.

Adding a teaspoon or so of any 3 of these greens is also a great way to add a boost to your smoothie. It is naturally energizing and full of nutrients so in a roundabout way it helps curb cravings. If you are new to these foods, don’t be bashful! If you add them to your smoothies, the flavor blends in nicely and is hard to taste. Fruits like berries are especially great at masking the flavor of greens.

The quality of these green powders is great and because of that, the nourishment they provide to the body is optimized.

I highly recommend this barley grass, wheatgrass and spirulina to every last one of you readers. There isn’t anyone that wouldn’t benefit from these potent green machines.



Wild-Crafted Chia Seeds

More Than Alive’s Description:



My Description & Thoughts:

If you read even one of the bullet points from above, you quickly realized that these little mighty machines are incredibly powerful. If I could recommend one “superfood” to someone trying to implement healthier foods into their life, chia seeds would be it.

I always have chia seeds in my pantry. They are amazing and applicable to me because:

-They are very versatile. They can be thrown into a smoothie, sprinkled over a salad and even used in baking to replace eggs (how awesome is that?!). The possibilities for how to use chia seeds are virtually endless!

-They are a whole food. By this, I mean they have significant amount of fat, protein and carbs–making them well rounded and balanced to ingest.

-They are a good plant based source of protein. Many think that those who eat mainly plants struggle with adequate protein intake. This is simply not true. Knowing about protein sources like chia seeds lets you get the protein your body needs through a healthful, plant source.

-They take on the flavor of what they’re with. Because of this, they blend in well in whichever way you decide to eat or drink them.

More Than Alive mentions this above in their description and I’d like to add to it: the idea that chia seeds can be soaked in water and then turned into a gel-like substance. Chia seeds are more easily and readily digested if they are soaked in water (this is also the case for all nuts and seeds). Because of this, I consume my chia seeds this way:

Fill up a large mason jar with water and add a few cups of chia seeds to the water. Put the lid on and shake the mixture so that the chia seeds clumps are all broken up. Put the jar in the fridge and let it hang out for about 30 minutes. When you pull it out, the chia and water will have come together to form the gel-like substance. Experimenting with the ratio of chia seeds to water can help you to perfect the consistency of it. When ready to eat, spoon out the gel mixture and add it to whatever you’d like. This way, you can be sure that your body is reaping all of the benefits that chia seed has to offer.

I can’t say enough how monumental discovering chia seeds was to my nutritional journey. I have even heard them called “Perfect Runner’s Fuel.” If you haven’t tried chia seeds, then I suggest you head to More Than Alive’s site and get a bag that will last you a while so you can try out this power seed in various ways.



Wild-Crafted Goji Berries

More Than Alive’s Description:


My Description & Thoughts:

When first saw these in the superfood package, I thought of my husband. These are one of Paul’s favorite healthy foods to snack on.

The benefits of these little red berries are significant and make me want to eat more! As you can see above, they are also powerful antioxidants, as are most berries.

To me, they taste very similar to raisins, but with a bit more tartness. Similar to the chia seeds, goji berries are very nutritious and versatile. I like to sprinkle these on top of smoothies, throw into a bowl of fruit, or just eat by themselves! They are a great snack to have on hand for a hike or outdoor trek. You could even make your trail mix with these as your starting point.

If you like raisins, then you will surely love goji berries. I recommend that we trade the raisans and mix it up! Trying new, more nutritious foods can help you fall in love with new flavors.

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.


I will choose 2 winners who will receive an assorted bundle of super foods similar to the ones pictured at the top of this post. More than Alive will substitute another item for the goji berries, as they are temporarily out of stock. This selection of goodies is an absolute jackpot! I’m excited for all of you.

More Than Alive has provided me with a coupon code for all of you readers to use as you shop their site:

The code is: ROO10 and is good for 10% off of orders that are $50 or more (not including shipping, which is FREE after the subtotal reaches $100).

You can redeem that code and shop here:

More Than Alive Logo

To enter the giveaway, simply do these things:

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5. Comment on this post and let me know what you do for exercise and how these superfoods will help fuel you! If you already follow me on those social networks, simply leave a comment to enter!

On 10/16, this giveaway will conclude and I will e-mail the winners. Thank you for reading my blog and entering this giveaway!