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One Love Organics Review

This is my One Love Organics Review.

one love organics skin care review

One Love Organics Review

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What a beautiful name for an organic line! Here is a bit about One Love Organics:

“Artisanal Beauty. 

One Love Organics is a natural, ethical and environmentally driven cosmetics company created by skilled cosmetic artisans. Our products are hand-made and hand-filled, using only the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to ensure the most effective, luxurious and guilt-free application.

Our philosophy is focused on a few supreme products—not up-selling a medicine cabinet full of mysterious jars. We give skin what it needs, using only ingredients that provide direct benefits. (Hint: water isn’t one of them.) And because our products are so pure, they work for everyone in the family, from the newest babies to greatest of grandmas.”

To be frank, I became excited as soon as I saw the packaging of these products. This rich pink is the same pink that I picked for my September wedding. 🙂

Skin Savior

One Love Organics’ Description:

“Pure, cold-pressed plant oils, rich mango butter, and three super-critical extracts break down dirt and makeup, cleansing your skin, without stripping its natural protective layer. And you can use the very same balm for moisturizing, illuminizing, hair taming and creating your own custom treatment foundation (click here for tutorial video). A little goes a loooong way.

Smooth a few drops over clean skin whenever you need a boost. Use alone or under Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm.

*Every single ingredient listed is plant based. Visit our ingredients page to learn more.

Ingredients: organic wild raspberry leaf, organic lemon balm, and organic sweet mint, capric/caprylic triglyceride, organic essential oils of lemon, ylang ylang and peppermint.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This skin savior is just absolutely wonderful. I don’t have one bad thing to say about it–Just read the ingredient list! This product is like a utility player in my beauty cabinet–it has so many purposes, which ultimately result is nourished skin and hair. On the little jar of product that One Love sent me, there are instructions to apply and then wash off with warm water. I tried that way first and also tried using it as a serum. Both ways are fantastic. The consistency is so incredibly rich–a little truly does go a “loooong” way. I feel so good putting products like this on my skin; entirely plant based and organic. I am thoroughly impressed with this product and how it heals and pampers my skin. The commitment to great ingredients is refreshing and worthy of a rave review!

Morning Glory

One Love Organics’ Description:

“As seen on the Zoe Report!

Be it morning, midday, or date night, this luscious lightweight serum will wake up your skin’s natural radiance.

Raspberry Leaf—a rich source of polypeptides, flavonoids, tannins and niacin—works to stimulate, tighten and tone. Peppermint and lemon balm deliver a refreshing zing of anti-inflammatory antioxidants to help brighten, enliven and de-puff. And vegan-sourced Omega 3 fatty acids smooth the appearance of fine lines and help shield skin from everyday environmental damage. Just a little Morning Glory and your complexion will be coming up rosy.”

My Description & Thoughts:

You, perhaps, just read how much I applaud the first product, “Skin Savior.” This review will mimic that one–as I give this brand two thumbs way up. As wonderful as it is to have a product with so many uses and purposes, like “Skin Savior,” it is also great to have a product with a specific purpose. My experience with serums is that they are meant to heal and nourish by way of a potent mixture of ingredients. There is no mistaking: this this product does its job and then some. I will be a sad girl when I run out of these products–will need to replenish!

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.

Thank you for stopping by my One Love Organics Review!

Aucocisco Naturals Coconut + Turmeric Facial Mask & Ayurvedic Serum


Aucocisco Naturals

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

I was delighted to get these two products from a company who has a passionate focus on natural skin care. Here is a bit about Aucocisco Naturals:

Aucocisco Naturals creates artisan skin and hair care products from the highest quality botanical and wildcrafted ingredients.  Based on the maine coast, we utilize our natural surroundings whenever possible to source elements of our products — such as sea salt full of north atlantic minerals, local beeswax, and wild juniper berries, rosemary, and rose hips. Our products also incorporate herbs, oils, and techniques of the ayurvedic tradition. We believe that natural beauty means not covering up who you are, but revealing your inherant beauty with products that sustain your health and emotional wellbeing.  

