November 26, 2021

20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks

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Welcome to this post: 20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks! Firstly, this interest of mine has come out of left field. Due to all of the detoxing I’m doing, alcohol is currently pretty tough on my system. Thus, I became interested in ways to still enjoy a drink without the negative impact of the alcohol content. Sure, you can absolutely sip on water. But, for me, when I go to group gatherings where everyone else is drinking, I find joy in having a mocktail that creates a good feeling sans booze.

20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks feel more gooder

Moreover, I’ve been incredibly encouraged and impressed by the quantity and quality of brands in this realm. Too, these brands have blown me away with their enthusiasm for nonalcoholic drink options. I am so thrilled by their range of offerings. Also, it brings me a hefty dose of joy to know that you will now have this resource!

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20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks mocktails feel more gooder

20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks

So, here they are! 20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks. Too, there are a few non-bubbly drinks and unique offerings in here, as well. My wish is that you continue to honor what feels good to you and make choices that align with that. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Seltzer Alternatives


Designed to give you a meditative feeling. Moment meditation drink contains no caffeine. You won’t find any artificial flavors in this formula, either. Too, Moment can provide you with a reset to help you get back to taking on the world. Also, adaptogens & botanical water round out these formulas.

0g sugar in this Rooibos & Blood Orange flavor. Also, these drinks are backed by science. Also, the flavors include Hibiscus Dragon Fruit, Tulsi Lemon, Blueberry Ginger, and Orange Thyme.

L-theanine provides clarity, while ashwagandha naturally increases alpha brainwaves. Moreover, it’s gluten-free, vegan & non-GMO.

non alcoholic bubbly drink moment 20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks feel more gooder

Free Rain

More flavor, more function, more you. Free Rain was created out of a desire to elevate sparkling water. In each can, you’ll find natural ingredients that help unlock more of you. Here, you’ll find adaptogens paired with natural ingredients. Ingredients like maca, ginseng, and passionflower complete these potions.

Too, Free Rain makes 4 different formulas that match up with different end goals. Amongst these are Energy, Focus, Arousal, and Calm.

Also, there’s only 5g of sugar or less in each flavor. Also, each can contains approximately 18% juice on average (varies from flavor to flavor). Too, Free Rain drinks are gluten free, vegan & non-GMO.

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non alcoholic drinks hiyo


Hiyo drinks are made with the intention of giving you a new feeling, sans booze. Too, functional mushrooms like lion’s mane, cordyceps promote mental clarity. Further, superfoods like turmeric, ginger, and ashwagandha ramp up the body’s defenses. Also, these ingredients fuel gut health, combat inflammation and equip the body to deal with stress.

5g of sugar, 0 alcohol and 25 calories per serving. Also, the tasty flavors include Watermelon Lime, Peach Mango, and Blackberry Lemon.

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20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks feel more gooder

Cocktail Alternatives

Curious Elixirs

Booze-free cocktails with adaptogens to elevate your mood. Too, Curious Elixirs aim to be unusually delicious and good for bodies.

Their offerings include notes of Pomegranate Orange, Pineapple Ginger Jalapeno, Cucumber Grape Lemon, and Blood Orange Grapefruit. Further, these unique blends are handcrafted with organic ingredients.

Additionally, Curious Cocktails contain no refined sugar and pack bold flavors.

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A spirit-free aperitif adapted for modern times. Ghia is inspired by founder Melanie’s childhood summers near the Mediterranean. There, Aperitivo is a way of life. Moreover, it’s a pre-meal drink and cultural ritual. In addition, the notion of Ghia is to foster life’s simple pleasures & bring attention to community & the present moment. I love Ghia’s mantra: “All of the spirit, none of the booze.”

Ghia’s libations are made with pure, natural extracts. Too, their goal is to naturally promote energy while also calming the mind.

The Aperitif contains 4g of sugar per serving. Moreover, Le Spritz, Ghia’s canned & sparkly beverage, contains 12g or less of sugar per serving depending on flavor. Furthermore, Ghia drinks are vegan, kosher, and caffeine-free.

non alcoholic drinks cocktails ghia
20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks feel more gooder

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Beer Alternatives

non alcoholic beer athletic brewing

Athletic Brewing

Non-alcoholic brews made with 4 clean ingredients. Athletic Brewing made about 15 tweaks to the normal brewing process to make their fully fermented, non-boozy beers.

