Rooted Beauty Lip Butter Review

Rooted Beauty Lip Butters Overall Rating:  / About Rooted Beauty: “At Rooted Beauty, we believe that the skincare products you use every day should be made with safe, recognizable ingredients and enable positive change in the environment and in the lives of women around the world. All of our products are carefully crafted with botanicalContinue reading “Rooted Beauty Lip Butter Review”

B’more Organic Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie Review

B’More Organic Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie Overall Rating:  I am normally not a huge consumer of dairy products, however, it is often because of their abysmal quality and lactose content which affect my sinuses. I was open to trying this product because of what set it apart: low lactose, no added sugar, and the activeContinue reading “B’more Organic Skyr Cultured Milk Smoothie Review”

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