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Product of the Day – Aubrey Organics Make Up Powder

Aubrey Organics Silken Earth Translucent Base Loose Powder Make-Up

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Feather-light, loose base powder blends with your own skin tone to even out color, soften imperfections and give your complexion a healthy glow. Formulated with rich, nourishing powdered silk and natural colors. Follow with one of our Silken Earth Powder Blushes to complete your look.
Natural colors made with sustainable and agricultural ingredients.

My Description & Thoughts:

To be direct, I absolutely love this powder. I am a minimalist when it comes to make up. I don’t want anything thick or heavy on my face. This powder does the job in every way: it’s light and doesn’t feel caked-on, it helps blend uneven skin tones together without much application, the color of the powder is natural and vibrant looking and best of all, the ingredients are all natural.

I have had several friends in college want to borrow this powder from me because they liked it so much (and a lot of them didn’t even know it was organic make-up!)

This is the only powder I will use on my face–when I bought it, I immediately threw away the ones I was currently using because an ingredient list comparison convinced me to swap to organic.

What is all of that junk in those common drug/grocery store make-ups? I can’t even pronounce most of the ingredients, so I surely don’t want to put them on my skin.

This color, “caramel” matches my skin very well when I have a bit of a sun tan on my face. During the winter when my skin has lost it’s summer glow, the next shade , “tan”, is a better match. I suggest blending the two at times to get the closest match to your skin.


Osmia Organics Product Review

I am so grateful for the individuals I have come into contact with through blogging/instagramming/facebooking as well as all of the amazing products I have learned about. I heard about this company, Osmia Organics, through one of my inspirations and fellow healthy living bloggers Kalli. She shared how wonderful her experiences were with using Osmia products on instagram and her blog titled “Fit and Forty Something” . That, mixed with my passion for organic beauty products led me to eagerly pursue trying these products.

A huge thank you to Sarah at Osmia Organics, who was incredibly helpful and gracious in putting together a bundle of products for me to try.

I cannot write this post without including a bit about Sarah.

Her story is intriguing, impressive and heartwarming.

Sarah Villafranco started Osmia Organics (“Osmia” means “sense of smell”) which ties into her medical background) after taking a soap making class.

Creating a line of organic products was not in her plans, but she could not escape the calling to learn, create and explore her interest in chemistry and making her own products using only the best ingredients. Her calling also led her to move, with her husband and children, to Carbondale, Colorado– a place she says had always “inexplicably” been her home. She explains, “i can’t help thinking my mother was involved in the choice.  it seems to me that most dead people, were they capable, would advise most living people to do what they really love. i jumped.” (she briefly explains losing her mother to pancreatic cancer). I find her ‘call to adventure’ to be inspiring and humbling.

How she describes her journey, so modestly, reminds me of this quote, “We Must Be Willing to get Rid of the Life We’ve Planned. So As to Have the Life That Is Waiting For Us.” -Joseph Campbell.

In more ways than one, Osmia Organics and creator Sarah Villafranco have impacted me so positively.

I like that she does not capitalize “i” on her “the story” section of her site. I find myself doing the same thing at times and only correcting myself due to the fear that my readers will feel that I have made a grammatical error. (just a little thing i noticed) 🙂

I am excited to share my thoughts on each product!

On their website, Osmia Organics includes a slide show of photos with brief descriptions of their products: “exquisitely unrefined,” “natural, powerful skincare,” “unique, hand-blended, natural perfumes,” “thoughtful and responsible packaging,” and “extraordinary, pure ingredients.”

I dove right in!

Coffee Mint Soap (Body)

Osmia Organics’ Description: 

for: all skin types

why: energizing spearmint and ground organic coffee – a very scrubby soap for the body, hands, or feet (not the face!) – this is a favorite for the kitchen sink.

how: use daily as needed.

Your skin is your largest organ, and absorbs everything you put on it, making obsessively natural ingredients paramount. Osmia bath products contain almost entirely organic ingredients, soaps are made with organic plant oils and ground botanicals, and the ultra-luxe body oils comprise the most elegant organic and wild-crafted oils available.  So, only beautifully natural and nourishing things for your skin to absorb…

My Description & Thoughts:

The name of this soap instantly lured me in. I am a coffee fanatic! This combination smells wonderful–the earthy aroma of the coffee with the freshness of the mint is lovely. This soap is so clarifying and nourishing without drying out my skin. It does the job and then leaves such a pleasant scent behind. I love that it has actual organic coffee grounds in it–they provide a grittiness that exfoliates the skin. I have become increasingly fond of bar soaps because they tend to last longer than body wash or liquid soaps. This soap by Osmia is one that I am excited to keep incorporating into my bathing routine–though I’m also excited to try their other scents (citrus pearl, lavender pine, and milky rose to name a few).