Moreover, Athletic Brewing offers an IPA, Golden, Hazy IPA, Extra Dark, and Light Copper. Too, they have several seasonal, limited availability releases for you to get excited about.

Upside Dawn is crafted to remove gluten. Also, know that Athletic Brewing beers contain less than .5% ABV.

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Surreal Brewing

These gluten-reduced, non-alcoholic beers were created out of a lifestyle pivot by founders Tammer & Donna. Moreover, they desired a different craft beer option after Donna’s experience with a breast cancer diagnosis.

In addition, this duo couldn’t find anything on the market they were excited about nor pleased with. Surreal Brewing was born. A few things that make them different are their ultra-low-calorie feature and their rad branding.

Further, Surreal Brewing makes a Kolsch-Style, Porter, Hazy IPA, and several other IPAs.

Bravus Brewing

Use Bravus Brewing coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

These unique alcohol-containing beer alternatives are brewed to remove gluten and contain no added sugar. Too, they are vegan and come in at around 100 calories per can/serving. Bravus Brews less than .5% alcohol by volume. Therefore, this is considered nonalcoholic here in the United States.

Bravus proves to be the non-alcoholic beer alternative with the most brew options that I’ve seen. Thus, you’ll find offerings for IPA, Blonde, Oatmeal, Breakfast Dark, Oatmeal Dark, Amber, and Blood Orange IPA.

non alcoholic beer bravus brewing

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hop wtr review peach

Hop Wtr

Hop Wtr’s brewer-approved blend of Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic and Azacca hops delivers a citrusy, piney flavor that’ll remind you of your favorite IPA, without booze. In these bevs, you’ll discover mood-boosting, stress-busting adaptogens, and nootropics. All of these functional components are infused it all in crisp sparkling water. To me, these drinks are truly reminiscent of a beer; and they are elevated with flavors like mango and peach (their new flavor!).

Alcohol Free Spirit

Free Spirits

Use Free Spirits code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

Free Spirits libations (LOVE the name) are all about helping you feel! Too, they are driven to achieve this without alcohol. Moreover, their mission is to help you break free from anything in your life that is holding you back.

Also, Free Spirits are gluten-free and vegan. Furthermore, each serving contains 1g sugar and 5 calories. In addition, these drinks are meant to provide the warmth & bit of an alcoholic spirit. Thus, you can prepare them in a cocktail just as you would normally treat spirits.

Too, their offerings include a Gin, Bourbon, Tequila options. Free Spirits is not advocating a strict lifestyle. Conversely, they desire for us to have more choice in what we consume.

non alcoholic liquor gin whiskey tequila free spirits cocktails
20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks feel more gooder

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Lyre’s Spirits

Lyre’s makes a range of non-alcoholic spirits that are truly impressive. Too, they taste just like the classics and pay homage to those flavors you may enjoy. Also, these formulas are made with natural essences, extracts and distillates.

This brand’s offerings include Amaretto, Gin, Bourbon, Absinthe, Rum, Coffee Liquor, Aperol Style, Campari Style and Triple Sec.

Too, they serve up a Sparkling Wine alternative option. Lyre’s range is sure to suit anyone’s palette and preferences.

20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks feel more gooder

Hemp-Based Drinks


A perfect intro to Loki can be found right on their website: “The world doesn’t need another hard seltzer, and you don’t need another hangover.”

Loki enhanced seltzers contain 20mg of Delta-8 hemp per can, 0g sugar, and 5 calories per serving. They have one flavor right now. And, to me, it has a light, citrusy profile to it.

Delta-8 THC (D8) is the lesser-known relative to Delta-9 THC (D9). Too, they are similar in that they are both psychotropic. However, D8 is approximately ½ – ⅔ as potent as D9.

Delta-8 THC creates physical relaxation and can help you feel more in tune with yourself.