We never use synthetic dyes, fragrances, extenders, sulfates, parabens, silicones, pegs, or petroleum products. we choose nontoxic preservatives as needed.  To extend the shelf life of our products to their fullest, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry, and dark place. our packaging is reusable and/or recyclable. our products and their ingredients are not tested on animals.

We use scientifically proven, non toxic, and nonparaben-based preservatives when a product’s formulation calls for it.  We choose preservatives with careful consideration of their effectiveness at protecting you from harmful bacteria, and with consideration of their environmental impact.  Our preservatives of choice are lactobacillus ferment (derived from radish root) and aspen bark extract.  These ingredients are biodegradable and are not shown to cause any human or environmental toxicity. Our oil-based and dry products are completely preservative-free.” 

Conscious skin care that is focused on plants; I dig it!

Coconut + Turmeric Facial Mask

Aucocisco’s Description:

“Invigorating, skin-brightening and vegan natural facial mask featuring coconut milk and turmeric root powders. Spices have been used in Ayurvedic skin care traditions for hundreds of years. This mask is well-suited for normal to oily skin. Delicious, rich scent complimented by non-sensitizing bergamot essential oil. Turmeric and bergamot help clarify skin, coconut milk powder softens, and gentle kaolin clay draws out excess oil.

This is a dry mix, which means it is free of preservatives and can be customized to your needs. Simply take 1/2 tsp of powder and mix with a few drops of your choice of liquid, and mix to form a paste. Smooth over skin, let dry for 10 – 15 minutes. Wash away thoroughly with lukewarm water. Each bottle has enough powder for approx 20 applications.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This mask is a better version of one that I had made myself at home with turmeric. The combination of ingredients in this mask feel good on my skin and have such an earthy, unique scent. My skin feels like it has the perfect amount of moisture after I use this mask–it is not dried on nor goopy, it is just right. My face feels thoroughly clarified and nourished after using this mask. Turmeric, being an intense & potent spice, leaves a slight yellow tint on my face after application to my skin–I had expected this as I’d experienced it before in using my homemade masks. Alyce of Aucocisco suggested that I use yogurt to take care of the yellow tint. I also found that using citrus on a cotton ball does the trick as well.

Ayurvedic Serum:

Aucocisco’s Description:

“Nourishing oil infused with four herbs from the Ayurveda tradition. Shikakai, bhringraj, neem, amla, and aloe condition the scalp, strands, and ends of all hair types. Strengthens and thickens hair. Use this oil as a serum on dry ends, or as part of a scalp / whole head conditioning treatment. Also aids in softening and smoothing dry or damaged skin.

Hair serum: – Apply to ends of damp or dry hair after washing/bathing/cowashing. Will help control frizz and define curls while adding nutrients and shine to the hair.

Oil scalp and hair massage: – Using the pads of your fingers, apply the oil little by little to different parts of your scalp, parting your hair as needed. Also work some oil along the length of your hair. Then, using the pads of your fingers, work the oil into your scalp, using circular motions. Slow, deliberate movements are relaxing while steady but vigorous movement helps enhance energy and circulation. Cover your entire scalp, all the way down the sides to your ears and at the back to your neck. Leave the oil on for at least 30-60 minutes, longer if you can. Wrap with a warm towel or shower cap. Rinse with a natural shampoo, conditioner, or apple cider vinegar.

Skin moisturizer: – Herbal infused oils are also beneficial to dry, flaky, or damaged skin. Apply a few drops to rough spots and rub gently with fingertips.

Made with all natural ayurvedic herbs, apricot seed oil, coconut oil, and lavender essential oil. Perfect addition to a natural hair routine. Naturally herbal scent. Packaged in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with glass dropper.