Black Clay Facial Soap

Osmia Organics’ Description: 

for: normal and combination skin

why: black australian clay and dead sea mud balance the skin while organic almond, avocodo, and castor bean oils condition.  this is the soap i recommend for perioral dermatitis.

how: use one to two times daily. rinse skin well and gently pat dry.

Your beautiful face, with which you greet the world each day, should be treated with kindness.  Osmia face products are simple, effective, and luxurious. Powerful botanical extracts and actives, in combination with components like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, provide beautiful results. The texture and scent bring the luxury element that reminds you to enjoy your skincare regimen, every day.

My Description & Thoughts:

I have struggled with my skin frequently, especially as a teen. Finding a product like this that contains pure components is exciting to me because my skin reacts the best to pure, natural, and organic ingredients. This soap is just right. I am constantly perspiring and sweating from running and exercising–this soap is effective and cleanses well, while it can also be used several times a day if needed (and won’t dry out your skin with a few uses a day). My face feels the healthiest & clearest it has in years since using organic facial cleansers, and this is the best one of the bunch yet! It also doesn’t hurt that this small bar of soap is convenient to travel with.

Spot Treatment (Face)

Osmia Organics’ Description: 

for: all skin types

why: powerful essential oils combat bacteria and dry out blemishes, and evening primrose oil prevents overdrying and heals the skin.

how: apply to blemishes 2-4 times a day.

Your beautiful face, with which you greet the world each day, should be treated with kindness.  Osmia face products are simple, effective, and luxurious. Powerful botanical extracts and actives, in combination with components like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, provide beautiful results. The texture and scent bring the luxury element that reminds you to enjoy your skincare regimen, every day.

My Description & Thoughts:

This essential oil concoction is really neat. It truly does what it says it will–dries out blemishes and heals the skin. I struggle (as a girl–at certain times of the month) with breakouts. This handy little bottle (that has a roll-on application feature) is a lifesaver in those times. I have been applying it after showers and before bed and have noticed a difference on the affected areas–they are more even with the rest of my skin and appear to be healing well. Applying the oil to each spot also reminds me not to “pick” at them. The natural fragrance of the oils is pleasant as well–very light and fresh.

Body Oil: Light

Osmia Organics’ Description: 

for: all skin types

why: fresh and clean like light itself – slightly sweet, with a hint of precious ylang.

how: apply to clean, wet skin.

These sublime body oils, like the soaps, may be addicitve. They are to be applied to wet skin. Seriously – don’t even dry off first. It will make the oils more effective by mixing with the water on your skin, and you will use less oil this way. After applying, just walk around (or, better yet, dance a little bit) in your birthday suit for a few minutes before getting dressed. Your skin will stay incredibly soft all day. They are available in a 7.5 ounce bottle with pump, or a 2 ounce bottle with a screw top.

My Description & Thoughts:

First of all–what a cute description! “Dance a little bit….in your birthday suit.” You would never see that at your grocery store shopping for bath products 🙂

I have become increasingly more interested in using body oils versus body lotion for a while now. This body oil is the best yet–hands down. It nourishes and replenishes my dry skin (primarily on my legs & elbows) without making my skin “goopy” or “icky.” It’s the absolute right balance. You can tell that this concoction has been well thought out (which oils moisturize skin, which oils are the most nourishing, beneficial, etc.).

Bria Perfume Oil

Osmia Organics’ Description:

initially developed as aromatherapy for extreme physical fatigue, this oil is fortifying, energizing, and slightly seductive. gorgeous jasmine at its heart lifts the spirit of the wearer.

The perfume oils are in a base of organic jojoba and fractionated coconut oils, both of which have long shelf lives. Some are designed with aromatherapeutic intent, while others are purely created for their scent. These smaller bottles are very convenient for carrying along in your bag.  Apply behind your ears, to your earlobes, your neck, your sternum, and to the backs of your hands where you can easily enjoy your scent.