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plift drink


On a can that reads “All that’s missing is u,” Plift is driven by the desire to make cannabis-infused beverage more acessible. Their two flavors, Tart Lime and Crisp Ginger are straightforward, satisfying, zesty, crisp, all without being too sweet.

Plift is a black- and budtender-founded company that is committed to bringing “humanity back to hemp.”

Each can of Plift contains 10 mg of Delta-8 THC (hemp-derived).

This is one of my newest tries and it truly does not disappoint. I’m not a sugary-drink gal, so this fully suits me.

20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks feel more gooder

Kava-Based Drinks

Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water has come out with the world’s first legal psychedelic blend of kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract. Also, these waters can help you feel creative and in a flow state.

Furthermore, Psychadelic Water is sweetened with monk fruit. Also, there are only 2g of sugar per serving.

Flavors like Blackberry Yuzu, Hibiscus Lime, Oolong Orange Blossom round out this line of drinks. This brand’s goal is to create hangover-free, elevated experiences.

Non alcoholic drinks psychedelic water feel more gooder

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drink root kava feel more gooder

Drink Root

Use Drink Root coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

Kava is a relaxing beverage, made from the root of the kava plant (piper methysticum).

Drink Root offers kava drinks to promote relaxation and a chill vibe. And, with 3 different varieties, there is a drink for everyone that wants to feel calm. As this product comes in powder form, Drink root provides dosing instructions for your desired effect.

Whey-Based Cocktail


Superfrau is a german-culture inspired, fresh whey-filled, fizzy beverage. They upcycle whey to add natural electrolytes and mood enhancers to this effervescent, unique drink. Moreover, comes naturally nutrient-dense and full of vitamins.

This brand proves to be on a mission to make dairy more sustainable. Thus, they are helping this cause by incorporating whey instead of disposing of it.

These drinks are perhaps the most unique that I’ve tried. Also, Superfrau contains no added sugar and contains 18g of naturally occurring sugar per can. Furthermore, fresh whey innately provides this sugar content. Too, they offer flavors like Peach Mango, Cucumber Lime, and. Pineapple Ginger.

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Champagne & Prosecco Alternative


Use Gruvi coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Gruvi was created out of a desire to bring tasty & innovative options to the world of nonalcoholic beverages. Too, this brand has tackled both wine & beer. Also, they are on a mission to help you live in the moment in a healthy way.

Gruvi’s beer options include a Stout, IPA, Pale Ale, and Sour Weisse. Moreover, their wine options include Bubbly Rose and Dry Secco.

Each serving of wine contains 13g of sugar and 60 calories. Also, each beer contains about 12g of carbs (0g sugar) and has 45 calories.

Non alcoholic wine rose gruvi prosecco feel more gooder

You’ve been reading: 20 of the Best Non Alcoholic Drinks.

Have you tried any of these brands? If so, which ones? If you are new to these brands, which ones are you the most excited about? We are enjoying rotating all of these! I am especially loving the liquor-inspired libations.

Maybe you landed here because you were searching the web for “best non alcoholic drinks that give you a buzz”, “best non alcoholic drinks”, “non alcoholic drinks best”, “best alcoholfree”, “kylie minogue wines”, “low sparkling”, “kopparberg alcohol free pear cider”, “non alcoholic wine”, “non alcoholic spirits near me”, “happiness hacks”, “fit tips”, ” “where to buy non alcoholic spirits”, or “best non alcoholic spirits”, “shark tank nonalcoholic drink”, “sans non alcoholic beverage”, “sans nonalcoholic”, “non alcoholic drinks shark tank”, “katy perry nonalcoholic wine”, “best non alcoholic bourbon”, “non alcoholic aperol spritz”, “lyre non alcoholic”, “ghia non alcoholic”, “non alcoholic negroni”, “non alcoholic vodka substitute”, “non alcoholic elixirs”, “Christmas mocktails”, “fall mocktails”, “adrenal cocktail”, “non alcoholic aperitif”.

No matter what brought you here, I’m glad you’re here and very much appreciate your support. I’ve been researching for this blog since 2012 and it’s truly my passion project & vocation. I hope you found this post helpful!

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