My Description & Thoughts:

The idea of this product that applies to hair is new to me; a serum that is applied to the scalp to nourish and invigorate. I love the idea. When I think about it, my scalp gets moderately neglected–I don’t have any products that are formulation specifically for the scalp. I applied this serum to my scalp and left it in my hair for about 20 minutes before showering. Afterwards, I blow dried my hair to see how the serum treated my hair, and was pleasantly surprised. Even thought I applied the serum primarily to my scalp, in the shower it distributed itself to the rest of my hair and left it conditioned and manageable after blow drying. I see myself using this product often!

I have used a lot of body oils and have an affinity for them. I treated this serum like I do body oil–I applied it to my damp skin right after showering and before toweling off. It has a wonderful affect on my skin–leaves it moist and soft without leaving it goopy.

I’m impressed with both of these great products, and thank Aucocisco for getting them into my hands to try!

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.

Bee Organics Facial Cream, Body Butter, Beeswax Candle Review


Organics Skincare & Candles

“Skin Care Can Bee
Chemical Free.”

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Ever since discovering the
amazing benefits of raw, organic honey and buying my first big
batch from Hunter’s
Honey Farm
in Martinsville, IN, I have been very
enthusiastic about all products honey-based. Bee Organics came onto
my radar while discovering unique, high quality brands on Twitter.
They were gracious enough to send me samples in order for me to try
their product for the first time. Mmmm honey!

Beautiful Whipped Facial Cream:

Organics’ Description:

Moisturizer for face and delicate skin. Also heals severely dry
skin. Helps even out skin tone by minimizing dark spots, blemishes,
acne, and rashes. Restores elasticity to skin. This Face Cream is
high in antioxidants which help fight free radicals which
prematurely age the skin. Ingredients: Organic
Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Raw Cold
Pressed Coconut Oil, Vitamin E My
Description &
A little bit of this
cream goes a long way. The little packet of this product is lasting
a lot longer than I thought it would. It does a thorough job of
providing moisture to my skin. It also feels like it forms a
breathable, protective barrier on my skin. Nothing about this cream
is irritating–it is pure nourishment to my skin. This consistency
is somewhere in between a serum and a cream, to me, which I love.
It makes for an easy application. I tend to apply facial
moisturizers, creams, and/or serums when my face is still damp. The
beads of water on my skin help the product go on more evenly and
easily. Love the simple, clean ingredient list, too.

Soft Body Butter:

Organics’ Description:
“Organic Body Butter
to Prevent and minimize stretch marks, heals severely dry skin
(great for cracked heels). Helps fade scars, blemishes, dark spots,
and wrinkles. Prevents and soothes razor burn and minimizes acne.
Soothes skin irritation and rashes and restores elasticity to skin.
This Body Butter is high in antioxidants which help fight free
radicals which prematurely age the skin. All Bee
Organic Products are Raw, Organic, Cruelty Free, Non Gmo, Vegan,
Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Chemical Free.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cocoa Butter, Organic
Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cold pressed
Coconut Oil, Organic Almond Oil, and Vitamin E.
Note: This butter has a rich natural aroma
of chocolate. There are no artificial scents added.” My
Description & Thoughts:
This body
butter is truly a decedent treat. Like they suggest, it has a very
“rich natural aroma of chocolate.” It smells as if I am rubbing
chocolate cake batter on my skin as I apply it. So unexpectedly
yummy! Like the face cream, this body butter’s ingredient list is
simple and impressive. No unnecessary ingredients, no junk. You can
tell it, too. The texture feels rich and jam-packed with goodness.
A little dab of this will go a long way. That’s also how much it
takes to make you crave chocolate! 🙂

Organic Beeswax Votive Candle:

Organics’ Description:
100% Organic Beeswax Candles are great for cleaning the air when
your family is sick but also gives off a pleasant aroma of honey.
Beeswax candles give off negative ions that remove dust, dirt,
odors, viruses, mold, and other pollutants from the air. Beeswax
candles are great for asthmatics or anyone who is allergic or
sensitive to scents. They are Non carcinogenic and Nontoxic and
they don’t give off soot like other candles do. Beeswax is the only
wax that exists in nature. Which means there are no processing
chemicals in beeswax. Beeswax candles have a high melting point
which means they have a much longer burning time than conventional
wax candles.” My
Description &
I couldn’t get my
nose pressed up against this candle quick enough! It smells like
pure honey, fresh, sugary yumminess. I lit the candle right
away–it gives off a subtle and lovely scent. How wonderful the
benefits of this candle, as well (which I was unaware of, prior to
reading Bee Organics’ website). Reading their product description
of this candle makes me excited to purchase more in the future.
This could turn into a rant, but I will keep it brief…There are
so many “air freshener” products readily available in the grocery
store that are chock full of absolute garbage. Breathing these
products must be awful for our bodies. I find product like this one
(Bee Organics Candle) to be a big breath of fresh air, literally
and figuratively. I am in no way obligated to say this, but I
highly, highly recommend tossing your current store bought, junky
“air freshener” and get your hands on these candles. Your body and
your home will thank you.

*These complimentary products have been generously provided to me for the purpose of trying them in order to write a review on my experience.

Homemade, Organic, Raw Facial Masks

I am constantly making new concoctions, potions and “hodge podges,”

homemade, organic, raw facial masks

to put onto my face so that my skin absorbs these substances and reaps the benefits of the nutrients within them. The process is a wonderfully creative adventure! Here are some of my potions so far:


Coffee Mint Honey Mask:

-Organic ground coffee

-Fresh mint (ground up with coffee grinder)

-Raw honey

The coffee in this mask acts as an exfoliant when washing it off, the fresh mint is wonderfully refreshing and cooling to irritated skin, and the raw honey helps make the mask a desired consistency as well as detoxifying and nourishing the skin. I play with ratios of these three ingredients, always using honey as the base because it makes application easy. This mask also smells amazing!


Honey Cinnamon Mask:

-Raw honey

-Organic ground cinnamon

As mentioned in the last mask, raw honey is a great vehicle to add other components to in the process of making a mask. Raw honey has healing properties that help repair damaged skin and even out dark spots. Be careful with using a large amount of cinnamon in this mask. Using a lot of cinnamon tends to attract blood to the surface of skin, making skin feel slightly burning and very red. The positive of cinnamon is that a small amount helps revitalize, detoxify, and nourish the skin. This mask is simple to put together and effective in giving skin a good cleanse.


Oregano Honey Lemon Mask:

-Organic dried oregano

-Raw Honey

-Organic fresh squeezed lemon juice

The oregano in this mask was a last minute decision, as I had it on hand and decided to throw it into the mix. I already knew that oregano essential oil is beneficial for oily skin, thus, I figured dried would be similarly beneficial. Lemon juice is a natural astringent, as it counteracts the oil on your face that pores produce. The honey helps bring the other two ingredients together, while also providing the aforementioned benefits. Any other similar herb can be substituted for the oregano. I am an advocate of using what you have on hand.


I have had fabulous “luck” with creating these homemade, organic masks solely using the high quality ingredients I have already in my pantry. As long as the ingredients are organically sourced, your skin will soak in a lot of great, powerful and healing nutrients that these foods contain.

Metabolism Boosting Drink: 8 Foods that Speed Up Metabolism


A recent focus of mine has been on METABOLISM: What slows it, what accelerates it, how important is it?

One of the conclusions I’ve come to is that

there are certain foods that contain components that actively amp up the body’s metabolism.

That in mind, I decided to create a “Meta Drink” that contains several powerful foods. I drink it in as few gulps as possible, as the taste is INTENSE! (After you read the ingredients you’ll understand).

Metabolism Boosting Drink Ingredients:

(all organic, raw, fresh squeezed)

-Cinnamon (ground)

-Ginger (ground)

-Cayenne Pepper (ground)

-Maca Powder

-Lemon Juice

-Orange Juice

-Grapefruit Juice

-Coconut Vinegar

The liquid ingredients help the ground ingredients come together. Sometimes adding a splash of water helps make this mixture more drinkable. I drink this first thing in the morning and I find it wakes me right up and revs my energy.