My Description & Thoughts: 

I was excited to try perfumes that are organic and made entirely of oils and natural components–that is the best part to me (feeling good about what I’m applying to my body). Also, though, you want your perfume to smell wonderfully fragrant and pleasant. This scent, Bria, makes me think of an open field full of blooming plants and flowers. It is fresh and flowery–the jasmine stands out. I found that a little goes a long way, and I like it best when applied to my neck and the top of my hands.

Another thing that comes to mind with these two scents is that they smell real. They smell like nature, not like they are manufactured. That’s what seems to make them so refreshing and pleasant.

Blum Perfume Oil

Osmia Organics’ Description:

the smell of a hot summer night – floral and sweet, with a vanilla base.  evokes memories of drinking honeysuckle nectar from the vines on the neighbors’ fence…  this may be a limited run, depending on my ability to procure more of the amazing honeysuckle…

The perfume oils are in a base of organic jojoba and fractionated coconut oils, both of which have long shelf lives. Some are designed with aromatherapeutic intent, while others are purely created for their scent. These smaller bottles are very convenient for carrying along in your bag.  Apply behind your ears, to your earlobes, your neck, your sternum, and to the backs of your hands where you can easily enjoy your scent.

My Description & Thoughts:

I love the fresh honeysuckle scent in this one. This one, too, is summery and fresh. The honeysuckle seems to add something extra to it, though. My taste in perfume is normally a muskier scent, but these fresh scents are a perfect change of pace. Sarah mentions on her site that this scent might be a “limited run” depending on her ability to procure more honeysuckle. How neat the process seems to be! If it is limited time, I feel lucky to have tried it. I imagine myself using these scents most after a workout & shower when I am on the go and want to smell good.

A few of my own cumulative thoughts about Osmia Organics:

It’s like Osmia bottles and packages the best components in nature and provides them to excited patrons like me! A company like this triggers a genuine and authentic excitement in me. My enthusiasm may seem corny or over-the-top, but Osmia Organics deserves to have people oohing and awing. Beauty products should not be overlooked in regards to health.

Sarah Villafranco, creator of Osmia Organics, clearly knows this, lives this, and is extremely passionate about generating products that are top-notch, organic, pure, and high quality.

My interaction with her could not have been more pleasant. She is knowledgable, passionate, enthusiastic, helpful, and generous! Her website echoes all of these qualities. I thoroughly enjoyed simply looking through all of the products online and reading the descriptions. At the risk of sounding redundant and cheesy, Osmia Organics has been a phenomenal company to learn more about and it’s a real treat that I get to use these products.

It’s also refreshing and endearing that these soaps, oil mixtures, perfumes, etc have been cultivated and packaged with love and an earnest desire to distribute items that organically pamper our bodies.

Have you been thinking about changing your bath & body routine? What brands did you change to or are you considering?


Aubrey Organics Skin & Hair Care Product Review

These are 5 Aubrey Organics products

that were new for me to try. I am excited to share each one of them with you! They are truly outstanding products.

After Sun Face & Body Moisturizer

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Newly reformulated with powerful anti-aging ingredients, this rich, all-over lotion soothes thirsty, sun-exposed skin on contact. CoQ10 supports your skin’s collagen, organic pomegranate protects with antioxidant action, and baobab oil nourishes and rehydrates with essential fatty acids and plant sterols. (Note: After Sun is not a sunscreen.)

My Description and Thoughts:

Whether I’m out running, or occasionally on the beach, I am frequently exposed to the sun. I had never before used a lotion that was formulated specifically for after a day in the sun–what a fabulous idea. This moisturizer smells fruity and tropical, has a rich consistency (a little goes a long way), and counteracts the effects of the sun (dryness, irritation, mild sun burn). It does an excellent job of replenishing the moisture that is lost due to sun exposure. This product will be a staple in my cabinet because of it’s effectiveness and uniqueness.

Natural Lips Sheer Tint- Sheer Pink

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Sheer lip tint adds gloss and soft, translucent color to your lips and smoothes and conditions with organic shea butter and other rich emollients. Try all eight natural shades for different looks and a fabulous smile.

My Description and Thoughts:

I go most days without make-up, but when I do wear it, I do my best to use mainly natural options. I have been using Aubrey’s Silken Earth Translucent Base for a while now and am so pleased. Thus, I was eager to try their lip products. This sheer tint is a great addition to the base. It provides such a pretty color to my lips. It’s not as thick and globby as lipstick can be, yet the color is still rich enough to complement your lips. It isn’t as dramatic as lip-stick, which I like. Also, this color, Sheer Pink, was a nice match for me. I’m not a fan of browns on my lips, nor deep reds–this one has a nice rich pink/magenta hue to it.

Green Tea & Green Clay Rejuvenating Mask

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Invigorating antioxidant mask helps draw out impurities with green clay and natural fruit acids to leave dull, dehydrated skin renewed and refreshed.

My Description and Thoughts:

As an avid user of Aubrey’s Green Tea Facial Cleansing Lotion, I jumped at the chance to try the mask. These green tea products that Aubrey makes have changed my skin and have let it be its most vibrant, glowing self. This is no exaggeration. I used to have blemished, acne-prone skin and tried so many different products with no success. I have used this mask so far after workouts or at the end of the day when my skin is its oiliest/dirtiest. It does a fantastic job of clarifying your skin without stripping it of the moisture, like some masks tend to do. It restores your skin to its natural moisture balance and makes it feel clear, soft, clean, and refreshed.

E PLus High C Roll-on Deodorant

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

For total protection that lasts, this herbal roll-on formula reduces odor and keeps you feeling clean all day. With natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, organic aloe and other skin soothers.

My Description and Thoughts:

Aubrey deodorants are my favorite natural deodorants thus far in my search. They do the job. This is coming from a girl who does lots of running, working out, sweating, and perspiring. This particular deodorant has a light flowery scent and would satisfy a wide range to scent preferences.

One thing I hear often about natural deodorants is that they lack effectiveness and longevity. I’ve found it is possible to wear a safe AND effective deodorant, you just need to pick the right one.

I am currently using another Aubrey deodorant called “Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant Spray,” which is a staple for me. This E Plus High Roll-on Deodorant will be an excellent addition. Some prefer spray-on deodorants, some prefer roll-on deodorants. To each his own! You have both choices 🙂

Creme de la Shave- Pomegranate

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

Made with rich emollients and fruit extracts, this moisturizing shave cream pampers and protects your skin for a luxurious, ultra-smooth shave and legs so soft, you may not need a lotion after shaving. You’ll love its silky feel and exotic tropical scent.

My Description and Thoughts:

In making the switch to organic beauty products, I had a hard time finding a shave cream to replace what I was currently using. This was a great product to come across. The pomegranate scent is so refreshing and lovely and will leave such a pleasant scent on your skin. The consistency of the cream is just right–not too runny, not too cake-y. This cream provides great coverage (a little goes a long way), and also replenishes the moisture in your skin that shaving takes out. Using a shave cream packed full of natural and nourishing components will provide all the goodness to your skin without the toxic chemicals found in your typical drug store shaving cream.

You can shop all Aubrey Organics products by clicking on this graphic!


Product of the Day – Dr. Bronner’s Magic Hair Rinse

Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-In-One” Organic Shikakai Conditioning Hair Rinse

Contains: Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Shikakai Powder, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Orange Oil

Description: Organic Shikakai [“Shee-kah-kye”] powder comes from the seed pods of the small South Asian tree Acacia Concinna, and is widely used in India for soft shiny hair. Organic lemon juice, used traditionally in the west, rinses and tightens hair shafts for excellent manageability. Organic coconut, olive and hemp fatty acids moisturize for luxuriant hair.

This stuff truly is magical! So pure and so nourishing, it is one of the best hair products I’ve ever bought. I have long hair that gets easily tangled amidst my active lifestyle and workouts. This rinse makes everything better–no more tangles–soft nourished hair with a lovely fresh and citrusy scent. Dr. Bronner’s suggests diluting it because it is very rich–but I just use a little in the palm of my hand and it is just enough. Remember to apply starting at the ends of your hair to avoid getting your roots too oily. For extra moisturizing, use this in combination with a conditioner (Aubrey Organics makes my favorite conditioners).

Purchase & Work Cited: I’ve used the descriptions on the Dr. Bronner’s website to help me convey the quality of their products on this blog. This can be purchased on the Dr. Bronner’s website (http://www.drbronner.com), and is also found in some specialty health food stores. Call ahead to see if your local place carries it!